Flipkart Supercoins discontinued in Super Games, what’s next?

The e-commerce shopping platform, Flipkart has brought a big change in its rewards ecosystem. You can no longer earn Supercoins in Super Games. What’s next?

by Vrushali.S Updated: 04 Apr, 2023, 16:41 IST
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Flipkart has stopped sharing Supercoins in Super Games from 1st April 2023. The e-commerce platform announced the news on its app in the Flipkart Super Games section. Many users who used to enjoy participating in the Flipkart Super Games are left with no prizes or perks to win. Below are more details.

Flipkart has stopped sharing Supercoins in Super Games

Flipkart on April 1st discontinued Supercoins in Super Games and while some users may expect Flipkart to have given prior intimidation, we must know that as per the terms and conditions of Flipkart, Flipkart had the right to discontinue Super Games rewards from its platform at any time.

Until now, users could participate in Super Games and earn anywhere up to 101 Supercoins for absolutely free (excluding paid chances’ wins). Now, to earn Supercoins, you are only left with options such as shopping through Flipkart and Flipkart-owned brands, using a Flipkart Elite credit card, etc.

First Flipkart discontinued its Supercoins rewards from videos and now they are removed from Super Games too, so what’s next? The number of play and win challenges and tasks also seem to have reduced significantly on the e-commerce platform.

Interestingly, Flipkart’s loss has also widened by over 7000 crore rupees in FY22. Flipkart which was founded in 2007 saw its worth grow from 4 Lakhs to today being worth approx $40 billion dollars. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most preferred e-commerce giants in India.

But the sad news as found with many other startups is that both the B2C segment (Myntra, Cleartrip, Instakart) and the B2B segments (Flipkart Wholesale) of Flipkart are currently running in losses.

After the pandemic, many companies are picking up measures to cut their extra cost. Companies like Twitter did it by eliminating supposedly 80% of its workforce, IT companies like Infosys reduced their employees’ variable pay, and Google is in talks to eliminate free perks including snacks for its employees as a measure of cost-cutting.

Could the removal of free supercoins in SuperGames of Flipkart be a move to reduce the burden on the e-commerce platform? What are your thoughts?

You can check out our article on Flipkart Supercoins which lists all the ways to earn super coins in Flipkart including other methods than Super Games.

Also, thanks to one of our active dimers in the community @violin for first sharing this news with us in the following thread: Flipkart No Longer Offering Supercoins in Super Games

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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Maybe Flipkart wants their coins to be of value. The easier we can get coins, the less they will be worth, meaning devaluation. Eg: Cred Coins

Review Expert Review Expert
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Great point. Thanks a lot for your comment @decideaim
Critic Critic
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To promote Flipkart SC co-brand Axis Cards.. Two-three plans New Flipkart Plus, Flipkart Plus Lite, Flipkart Elite/Elite Plus may be rolled out..which has to be paid..

Review Expert Review Expert
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Interesting thoughts..thanks for sharing @quantum
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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1st video quiz ,now games quiz .

daily streak is alive. win +1 supercoin in 6days.

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