Latest iPad at Rs 45K & iPad Pro M2 at Rs 82K Launched by Apple With New 4K TV Set-Top Box

Apple has launched two new iPads, one is a budget level iPad for Rs 45K and the other is the iPad Pro with an M2 chip for Rs 82K. With these iPads, Apple also released its new 4K TV Set-Top Box.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 25 Oct, 2022, 09:10 IST
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Apple recently introduced two new members to its iPad series. These devices are the new low-priced iPad and the ultimate iPad Pro with the M2 chip. Along with the new iPads, the tech giant also launched its new 4K Apple TV Set-Top Box. For those who have been waiting to get the new iPad or for the older ones to get a price cut, this might be a good opportunity. Let’s take a look at all these three devices launched by Apple.

Who doesn’t love iPads? Android tablet manufac-, just kidding. Apple has always been famous for its MacBooks and its M series chipsets that provide the best-in-class experience. The same can be said for their iPad lineup that runs on the M1 processors. Those iPads were a class apart from what we saw so far. So what happens when Apple levels up its game? The brand has now launched its ultimate iPad Pro with the latest M2 chipset that made its way to MacBooks first.

Moreover, the entry-level iPad, priced at Rs 45K is an interesting offering too. Although it does not run on the M2 processor like the iPad Pro, it still manages to be a decent addition to the iPad family. Though, the new Apple TV 4K Set-Top Box is not that big of a surprise.

The Ultimate iPad Pro with M2 Chip Launched At ₹81,900

The latest member of the iPad Pro family will come in two sizes, 11-inches, and 12.9-inches. As discussed earlier, both these latest iPad Pro models will run on the M2 chipset.

Let’s see both these iPads’ specifications together:


iPad Pro M2 11-inch

iPad Pro M2 12.9-inch





2388 x 1668 pixels

2732 x 2048 pixels

ProMotion adaptive refresh rate



Peak Brightness

600 nits

1,600 nits

Base Model Price



So when you look at the specs of both these iPad Pro models, they do not seem to be that different from each other. But there definitely is a huge difference between the iPad Pro M2 and the previously launched iPad Pro M1, right? The most basic difference is their chipset, the M2 chip is a tad better than the M1. The iPad Pro M2 comes with a 12MP + 10MP camera setup at the back, while the front-facing camera is 12MP. It also has support for Face ID, which is usually not seen in other models such as iPad Air, iPad, and iPad Mini. You can know more about the iPad Pro M2 at Apple.

Latest Entry Level iPad for ₹44,900 in Many Different Colors

Unlike the super-expensive iPad Pro M2, Apple also launched a new, less costly iPad. It is powered by the A14 Bionic chip and sports a 10.9-inch display. Unlike the iPad Pro, this device has a Touch ID at the top.

The A14 Bionic chip is the same processor that is used in the iPhone 12 lineup. Although it is quite old, you do not have to worry about the performance of your iPad since the A14 Bionic chipset is capable enough to handle all the heavy and light tasks you toss at it. Apart from these things, there aren’t many things that can be highlighted about the latest iPad; it’s the same story all over again.

Here are the specifications of the latest iPad:


A14 Bionic

Touch ID


Face ID



20W (in the box)


2360 x 1640 pixels

Peak Brightness

500 nits

Rear Camera


Front Camera




These are the full specifications of the latest iPad with the A14 Bionic chip.

Apple TV 4K Set-Top Box Launched!

Now that we have talked about the newly released iPads, let’s see what this new Apple 4K TV Set-Top Box has to offer. The new set-top box runs on the A15 Bionic chip, the same powerful processor used on the iPhone 13 and even on the iPhone 14 for that matter. Also, it supports 4K picture quality, which means your viewing experience would now be better than ever with the Apple TV 4K set-top box. Frankly speaking, it is not so different from Apple’s previous set-top box. The only big changes are its processor and the 4K picture quality.

To know more, do check out the Apple TV 4K Set-Top Box at Apple.

Apple TV 4K Set-Top Box Price: ₹14,900.

This covers everything you need to know about the latest iPad, iPad Pro, and the 4K set-top box.

Do let us know what you think about the new iPads and set-top box launched by Apple. Do you think these devices met your expectations?  

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