Flipkart to launch “Flipverse” today: Flipkart’s own Metaverse!

Flipkart is all set to launch its new virtual shopping platform Flipverse today live on Linkedin. See full details below of what Flipkart’s Flipverse means for you and how you can use it.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 18 Oct, 2022, 13:15 IST
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Flipkart on October 17th declared the launch of Flipkart’s Flipverse, Flipkart’s own virtual shopping world in the Web3 dimension, Metaverse. As per the announcement, Flipkart users can 2-way communicate with their favorite brands, enter brand contests, get exclusive discounts & customize their avatar and make Flipverse their “own virtual world.”


Flipverse by Flipkart is Flipkart’s own virtual world in metaverse that is going to launch live today in the evening at 7 PM on Flipkart's Linkedin page. Anand Venkateswaran, CEO & Co-founder of eDAO who is the partnering technology brand in Flipverse is also going to be present in the Flipverse live event happening today along with the VP & Director Head of Flipkart.

We know you have a lot of questions in mind, what is Flipkart Flipverse? How to use Flipkart Flipverse? How to use Flipverse in the Flipkart app? How does the Flipverse virtual shopping work and many more? Thankfully, you are at the right place!

Before you try to understand Flipkart’s new platform Flipverse, you need to understand a few things first such as what is immersive shopping, Web3, avatars & strands in Flipkart, Flipkart’s Firedrop platform, etc.

Understanding Flipkart's Flipverse, the new virtual shopping platform launching today


When or before you start using Flipverse, you will most probably come across a set of few terms that you must know to understand what Flipkart’s Flipverse platform is actually.

  • Web3: Flipkart’s Flipverse works in the world of Web3. Currently, the web version most of us use is Web2. Web3 includes concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics.

  • Immersive shopping: Immersive shopping as the name suggest incorporates technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), AI, and Augmented Reality to upgrade the customer shopping experience. Flipkart’s Flipverse will provide an immersive shopping experience to users.

  • Avatars: In Flipkart’s Flipverse virtual platform, you would exist as a digital twin & have a customizable avatar. You may customize your avatar and make it look just like you or you can make your avatar look entirely different.

  • Digital Collectibles: You’ll come across this term quite a lot when using the Flipkart metaverse platform Flipverse. In Flipverse, digital collectibles would mean NFTs. They can be present in different forms such as Strand and other digital items.

  • Strand: In Flipverse, a Strand means an NFT which you can claim to create your digital avatar and make Flipverse your “own virtual world.” Flipkart was also offering up to 500 Supercoins for successfully completing your KYC on Firedrops.

  • Firedrops: Firedrops by Flipkart is a newly launched feature on the Flipkart app. Firedrops by Flipkart allows you to have your own wallet which is important for storing, trading, and collecting NFTs. Flipverse by Flipkart is going to launch on the Firedrops platform in the Flipkart app, live today 18th October evening at 7 PM on the Flipkart Linkedin page.

Now that you know and understand these terms, it would be a little easier for you to understand what is Flipkart’s Flipverse and how it works.

What is Flipkart Flipverse?

Flipkart’s Flipverse is a photo-realistic 3D virtual world created in the metaverse where Flipkart users can shop in an engaging, immersive way as well as communicate with their favorite brands, enter brand contests and get exclusive discounts.

What can you do on Flipverse by Flipkart?

  • Shop in a photo-realistic 3D virtual shopping experience

  • Use your own customized avatar in a virtual shopping world

  • “Communicate” with your favorite brands

  • Enter brand contests

  • Get exclusive discounts

  • Trade NFTs in exchange for digital items

  • Collect supercoins

And a lot more. Flipkart is hosting a live event today on its Linkedin page to launch the Flipkart Flipverse platform where the key speakers and top heads of both organizations are going to share how Flipverse is going to change e-commerce for Flipkart users. So, do catch the live event.

How to use Flipkart Flipverse?

Currently, there’s not enough information presented by Flipkart on exactly how users would be able to use the Flipkart Flipverse virtual platform but the brand has said that is going to launch it on the Firedrops platform which is already live in the Flipkart app.

One more thing that is live on the Flipkart app is the Flipkart Diwali Sale. We have a dedicated page for sharing the best, latest, and top deals on everything from electronics to fashion you can shop during the Diwali sale period.

Here’s have a look.

Flipverse Flipkart Launch Date & Time of the Live Linkedin Event


Flipkart in partnership with eDAO is going to launch a virtual shopping experience in Metaverse with Flipverse. The Flipverse launch live event will be hosted on Flipkart’s Linkedin page on October 18th, 2022, at 7 PM IST.

To join the live event of Flipverse, you can add the event to your calendar or simply be sure to mark your presence in the live stream of Flipkart at 7 PM IST today.

Flipverse by Flipkart Live Event Link

“In partnership with eDAO, a Polygon-incubated organization that designs and launches global art, media, and entertainment IPs at scale into the world of Web3, Flipverse will offer gamified, interactive and immersive shopping experiences for consumers in a digital world by giving them access to their favorite brands, Supercoins, and digital collectibles,” says Flipkart.

"Flipverse aims to enable customers to get closer to their favorite brands in an interactive metaverse where communication runs two ways. Flipverse will be available on Flipkart’s newly launched platform FireDrops, which can be accessed from the Flipkart app,” said Flipkart in the latest press release.

So this was all about Flipkart launching its new platform Flipverse today on October 18th live on Linkedin. We also saw what Flipverse means. Do you have any questions? Feel free to put them below, I would try my best to answer them.

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