How to get Youtube Premium for Free | Tips & Hacks

Listed below are all the ways to get YouTube Premium free. We've also explained in detail each of these methods in step-by-step. So here’s all you need to know about how to use a YouTube Premium subscription for free

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Wouldn’t it be great to get the Youtube Premium Subscription for free with all the perks of YouTube Premium? We have compiled a list of all the tips and hacks you can use to get the YouTube Premium Subscription for free. YouTube Premium Subscription’s current price in India is Rs.129 per month and while that may seem like a low price for some, not everyone can afford to pay Rs.129 monthly cost to Youtube Premium for largely an ad-free experience and background play. So, if you don’t find it worth spending your money on YouTube Premium but still wish to use it, here are all the latest tips, tricks, and hacks to get Youtube Premium free.

How to get Youtube Premium for Free

Table of Contents:

  1. Basics of YouTube Premium: Price & Plans

  2. Use Youtube Premium Subscription Free (Basic trick) Free-Trial

  3. Get Youtube Premium Offer in the Flipkart Rewards zone using super coins

  4. Create your own Youtube Premium experience for free using adblockers & phone settings

  5. Check out Youtube Vanced

  6. Use a VPN to get YouTube Premium at a cheaper price (for users outside India)

  7. Share Youtube Referral and get a 1-month YouTube Premium free

Basics of YouTube Premium: Plans & Pricing

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription plan that offers users a more seamless experience with the YouTube app. Users can stream their favorite content ad-free, in the background or offline using the Youtube Premium subscription. Here are the complete details of the YouTube Premium plans, price, student plans, and family plans.

  • Youtube Premium Plans types: Individual plan, Student plan, family plan, annual plan

  • YouTube Premium Plans price:

Individual Plan price: Rs.139 per month

Student Plan price: Rs.79 per month

Family Plan price: Rs.189 per month

Annual Plan price: Rs.1290 per year

  • YouTube Premium free-trial offers:

1-Month free trial of YouTube Premium: on Student monthly plan, first-time subscribers

3-month free trial of YouTube Premium: For new users who have activated Google One account by December 2021 (United States) (live), for select new users in India (expired)

6-month free trial of YouTube Premium: Available in the Flipkart Rewards Store in exchange of 150 super coins

  • YouTube Premium Benefits:

  • Ad-free videos

  • Download videos and watch offline

  • Play videos in the background

List of All the Ways to Get YouTube Premium for Free

Now let's get to the interesting part. Sharing all the ways how you can get the YouTube Premium subscription for free. Be sure to check all the tips, tricks, and hacks we have compiled in this article.

Get YouTube Premium Free-Trial

YouTube Premium can be availed for free using its Free-trial offer for first-time subscribers of Youtube Premium. Using this trick, you can get a YouTube Premium subscription free for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. Under the free trial, users can get all the perks of the YouTube Premium membership and can also cancel their free-trial offer anytime before the trial period is over. Follow these steps to get the YouTube Premium free-trial offer:

  1. Open the updated YouTube app

  2. You’d get a pop-up of YouTube Premium

  3. If you don’t, head over to the account icon on the top-right side

  4. Click on it and scroll down to find “Get YouTube Premium”

  5. Click on it and scroll down to find YouTube Premium 1-month subscription offer with a free trial

  6. Add your card or payment details and sign up for the free trial

  7. If you use Paytm or another UPI app for the same, be sure to toggle off the “autopay option” in the Paytm app settings

Get YouTube Premium Free using Supercoins

Another easy way to get YouTube Premium for free for 3 months to 6 months is by using Flipkart Supercoins. If you have sufficient Supercoins balance in your Flipkart account, you can visit the Reward Store on Flipkart and avail yourself of the YouTube Premium offer. You’d need to have 70 Flipkart Supercoins to get 3 months of YouTube Premium free and 150 Supercoins for a free 6-month Youtube Premium subscription. Below are the steps to follow to avail of the offer:

  1. Open the updated Flipkart app

  2. Visit the Supercoins zone

  3. Visit the Rewards Store

  4. Find the Youtube Premium offer in the rewards store

  5. Get the Youtube Premium Free code in exchange for Supercoins

  6. To redeem the code, first, log in to your Google Account

  7. Choose the Google Account on which you wish to activate the Youtube Premium membership

  8. Next, visit the link in your web browser

  9. Enter the YouTube Premium Free code that you have received

  10. Redeem the code to start your membership

Use Adblocker & device settings

If, for any reason, other methods do not work for you, then the last option you have is to create your own YouTube Premium kind experience. By this method, you can get to experience YouTube Premium free forever. Though there are certain prerequisites. You will need to have a Mi phone, an adblocker (Adguard), or a web browser like Brave which blocks ads.

  1. Open the settings of your Mi phone

  2. Ensure you have an MIUI 12 or higher

  3. Go to settings >> Special Features

  4. Enable the “Video Toolbox” option

  5. Open YouTube app

  6. Swipe out the video toolbox

  7. You will now get the option to now play YouTube in the background

  8. Click on “Play in the Background”

  9. Coming to restricting or removing excessive ads, install an adblocker

  10. Or install an ad-blocking web browser such as Brave Browser

  11. Access YouTube through your web browser or mobile app

  12. Similar to YouTube Premium, you can now play YouTube videos & music in the background and also get little to no ads

Check the YouTube ReVanced app

Another popular way to get to use YouTube Premium for free is through YouTube Vanced. The Youtube Vanced app was first launched a few years ago. Though its popularity increased immensely in recent times. YouTube Vanced was a modded version of the YouTube app which provided users with YouTube Premium-like features for free. The app got banned recently by Google due to “legal reasons” and had to be removed.

A new version of the same has now come up called YouTube Revanced. Before you consider using this method there are a few important words of caution that we would like to share with you:

Important things to know before using the YouTube Revanced app:

  • YouTube Revanced comes in the grey legal area

  • Downloading APK files from untrusted sources can come with the risk of installing additional harmful files

  • Modded apps and APK files may also have attached risks of data privacy

  • Using the YouTube Revanced app currently is not completely illegal. However, Google may anytime terminate a user’s account if used against the terms and conditions.

How to download YouTube Revanced app and use YouTube Premium free?

  • Visit the YouTube Revanced website at -

  • Download the YouTube Revanced App from the website

  • Open the file in your preferred web browser

  • Go to your phone’s settings to “Allow to download files from unknown sources”

  • Download the Microg APK file

  • Open the downloaded APK file

Note that the steps may differ from rooted devices to non-rooted devices. I downloaded the YouTube Revanced app myself to check if YouTube Revanced is working or not.

After using it myself, I can confirm that YouTube Revanced is currently working as of April 2023.

This method is also shared by one of our dimers, @popeyemask here: Vanced Revanced YouTube

Use YouTube Referral and get 1 Month of YouTube Premium Free

One of the best legal ways to get YouTube Premium free is by referring the service to your friends and family. Upon referring the YouTube Premium subscription, you can get 1 month of YouTube Premium subscription for free and your referred friends and family members can get 3 months of YouTube Premium for free.

How to Refer YouTube Premium to get YouTube Premium for free:

  1. Open the YouTube app or open it in your web browser

  2. Visit your Profile or Account page

  3. Click on “Refer a Friend”

  4. Share your special referral link with your friends and family

  5. Upon successful referral, enjoy YouTube Premium 1-month subscription for free

  6. A user can get up to 10 YouTube Referral discounts post which the referral link won’t work

Thanks to @homedimer for first sharing this deal with us here: YouTube Premium 3 months subscription at Rs.10 with Referral

Use VPN to get YouTube Premium cheaper

This method may not get you YouTube Premium for free, but it can help you get the YouTube Premium service cheaper. Currently, YouTube Premium costs as high as $11.99 per month which equals to Rs.982 approximately in other countries like the US. Using a VPN can help users from such countries avail the YouTube Premium at a much cheaper cost. Though it is important to note that one can use this method only with a premium VPN that bypasses geo-blocks.

Here’s a list of reputable VPNs you can consider using:

Nord VPN

Atlas VPN

Surfshark VPN

How to use VPN to get YouTube Premium cheaper:

  • Signup for a premium VPN

  • Connect to a server where the YouTube Premium price is low such as Turkey, Argentina or India

  • Visit YouTube Premium and create an account

  • Get YouTube Premium at cheap

Using this method may go against the terms and conditions of YouTube so be sure to not use your primary account for the same.

So, this was all about sharing how you can get the YouTube Premium subscription for free. We have tried to share every possible way we could find to help users get the YT Premium for free. We hope this list helps you in some way.

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