Google Gemini AI in India! How to use, ChatGPT vs Gemini AI, & more

Google Bard AI, ChatGPT’s rival AI chatbot has arrived in India along with 180 more countries around the world. Find the full details of Google Bard AI, how to try Google Bard AI for free, Bard AI vs ChatGPT & more

by Vrushali.S Updated: 09 Feb, 2024, 14:48 IST
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Google Bard AI, ChatGPT’s rival AI chatbot has arrived in India and countries around the world after a long wait! Google has launched Bard AI in India along with 180 more countries around the world. Find below the full details of Google Bard AI, how to try Google Bard AI for free, & more. The Bard AI was first announced on 6th February 2023. However, soon Google had to receive a major blow (losing $100 billion!) when reports started to surface of Bard AI giving the wrong answer to a scientific question.

After several months of improvements and development, Google has finally launched Bard AI in India along with other 180 countries. Let’s discuss how you can try Bard AI for free as well as a quick comparison between ChatGPT vs Bard AI

Google Bard AI in India! How to use, ChatGPT vs Bard AI, & more

Google has now renamed Google Bard to Google Gemini AI. Currently, users can get the Google Gemini AI for free for 2 months. Here are the steps: 

Google Bard AI (now Google Gemini) in India

Google Bard in India has finally been launched. Google first opened access to its Bard AI to users in USA and UK, promising to soon expand its access to other countries. Google Bard AI available countries now include India.

Commenting on the same, Google said:

“As we continue to make additional improvements and introduce new features, we want to get Bard into more people’s hands so they can try it out and share their feedback with us. So today we’re removing the waitlist and opening up Bard to over 180 countries and territories — with more coming soon."

Google had also introduced its Text to Music AI called MusicLM

Google Bard or Gemini AI available countries
  • United States

  • United Kingdom

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Ireland

  • India

  • Singapore

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • South Africa

  • Mexico

  • Pakistan

  • Bangladesh

And many more. Google Bard AI is currently available in 180 countries and will soon be available in the rest of the countries around the world. Find the complete list of the countries the Google Bard AI is available.

Presently, Google Bard AI is available in 3 languages, English, Korean, and Japanese. The tech giant has said to bring support of over 40 languages to its AI Chatbot, Google Bard AI.

How to use Bard AI for Free in India

To try Google Bard AI for free, follow the below steps:

  1. Visit https://bard.google.com/

  2. Sign in to your personal Google account (if not already signed in)

  3. Click on “Try Bard” appearing on the right bottom of the screen

  4. Try Google Bard AI for free! Post questions, and suggestions, generate text or go creative.

Google Gemini AI vs Microsoft ChatGPT

Google Gemini AI

Microsoft ChatGPT

Released in March 2023

Released in November 2022

Bard AI is built by Google

ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI, backed by Microsoft

Bard AI has access to Google Search and can provide outputs with the latest data

ChatGPT only has access to information up to 2021

Bard AI is built on Google's Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) technology.

ChatGPT is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 foundational large language models (LLMs)

Bard AI by Google is currently completely free to use with no usage limits

ChatGPT has a premium version and usage limits

Bard AI is said to be licensed under Apache 2.0 which is a free license

ChatGPT is licensed under the OpenAI API which is a commercial license (not free to use)

Google AI has a more intuitive UI

ChatGPT has a slightly plain UI

Bard AI is trained using a neural conversational model and is better at understanding and responding to natural language

ChatGPT is trained using a generative pre-trained transformer model. This means that ChatGPT is better at generating text

Bard AI is more suited for simple, information-led tasks

ChatGPT is better suited for complex, creative tasks

So, this was all about sharing the full details of ChatGPT rival, Google Bard AI launch in India and around the world. We have also shared details on how you can use Bard AI in India for free, the difference between ChatGPT and Bard AI is Google Bard AI free to use, and lastly, the countries the Google Bard AI is available presently.

FAQ on Google Bard AI
  1. Is Bard AI available in India?

Yes, Google Bard AI is available in India along with 180 other countries and users can use the Bard AI chatbot for free presently

2. How to use Bard AI in India?

    You can use Bard AI in India by visiting the Google Bard AI page at https://bard.googl...m/

    3. Is Google Bard AI free?

      Presently, Google Bard AI is completely free to use for all users

      4. In which countries Bard AI is available?

        Bard AI is available in over 180 countries including India. The list includes names like Australia, the US, the UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Mexico among others

        5. Google Bard AI launch date?

          Google launched the Bard AI chatbot in March 2023 by first opening its access to US and UK users

          6. Which is better, ChatGPT or Google Bard AI?

            Both the chatbots are powered by Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Model (LLM), and are excellent in their capabilities. However, Google Bard AI can provide more latest information as compared to ChatGPT since Bard AI has access to Google Search. On the other hand, ChatGPT being a Black Box Model can provide better outputs for complex and creative queries.

            Examples of using Google Bard AI

            Started with a small, creative query

            Bard AI Chat Examples

            Bard AI generated a few interesting questions, as part of the output

            Bard AI Chat Examples

            A few questions passed by. Bard AI did a pretty decent job of remembering the past chat history to provide the outputs. Though a few times, I had to remind the bot of what part of the conversation I am referring to. 

            Bard AI Chat Examples


            Even after asking to not repeat the previous question, the AI chatbot did the same:) Though this should be fine as Google Bard AI is still under development and we can certainly expect to see it getting improved in the coming time.

            Bard AI Chat Examples

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