How to do Rent Payment through Credit Card without Charges? [Effectively]

By using Rent Payment Platforms and Credit Cards which offer Discounts, Reward Points, Milestone Benefits, Cashback, and other Rewards.

by FighterMan Updated: 29 Apr, 2024, 11:58 IST
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Almost all Credit Cards in India have stopped giving reward points on paying rent, and excluded milestone benefits. Moreover, they have levied a min 1% (+GST on some cards) processing fee on rental payments. Adding to this is the 0.3-2% convenience fee charged by rent payment platforms if you pay rent via them. Thus, we have got you some ways to do Rent Payment by Credit Card without Charges Effectively! It means you have to pay the rent payment charge but it will be compensated with rewards, cashback, and other offerings. You may also get more instead of just settling the rent payment charges!

rent payment through credit card without charges

CRED Rent Payment offers

CRED is a payments app. Pay min ₹30,000 rent via OneCard credit card to get ₹200 Discount, and the rest charges can be covered by redeeming CRED vouchers. Another offer is of assured upto ₹1000 cashback on paying any amount rent. Then, you can redeem 10,000 CRED Coins and pay rent to enter a lucky draw. Here, you can win 100% refund/cashback (within 45 days) on rent payment. Finally, there is the Free (min 30% copay) Acko Home Appliance Protection monthly plan. This insurance plan covers upto ₹10,000 on repairs and upto ₹1 Lakh on theft or burglary of TV, AC, etc.

Make a note that you can apply only 1 offer at a time. Thus, CRED can get Rent Payment by Credit Card done without Charges (1-1.5%) effectively with upto ₹500 discount and other rewards. You can pay rent via credit card here with a phone number, bank account, or UPI id.

RedGiraffe’s RentPay

RedGiraffe’s RentPay is a payment gateway service for rental payments. You will find it on HDFC (PayZapp), Citi, HSBC, Kotak, Yes, IndusInd, ICICI, and many other banks’ online rent payment portals.

Its Convenience charge is 0.39%+GST (Lowest) for every ₹10,000 rent payment. Moreover, you earn 5% CASH Points (1 CASH Point = ₹1) upto ₹3000 which can be redeemed (2-5%) for 200+ Gift Cards. Thus, you will not only make Rent Payment by Credit Card without Charges (effectively), but also get brand vouchers (grocery, food, travel, entertainment, shopping, etc). However, around 5% is only discounted so you need to pay the remaining amount of voucher value.

RentPay also benefits via Automated Pre-populated Rent Receipt and 80C & 80D Tax Exemption Benefits. Not to forget, it has the Lowest platform Charge on rent payment.

Standard Chartered Ultimate Credit Card for Paying Rent without Charges

The Standard Chartered Ultimate Credit Card gives 2% unlimited reward points on rent payments. Before devaluation, it was 3.3%. Reward point ratio is 1:1 (1 point = ₹1) here which is great. Its processing fee is 1%+GST so you will be able to make Rent Payment by Credit Card without Charges effectively. Besides, you can grab the best & latest Credit Card offers

Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

Rent payments count for milestone benefits on Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME. On Spend of ₹75,000 within 90 days of card issuance you get 3000 bonus CV Points. Moreover, you get upto 4 complimentary premium economy flight tickets on spending upto ₹8 Lakhs annually (₹1.5 Lakh = 1 flight ticket). There is also the ₹10,000 Yatra Hotels Gift Voucher on achieving milestones! ₹199+GST is the rent payment processing charge here.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card gives 2% cashback upto ₹1000 (includes all spend categories) on paying rent monthly. Processing fee is 1%+GST so rent payment via credit card can be done without charges effectively. This is the only credit card to still give cashback rewards on rent payments!

AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card

AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card offers free rent payment for the 1st month. Moreover, you get 1% reward points (1:1) so it compensates with the 1%+GST processing charge on paying rent. Additionally, you can claim Milestone Benefit of 1000 reward points on spending ₹75,000 in a statement month.

Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card

The Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card gives reward points as well as milestone benefits for paying rent. Reward points earning is 1 CV point per ₹200 so upto 5 free premium economy flight tickets are to the rescue via milestone rewards starting at ₹1.5 lakh spent annually. Thus, rent payment can be done via this credit card without charges effectively overcoming the processing charge of 1%+GST.

Note: Credit Card Rent Payment offers can have an expiry date, and are subject to change anytime. Similarly, if credit cards are devalued further then reward points, milestone benefits, and other rewards can be pulled off for rental payments.

Therefore, you can use these credit cards and rent payment platforms to pay rent without charges effectively. Besides, there are many rent payment platforms like Cheq, NoBroker,, ePayRent, MyGate, and others which can be explored. Moreover, many have tie-ups with societies and landlords so makes the process fast, easy, and rewarding. You can discuss your query in Finance section. 

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