Google For India 2022: MultiSearch, SearchInVideo, DigiLocker into Google Files, and more

The Google For India 2022 event will be streaming Live on 19th Dec, 12 pm. You can watch it on Google’s official page on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

by FighterMan Updated: 22 Dec, 2022, 13:43 IST
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The Google For India 2022 event will be held today i.e. 19th Dec. In this 8th edition event, Google will disclose its upcoming plans/products/services/updates for its Indian Netizens so let’s see what Google has to offer! Expect announcements on Google Search, YouTube, Google Cloud, and Google Pay.

google for india 2022

Last year, Google For India 2021 saw the launch of JioNext, a basic budget Android smartphone to empower every Indian to have one. Then there was the $10 billion Google for India Digitization Fund. Google also bridged the gap between job seekers and recruiters with Google Career Certificates.

This year, Google is expected to focus on India’s varied language processing, Google Maps, and Google Chrome security. There will be thought leaders, product experts, and key partners discussing these topics in the event.

The Google For India 2022 event will be streaming Live on 19th Dec, 12 pm. You can watch it on Google’s official page on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Our Union Minister of Railways, Communications & Electronics and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw will be in conversation with Sundar Pichai (Google & Alphabet CEO).

One of the statements Google released on this event said,

Hear from our thought leaders and experts on how we’re bringing the best of our technology investments in AI, to help make India’s digital economy more inclusive, helpful and safer for every Indian.

Developers, government officials, and IISc scientists will also contribute to this Google For India event so there’s lots to explore for Google enthusiasts to see how 2023 will unfold for the Web World! Stay tuned for more updates as the event unfolds.

Google For India 2022: All Announcements
MultiSearch in Google Lens

MultiSearch in Google Lens

Now, you will also be able to add text along with image on Google Lens. This will help you get required results faster. For instance, your image is of a dress, but those unaware resemble it as a cloth because it is shot in that way. So type "dress" to let Google Lens understand that this cloth is a dress.

Search in Video for YouTube

Search in Video for YouTube

The 'Search in Video' feature will be available just below the YouTube video frame. For example, the video is on "How to Save on Online Medicine Ordering?" so here you can search for platforms relevant to you. Suppose you search "Pharmeasy", then that video part containing Pharmeasy content will be shown to you. Thus, let's you know whether the video contains your required content or not which in-turn makes your video search easier and efficient.

Bilingual Google Search

Bilingual Google Search

Google Search will now show you results in 2 languages at the same time. Currently, English and Hindi are available. Other languages will start rolling out from 2023. This feature is to improve language learning and increase adaptability. It can also be seen in 'People also ask' section.

Improved Hinglish Speech Recognition

Improved Hinglish Speech Recognition

Google has made improvements in Hinglish Speech Recognition because it found the rise of Voice Search and great future potential. As voice search becomes more popular among Hindi using audience, this feature will be very useful ahead. Google has also developed 'Relate' app for people with improper speech as a part of Project Relate. This app turns it into a proper speech to deliver relevant results. It also benefits by speaking out via a voice assistant. Thus, making life easier via communication for these people.

DigiLocker access in Files by Google

DigiLocker access in Files by Google

Now, you can access all your DigiLocker documents in Files by Google app. The app has also got family spaces to distinguish documents of different family members. It requires unlocking of lockscreen to open. Moreover, you can access these documents without Internet.

Google Pay: Improved Fraud Detection and Voice Search

Google has used 'deep learning' technique to Improve Fraud Detection on Google Pay. It analyzes transaction patterns via its AI algorithms to detect possible fraudulent activity. If you come across such a instance then Google Pay will alert you via notification and vibration. This alert will come before you transact so that you are well aware of any such risks. This improvement was very important as UPI activities continue to rise, and so are online scams. 

You can now voice search on Google Pay! This feature is for getting your transaction history sorted hassle-free. For instance, you can speak "how much did I spend on bill payments this month" which will cut-short your transaction history to related category.    

This year's Google For India have got better features compared to 2021. Let's see how they make in Impact into a Billion lives into this constantly changing country!

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