Jio Cinema Paid Plans Prices leaked | Worth it? | JioVoot Merger

What are the Jio Cinema paid plans prices? Is JioCinema's paid subscription worth it? What is the JioVoot merger? All you need to know in this article!

by Vrushali.S Updated: 26 Apr, 2023, 13:09 IST
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Mr. Mukesh Ambani backed Viacom 18’s streaming and OTT platforms JioCinema and Voot are allegedly soon going to merge together to form a single OTT platform called JioVoot. What’s more interesting is JioCinema which was earlier speculated to soon shift from a completely free streaming service to a paid subscription has got a price and plans leak by a user on Reddit.

What are the Jio Cinema paid plans prices? Is JioCinema's paid subscription worth it? What is the JioVoot merger? All you need to know in this article!

Jio Cinema Paid Plans Prices | Worth it? | JioVoot Merger

The JioCinema paid subscription plans prices recently got leaked by a Reddit user who spotted the prices of the JioCinema paid plan supposedly due to some development appearance. The details are as follows:

JioCinema Premium Subscription Plan Prices (Alleged)

JioCinema Premium Subscription is most likely to be in the low to mid-range similar to Voot, Alt Balaji, or other similar OTT platform’s price range. The JioCinema subscription prices presented by the Reddit user present an interesting sight of what we could possibly expect to see from JioCinema.

JioCinema (JioVoot) Premium Subscription Plans Prices (Expected)

JioCinema membership plan

Original Price

Price after Discount



Gold Plan



2 Devices

3 Months

Daily Plan



2 Devices

One day

Platinum Plan



4 Devices

12 Months

Thanks to our dimer @ Pickachu_ for first sharing this news with us and our community here:

JioCinema (JioVoot) Premium Subscription Plans Leaked Starts From Rs.2

Is JioCinema Premium Subscription Worth it or Not?

If we consider the alleged details about the JioCinema Premium subscription, the plans seem to have been priced pretty attractively. The Rs.29 plan is probably the lowest priced and lowest validity OTT plan available currently if JioCinema confirms it. However, many users may have questions about JioCinema, whether JioCinema paid subscription is worth it or not.

JioCinema paid plan if arrives at the current alleged discounted prices we have shared, it can become an affordable OTT service to consider for many users. Recently JioCinema also announced to bring 100 upcoming movies on jioCinema starring some of the popular talents of the media industry such as Amitabh Bachchan, Kiara Advani, Shahrukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, and more.

The platform has also been streaming IPL 2023 Season for free on JioCinema

Notably, Viacom 18 has also purchased the rights to stream IPL from 2023 to 2027 which means IPL is most likely to stream on JioCinema or Voot in the said duration.

The USP of JioCinema is probably going to be the wide range of local content, movies, and TV shows that is going to be made available for Jio users. The president of Reliance Media had said that the OTT platform will focus more on bringing content in different regional languages including Marathi, and Hindi, Bengali & other languages as opposed to a lot of “Westernised” content available on other platforms.

Also upon the success of JioCinema and Voot merger, a lot more interesting and fresh content would be added to JioCinema’s existing content library.

On the other hand, Jio had also been receiving complaints from some of its existing IPL viewing audiences that the streaming quality of IPL lacks the high resolution that Jio promised. Additionally, many existing users of JioCinema aren’t happy with the ad-experienced and the buffering issue present on the platform.

Given, all of these factors, it is quite hard to tell if JioCinema paid subscription is really worth buying or not.

It is best to first wait and see the quality of the content library that JioCinema or JioVoot brings for its subscribers or the confirmed prices of the JioVoot Subscription that Jio announces.

JioCinema and Voot Merger (JioVoot)

JioCinema and Voot were said to be merging soon to become a single platform called JioVoot. However recent reports suggest that JioCinema and Voot merger may not happen anytime soon.

JioCinema which was so far a content aggregator service wants to step into the OTT and streaming space. As per a report published by Digital TV Europe, Reliance Jio has posted a modest Q4 growth as well as the IPL viewership record on the JioCinema app has reached the highest of 24 million users.

Whereas Voot which is an OTT streaming service from the same parent company that owns JioCinema, Viacom 18, had 1 million paid users on its platform in 2021. In an effort to reduce operating costs, a merger is said to occur. Though only time can tell if we really get to see a JioVoot merger.

So, this was all about sharing the alleged upcoming JioCinema premium plan prices, Jio Voot merger talks, and our thoughts on the JioCinema paid subscription.

Please share your thoughts with us below.

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