Imagicaa Value Card offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 30% Food Discount, and more!

Get to know the unseen Imagicaa Value Card offers and How they are worth it for Entry Tickets, Food, and Paid Attractions at the Park for Family & Groups.

by FighterMan Updated: 03 Nov, 2022, 14:46 IST
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Imagicaa Value Cards are back. In this article we will go through the Imagicaa Value Card offers, How it is better than Imagicaa Online Booking Coupons, and how to buy & redeem them. If you are looking to visit Imagicaa and Save Good then this is for you!

What is an Imagicaa Value Card?

Imagicaa Value Card is a physical card that offers multiple benefits across Imagicaa theme park and Imagicaa water park. These include entry tickets, food, and paid attractions. Imagicaa Value Cards can be used on all days (except Tuesdays for theme park and Wednesdays for water park) and all festivals throughout the year.

Imagicaa Value Card Price

Imagicaa Value Card is priced at ₹1500. It promises 10X benefits worth ₹15,000 and comes with a 1 year validity.

Imagicaa Value Card offers List
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Entry Tickets (x3): There are 3 B1G1 free Imagicaa coupons available. Thus, if you buy 3 tickets, you get 3 more tickets free i.e. 50% discount.

  • upto 30% Discount on Food: You will get 5-6 food vouchers of ₹550 each at ₹350. These can be redeemed at restaurants inside Imagicaa.

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Paid Attractions (1 coupon each): These include Snow Park, Merchandise Voucher, House of Stars, Eyelusion, Glowmagica, and Projecto.

  • Coupons Booklet: Restaurant coupons (free soup, free cake, etc) and other theme & water park coupons (Shangrila Resort, Essel World, and more).

How is Imagicaa Value Card better than Imagicaa Online Booking offers?

Let’s take an example where a group of 6 visits Imagicaa Theme Park. If this group uses Imagicaa Value Card (Buy 3 Get 3 Free) then their ticket price comes out to ₹8700 (₹2400 per ticket + ₹1500 Value Card fee). On the other hand, if they go for online booking offers (currently 20% discount) then 1 ticket costs around ₹1750 so for 6 it goes to ₹10,500. Thus, Imagicaa Value Card saves ₹1800 plus gives 30% food discounts (20% on online booking) and paid activities B1G1 free. Moreover, it allows on-spot booking whereas online booking requires at least 1-day advance booking.

There are some drawbacks too. It comes with a strict 1 year validity. Then, if you are an odd-numbered group then 1 free ticket goes to waste. Couples looking to visit only once will save more on tickets via Imagicaa online booking offers comparatively. Thus, it is worth it for groups and frequent Imagicaa visitors.

How to Buy an Imagicaa Value Card?

Imagicaa Value Cards can be bought from any of Imagicaa’s partners. One of the official ones we have come across is Metro Couponz. You can buy online by filling the enquiry form and offline from campaigns held near stations, malls, and popular entertainment zones (they are heavily promoting!). It might seem like a scam, but don’t worry as we have verified it to be true😅 If you have come across any of these offline campaigns and looking to buy then we would recommend to buy from those sales executives because they earn from that only.

How to Redeem an Imagicaa Value Card?

Simply enter your Imagicaa Value Card or booklet number on the Imagicaa Partners Registration page. Now, visit Imagicaa and present the physical Imagicaa Value Card at the ticket counter to book tickets.

Note: Imagicaa Value Cards are non-refundable and offers are subject to change so check well before purchasing.

Would you buy the Imagicaa Value Card or go for online booking or direct on-spot booking? Please do share your valuable views!

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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Explain more for food discount, is this 30% allows all 6 members

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Explain more for food discount, is this 30% allows all 6 members

Upto 30% and allows all 6 members

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I have a smart card I want re fill tha card

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Can this be used on tuesday for water park

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