India’s 1st Water Taxi Service Starts Today in Mumbai : How to Book, Price, Routes, Timings, and more

This Water Taxi Service in Mumbai promises to cut down travel time from 1 hr 30 mins to 30 mins or even lesser. Checkout its Price, Booking Options, Routes, Timings, and more

by FighterMan Updated: 26 Apr, 2023, 19:49 IST
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India’s 1st Water Taxi Service will start today in Mumbai with inauguration scheduled for 17th February 2022, 12 pm. These water taxis will help commuters save around 1 hr of travel time. However, the prices are a bit on the higher side.

Water Taxi Service in Mumbai Booking

How to Book Water Taxis Service in Mumbai?

You can book water taxi tickets physically at the reservation centers or online via their operator’s official websites. Water taxis are available on a private and shared basis.

Note: Mumbai Water Taxi is currently accepting online enquiries only.

Water Taxi Service Price in Mumbai

The Water Taxi Price in Mumbai varies from ₹290-1210 (shared taxi) based on water taxi types and routes. Private water taxis will cost you upto ₹24,000 for a ride. You can also book a monthly pass for upto 50% discounts.



Water Taxi Type & Travel Time

Belapur to Bhaucha Dhakka (DCT)

₹825-1210 (one-way)

Speed Boat Water Taxi | 30 mins

Belapur to Bhaucha Dhakka (DCT)


Catamaran Water Taxi | 50 mins

Belapur to JNPT

₹825 (one-way)

Speed Boat Water Taxi | 20 mins

Belapur to Bhaucha Dhakka (DCT)

₹12,100 (Monthly Pass)

Speed Boat Water Taxi

Belapur to Elephanta

₹825 (return)

Speed Boat Water Taxi | 20 mins

Mumbai Water Taxi Routes

The water taxi takes you from South Mumbai to Vashi in around 40 minutes. You can take a water taxi from South Mumbai to Belapur, Vashi, and JNPT in Navi Mumbai and Mandwa.

  • Domestic Cruise Terminal (Ferry Wharf) -> Belapur, Nerul, Vashi, Khanderi islands, JNPT, Rewas, Karanjade, Dharamtar, and Airoli

  • International Cruise Terminal -> Elephanta

What is the Travel Time from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in Water Taxis?

If you travel from South Mumbai to Navi Mumbai via roadways then it takes an average of 1 hr 30 mins time, but with water taxis this time is cut down to 30-50 mins. Based on the route, it may also take just 15 mins.

Water Taxi Type

Travel Time

Speed Boat Water Taxi

30 mins

Catamaran Water Taxi

45-50 mins

Mumbai Water Taxi Timings & Frequency

The water taxis will be available for 330 days a year. Its timings are fixed from 8 am to 8 pm. Talking about frequency, there are 8 boats, 7 speed boats, and 1 catamaran boat as of now. A speed boat can carry 15-30 passengers while a catamaran can carry around 60 passengers.

Water Taxi FAQs

Q. What is a water taxi?

A. A water taxi is an on-demand taxi service which operates on waterways via boats/speed boats/catamaran. It operates in a similar way to buses, cabs, and auto rickshaws on roadways.

Q. What is the difference between a water taxi and ferry?

A. A ferry transfers passengers from one point to another on waterways at a particular time while a water taxi is an on-demand taxi service. Commuters can take water taxis to reach the ferries.

Q. Which countries have water taxis?

A. Water taxis are operational in many countries around the world. Some of the popular ones include Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, South Africa, England, USA, Canada, and France.

What do you think about Water Taxis? Will commuters adopt it to save time and shell out a bit more on the fare? Do share your valuable views below. Till then, you can grab these Cab offers for awesome travel savings!

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