How to get Genuine Free Sample Products in India in 2024? Check List of 50+ Free Samples!

Free Sample Products of 2024 are here! Grab them from top brands such as Dabur, Nestle, Huggies, Sugar, Pedigree, Garnier, and more!

by FighterMan Updated: 15 Apr, 2024, 15:00 IST
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Who doesn’t like free products? There are many brands in India that provide free samples of their newly launched products. Moreover, there are some who offer free samples of their old popular products. It benefits both the seller and buyer. The seller gets an audience to try their products and the buyer gets a free trial before deciding to buy them. However, today sellers have limited their audience to genuine ones only to reduce marketing costs. Well, you can also become an influencer to grab Free Sample Products😉 Make a note that there might be shipping charge so you can save on it by adding paid products and meeting the free delivery criteria. Thus, the money you spend on delivery will get you a paid product for free!

How to get Genuine Free Sample Products in India in 2024? Check List of 50+ Free Samples!

How to Qualify for Free Sample Products?

There are many companies that will first check your genuineness for Sample Products before giving them for free. Therefore, make sure you are serious about trying a particular product. Firstly, you will be asked to fill out a form. Follow the below guidelines in order to qualify for Free Sample Products and get them successfully.

  • Enter correct details (name, no, email, address, etc).

  • Give genuine information related to the product.

  • Follow given T&Cs.

  • Keep your user profile up to date.

  • Ask the company for the deadline of Free Sample Product delivery if not mentioned already.

How to get Genuine Free Sample Products in India in 2024?

You can grab genuine Free Sample Products via the following options.

Deal Alerts will notify you whenever a free sample product is available. Since these are picked like hot-selling cakes, Deal Alerts is the best way to grab them. Use the keyword “Free Sample Products” while setting a Deal Alert. You can also select your favourite brands from Adidas, Jockey, Lakme, Amul, Britannia, and many more!

List of All Genuine Free Sample Products in India in 2024

There are 50+ Genuine Free Sample Products available currently in India in 2024. 

Emami Kesh King Shampoo Free Sample Product

Emami Kesh King Shampoo Free Sample Product

Buy a Dermi Cool powder worth Rs 105 and get a Kesh King Shampoo Sample Product worth Rs 60 for free. It is ayurvedic and an anti-dandruff shampoo. Shampoo quality & quantity both are good.

Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is a platform where you can get many free sample products. You need to apply for a product first by answering some questions, if suitable, you will get it. Thus, to succeed here, answer genuinely, review/test products well, and keep your profile up-to-date. Below is the list of some of the products here.

  • Himalaya complete care toothpaste

  • Aashirvaad Vermicelli

  • Tata coffee grand

  • VLCC instaglow gel bleach

  • Emasol disinfectant floor cleaner

  • Aashirvaad salt

Amazon Free Sample Products at ₹1

Amazon Free Sample Products at ₹1

The Amazon Sampling store comes up with new products daily. Prime members can buy them just for ₹1 while others need to pay a ₹40 delivery fee. It is possible that some days you get samples while not on other days, it is all account-specific. Based on what you buy on Amazon, samples will be given for free so that you can payback by giving genuine reviews. Some might get a beauty product sample while some get a food sample. There are also paid samples here at ₹100 and ₹200. Make sure to apply the sample-specific Amazon Coupon at checkout.

Spiritual Books with Free Delivery


Spiritual books like ‘Gyan Ganga’, ‘Jeene Ki Raah’, and more by sant Rampalji can be grabbed for free along with free delivery. However, delivery will take upto 30 days. Books are available in English, Hindi, and all regional languages.

Black Lives Matter Mug and Perfume (Free International Samples)


Get a Free Black Lives Matter Mug from Qualigifts. The company is giving it away so that people can know its amazing build quality. They also have a free coconut cream and toasted praline body mist perfume sample!


Fabpiks App


The Fabpiks app has full-size sample products in hygiene, food & beverage, fragrance, makeup, and beauty categories. You can buy free sample products using ‘trial points’ (free 6 points on sign up). Each product has a trial point requirement. Some may have 1,2,3,4, or 5. You need to pay a service fee (includes delivery) of ₹235 per order. I ordered the below items at ₹235. Thus, here you will save big on products.

  • Tata Sampann Dal Makhani 285g

  • Tata Sampann Kadai Punjabi Gravy 180g

  • Beardo De-Tan Coffee Detox Face wash 25ml

  • Himalaya shampoo sachet

  • Tata Sampann Palak Corn 285g

  • Tata Sampann Daliya Khichdi 285g

For ordering items you earn trial points which can be redeemed on next orders. Top brands here are Nivea, Himalaya, Chemist at Play, Just Herbs, and Pee Safe.

Free Vegetable Seed Pack Sample


This free (₹8 shipping) vegetable seed pack contains 5 varieties of seeds like beans, okra, cowpea, chilly, tomato etc. based on season. The idea is to have a vegetable garden at home. It is worth ₹65.

Immunity & Weight Gain Medicine with Free Delivery


Eureka Labs is having this free HealthUp medicine sample. It comes with 36 capsules, and helps in Immunity and Weight Gain. Best part here is free shipping! Please consult your doctor before taking these medicines.

Funny Corn Popcorn Free Sample with Free Delivery


It comes with kettle corn. Grab this Funny Corn Popcorn Free Sample with Free Delivery. The USP of this popcorn is that it is gluten-free, Vegan, all-natural (no artificial ingredients), and Non-GMO snack.

Free Scientology Book

Scientology is the science behind spiritual enlightenment and freedom. It is authored by L. Ron Hubbard. You can request a Scientology book for free.

Purnia Dog Food Free Sample


Purnia (by Nestle) has lots of dog food types. You can get your Purnia Dog Food Free Sample via the form on the bottom-right corner of the homepage. It says “ask for a sample”. Dog food options are for puppy, adult, small breed, and healthy-weight categories. Purnia also has cat food.

D’Cal Hard Water Softener Free Demo Kit


If you have hard water issues at home/office then this product is for you. Grab D’Cal Hard Water Softener Free Demo Kit at ₹100 (shipping). Get free delivery by sharing it to 5 Whatsapp contacts. The original product costs around ₹3,500.

Inspirational Books with Free Delivery

Request free Inspirational Books like Making Life Work, Managing Your Finances, Transforming Your Life, and Marriage and Family.

Royal Cracker Sandwich Biscuits with Free Delivery


These are baked with yeast and wheat flour. It comes with a cream layer at the center. Get your Royal Cracker Sandwich Biscuits free sample now! It may have 10 biscuits.

Skincare Sample Set & Toner with Free Delivery (Free International Samples)


These are US beauty products. It has a Free Skincare Sample Set and a Free Thayers Witch Hazel Toner With Aloe-Rose Petal. The skincare set contains 5 items from Tatcha (Water Cream), Fresh (face wash), Supergoop (Sunscreen SPF 40), Kiehl’s (facial cream), and Belif (moisturizer) brands. Your delivery will come within 2 to 3 weeks.

The Moms Co Face Wash Free Sample


Get The Moms Co natural vitamin C face wash worth Rs 250 for free with Rs 100 shipping charge (save via The Moms Co Coupons) by filling a survey. At the end of the survey, the page might get hanged so refresh and continue. 

Free Baby Shampoo, Body Wash, Lip Balm, Sunscreen from BabyChakra


BabyChakra is an organic baby product brand. Below is the list of free (Rs 99/199 shipping) sample products. You can also try paid sample products from BabyChakra. Save on these via BabyChakra Coupons.

Free Coffee from High Octane Coffee Company


High Octane Coffee Company is India's 1st handmade beaten coffee brand. Grab 2 coffee jars (90g each) of original and caramel crush flavors for free with a shipping fee of Rs 199.

Free Bhagavad Gita Book

This Free Bhagavad Gita Book is called “Yatharth Geeta” by Swami Adgadanand Ji Maharaj. It is available in all Indian regional languages. What's great, there is free delivery! You can also watch Bhagavad Gita via its YouTube Videos.

MyGlamm Free Lipsticks, Face Masks, and more


Answer short surveys to get free Lipsticks, Face Masks, and more from MyGlamm. Below is the list of free (shipping charge of Rs 100/200 applies) products. Make a note that 1 user can get only 1 product. You can also save via MyGlamm Coupons.

Free Whisper, Gillette Guard, and Gillette Venus Products from P&G

P&G Try is giving away free Whisper, Gillette Guard, and Gillette Venus Products. Gillette Guard and Gillette Venus razors are only for college students. You need to watch a video (can skip or watch required) and answer some questions to get your freebie.


St.Botanica Sunscreen, Face Serum, and Vinegar

Simply answer a 2-3 question survey to get free (shipping fee applies) samples of St.Botanica Sunscreen, Face Serum, and Vinegar. The St.Botanica Coupon Code 'STBSHREONE' will be auto-applied.




Shipping Charge
Aloe Vera sunscreen 100g Rs 800 Rs 200 (Free Rs 200 St.Botanica Gift Card )
Niacinamide PROFESSIONAL FACE SERUM 20ml Rs 800 Rs 100
Apple cider vinegar with honey 500ml Rs 450 Rs 200
1% Salicyclic acid clarifying face serum  Rs 800 Rs 200
Pond's Super Light Gel Free Sample by Swiggy Instamart

I ordered a Wagh Bakri premium leaf tea 1kg worth Rs 520 at Rs 400 (Rs 120 off Swiggy Instamart coupon) and got a Pond's Super Light Gel Free Sample so probably Swiggy is giving away this product once to each customer/address. Its gift packaging was very good. It promises 24 hrs skin moisturization and hydration. The price of this product is Rs 175 for 100g and Rs 340 for 200g.

Kalpitveda Onion Hair Oil Free Product

Kalpitveda Onion Hair Oil Free Product

Grab Kalpitveda Onion Hair Oil 200ml worth ₹400 for free! Apply the Kalpitveda coupon code ‘GET4FREE’ at checkout to avail this offer. It showed me a shipping charge of ₹100 so you might get it too! Pay via Freecharge Pay Later to save 10% (cashback) on it. Also, you can make an order of ₹249 or more for free shipping. Kalpitveda offers beard growth oil, handmade soaps, onion shampoo, neem comb, and beard comb.

Free Facial Kit from Organic Harvest

Free Facial Kit from Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest is giving away its brightening facial kit (KAKADU PLUM & ACAI BERRY) worth ₹345 for free (₹99 shipping fee). You can pay via Simpl for ₹15 discount or Mobikwik for upto ₹200 cashback. Besides, there are Organic Harvest Coupons available! Simply answer a 2 question survey to get this offer. The Organic Harvest coupon code ‘OHXO99’ will be auto-applied, just it will ask you to remove a free sample.

SamplrrBox: Free Branded Sample Products


SamplrrBox is a free sample product website. It offers sample products from various brands for free, but with a shipping fee! You can order upto 3 sample products every 15 days amounting to max ₹500. Shipping fee I (Mumbai) got was ₹120. You can save on this fee by paying via Amazon Pay for upto ₹25 cashback. It automatically applies the coupon ‘SAMPLRR’ at checkout. Below are some of the products you can order.

  • Plum caramel popcorn body wash

  • Earth Rhythm shampoo bar

  • Roots and Herbs Depilatory Mask

  • Tata Tea Gold/Care/Darjeeling

  • Origin plant-based biotin

A drawback here is that there are many nice products (shown below), but are out of stock.

  • 4700BC popcorn

  • Get-A-Whey Waffle Bites Milk Chocolate

  • Slurrp Farm Millet Pancake

  • Coffeeza roast coffee

  • Sleepy Owl coffee

  • Waffle Mill waffle chips

  • Elynn shower oil

  • Garnier Mask

  • Just Human Sanitizer

Other brands here are MTR, Himalaya, and MamaEarth. It also has a refer & earn program where the reward is an extra chance to order.

Dr Gluten Free Samples


Dr Gluten sells gluten-free food products. The list includes oats, gulab jamun, flours (banana, roti, diabetic, all purpose), black rice, corn flakes, smart rice, sooji, and bread mix. The Dr Gluten Free Samples are of the following products (around 70g each) priced at ₹1 each.

You can add all of them to cart and pay a ₹25 shipping fee.

Adani Sampling (Free Cosmetics Samples)

Adani Sampling

Grab free sample products by Adani at select airports. There are many cosmetic categories including personal care and baby care. You simply need to scan a QR code, register with mobile number (OTP), and pick your product. Here are some Adani One Coupons to checkout.  

Free Samples of all Dabur products

Dabur has a lot of products in hair oils, beauty, juices, toothpaste, chyawanprash, honey, and more. To get them, visit the Free Samples of all Dabur products page. Then, select the product and click on “try now”. Enter your name, email id, and mobile number to submit. You will get this message “details submitted successfully”. That’s it! If you are lucky then you will get Dabur products for free!

Here are some of the popular Dabur product samples you can grab for free!

  • Dabur Almond Hair Oil

  • Odomos (mosquito repellent)

  • Dabur Amla Hair Oil

  • Dabur Red Paste

  • Real Fruit Juice

  • Odonil (air freshener)

  • Dabur Glucose D

  • Hajmola (digestive tablets)

  • Oxylife Facial

  • Dabur Almond Shampoo

  • FEM Fairness Naturals Pearl Bleach

  • Dabur Lal Tail (for babies)

  • Dabur Shilajit Gold

  • Sanifresh Shine (disinfectant bathroom cleaner)

  • Odopic

  • Dabur Baby Massage Oil

  • Dabur Air Sanitizer Spray

  • Vatika Select Coconut Milk Extract Shampoo

Huggies Wonder Pants (baby diaper) Free Sample Product

Huggies Wonder Pants come with bubble-bed technology. This feature keeps the baby’s skin soft, dry and protected for a long time. There are many more exciting features of this baby diaper. Grab your Huggies Wonder Pants Free Sample now! This Huggies web page is a bit slow to load so wait a bit for free diapers!

Kama Ayurveda Free Sample Products

You can pick only 3 free samples from the list of given Kama Ayurveda Hair Treatment Oils, Anti Acne Face Packs, Natural Face Masks, Body Cleanser, and more. There is a delivery fee to be paid which may go up to ₹150, but if you wanna try this brand then go for it! Check for Kama Ayurveda Coupons which might save you on shipping fees.

Smytten App for Free Sample Products

The Smytten App provides free trials of products from 500+ brands including the likes of Mama Earth, Plum, WOW Skin, Faces Canada, The Man Company, Sugar, Lakme, and mCaffeine. Categories include beauty, grooming, food & beverages, and wellness.

You need to pay the service and delivery fee. The service fee gets added as cashback which you can redeem for shopping on this app. Check out all the Smytten offers here. It is rated 4.4/5 on average by 2,57,052 users with 5M+ installs on Google Play Store.

Bausch & Lomb Contact Lens Free Sample


Firstly, visit the Bausch & Lomb Contact Lens Free Sample page. Now, follow 3 simple steps which include the regular info we saw in previous free sample products. That’s it! Free Delivery might take up to 30 days.

Free Samples of N95 Masks, PPE Kits, Gloves, and more

CovCare is providing free samples of Corona Virus related essentials like N95 Masks, PPE Kits, Gloves, and more. You need to fill out a long-form which also asks for your professional details and product requirements. Make a note that here you will get free samples only if CovCare finds you genuine & eligible.

Ayurvedic Sleeping Tablets

Ayurvedic Sleeping Tablets

If you have a disturbed sleep then can try free (Rs 25 shipping) Ayurvedic Sleeping Tablets called Zzowin Nutra Tablets by Vedistry. It will help you get a good sleep. However, always consult your doctor before taking any medications. 

pH Kit Free Sample by Baby SebaMed

Calculating a baby's soap pH is essential as it has an impact on the baby’s skin. Grab pH Kit Free Sample by Baby SebaMed, simply by filling a small details form.

Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits Lamb Flavor Free Sample Product


The Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits contain calcium and proteins. These are suitable for dogs aged 4 months and above. It's chicken & milk flavour is a must-try! Grab your Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits Lamb Flavor Free Sample. You will be required to go through OTP authentication to get it.

Whiskas Tasty Mix (cat food) Free Sample

The Whiskas Tasty Mix for cats provides balanced nutrition, energy, and hydration help. It is made from fish, chicken, and vegetables. Here’s your Whiskas Tasty Mix Free Sample!

Pet Food Free Sample Product by Drools

Drools is a 35-year old animal nutrition company. It is best known for real chicken, digestible protein, zero by-products, and zero added hormones or antibiotics. You can grab a free sample of pet food for your dog or cat here.

Colgate Diabetics Toothpaste Free Sample Product

Colgate has made a special toothpaste for the oral health of diabetics called Colgate Diabetics. It is made ayurvedically (Madhunashini, Neem, Jamun, Amla), and targets anaerobic bacterial infections.

Grab the Colgate Diabetics Toothpaste Free Sample for yourself or any of your diabetic friends and family members. You will get this sign off message, “Thank You! Your Colgate Diabetics sample is on its way. Please check your email and SMS for further details”.

Shea Hand Cream Free Sample by Moro Cosmetics

This hand cream is naturally made with the scent of shea. It does not contain parabens and phthalates. The best part about this Shea Hand Cream Free Sample by Moro Cosmetics is that it softens hands.

Nestle LactoGrow Milk Drink Free Sample on Lybrate

Nestle LactoGrow Milk Drink is for kids. They help in the development of physique, immune system, brain, cognitive, and bone. The Nestle LactoGrow Milk Drink Free Sample is available on Lybrate. You need to pay ₹20 as shipping charges. However, you will get ₹30 cashback in Lybrate wallet.

Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit by Peta India

If you are looking to transform from non-vegetarian to vegetarian then the Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit by Peta India is the way to go! It contains recipes, health information, and more. Its “recipes for life” section is very helpful for vegan starters.

Polident Denture Fixative Cream Free Sample Product

This product is for people using partial or complete dentures. It prevents food from entering the part between gums and dentures. Also, it helps in keeping dentures intact. You can grab the Polident Denture Fixative Cream 20g free sample worth ₹315. Please consult your doctor before using this product.

Dhani Covid-19 Care Health Kit Free Sample

Dhani is providing a 1 month Covid-19 medicine course for 2 people worth ₹395 for ₹25 (shipping fee). It has benefits like boosting overall immunity, Reducing fever and body ache, Decreasing inflammation, Making proteins and DNA, and Strong bones. You can grab the latest Dhani Coupons here.

Zandu StriVeda Lactation Supplement Free Sample Product

This product is a Lactation Supplement for new mothers and those who struggle to produce required breast milk for their babies. It comes in 210 grams. The best part here is that it is naturally made and safe. Catch your Zandu StriVeda Lactation Supplement Free Sample Product now!

Adult Diapers/Bladder Control Pads/Skin Care Free Samples

Seni is providing Free Sample Products of Adult Diapers, Bladder Control Pads, or Skin Care products. These are for both men and women. Also, both adults and senior citizens can benefit from these products.

We hope you get all your required free sample products at the earliest! Please do not hesitate to share your views or any queries below

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