Google Pay Soundbox for Payments Alerts Pilot launched!

Google Pay payments soundbox in India may mark its launch soon as it pilots in select areas of Northern India. Below are the complete details of the Google Pay Soundpod, including the expected price, features & more.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 20 Jan, 2023, 14:00 IST
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Google is beta launching a new device called “Google Pay Soundpod” similar to Paytm’s and Phonepe’s soundbox that alerts sellers of new transaction alerts through its built-in speaker and LCD panel display. Currently, Google Pay Soundbox is pilot launched in North India including New Delhi and it is expected that the payments alert device by Google Pay may soon launch officially in India. Below are its expected price and more.

Google Pay Soundbox for Payments Audio Alerts in India launch

What is Google Pay Soundpod?

Google Pay Soundpod is a device with an in-built speaker that announces any new transaction alerts to its linked merchants. It is an audio payments alert device similar to Paytm’s soundbox. The device can speak a range of Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi & more. Generally, companies offer these payments alert soundboxes for free or for a very nominal price and charge sellers a rental fee each month. An Amazon-financed software company, ToneTag is backing the building of Google Pay Soundpods.

Features of Google Pay Soundbox for Payments Alerts?

Below are the features of Google Pay Soundbox. Please note that the device is currently only in its pilot launch hence some of the features mentioned may not be available.

  • Voice alerts for payments

  • LCD Display panel for displaying the transaction amount for added confirmation

  • Voice notifications for payments in up to 11 Indian languages

  • Battery Life: NA

  • Expected price: Free (initially) with a monthly rental subscription or ₹299 to ₹499 one-time payment with a rental fee of ₹125 per month, or a single one-time purchase of ₹2000 (approx) similar to Paytm’s soundbox.

Google Pay Soundbox Launch in India

Google Pay Soundbox in India is only currently available in beta at certain locations. However, we are expecting Google to launch its payments soundbox in India soon. 

Google Pay Soundbox: How to Order?

To order Google Pay Soundpod, follow these steps:

  1. Install Google Pay for Business and contact support (you can also manually search for this on Google web)

  2. Request the Google Pay Business support team to send you the Google Pay soundbox

Please note that since the Google Pay soundbox is still in its beta launch, you may not be able to order it just yet.

Last year, Unified Payments Interface (UPI) recorded a 7.8 billion stunning volume of transactions resulting in a total amount of over 12 trillion rupees. Some of the popular payment companies like Paytm, Phonepe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and even Whatsapp Payments are competing with each other to capture more market share in the Indian UPI payments as the fintech space in the country is growing.

Google Pay as per a recent stat tops the charts in terms of capturing the highest UPI market share in India. Following next are Paytm and Phonepe. Paytm was the first company to introduce Paytm Soundboxes for transaction alerts in 2020. Phonepe followed by launching its Phonepe Smart speakers.

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Payment of 1 time is good for sound box but every month is bad. Every one has internet connection they should provide wifi enabled box sound box so every seller can benefit
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Payment of 1 time is good for sound box but every month is bad. Every one has internet connection they should provide wifi enabled box sound box so every seller can benefit
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ye toh AI model hai, '-' dabav toh previous transaction sunayega aur '+' future mai kitna paisa aayega woh batayega😄

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