LPG Cylinder with QR Code coming soon! (Launch date, Usage & more)

LPG Cylinders QR Code is a new initiative announced by the Union Minister, Mr.Hardeep Singh Puri. The general public can expect to soon start receiving LPG gas cylinders with QR code

by Vrushali.S Updated: 20 Nov, 2022, 07:30 IST
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Our Union Minister of Housing & Urban Affairs, Mr.Hardeep Singh said on Wednesday, 16th November, that LPG Gas Cylinders will come with QR codes welded on them. Existing LPG Cylinders will have the QR Codes pasted on them and the new LPG Cylinder QR Codes will be welded on them. This new step of bringing LPG Cylinders with QR Codes will not only help our government and the petroleum gas sector function better but it will also help us consumers receive a better quality of service.


LPG Cylinders to come with QR Code from when? Date & more details

This new upcoming innovation by our ministry of petroleum and gas is said to be coming sooner than we may think. As per reports, the government wants to finish this project and launch LPG Cylinders with QR Codes available for all in the next three months. In fact, in the first tranche, 20,000 LPG Cylinders with QR barcodes have already been released in the market.

While we may expect the government to bring new LPG gas cylinders with QR barcodes soon, we can also expect to soon get the QR code pasted on our existing LPG gas cylinders as well, as said by the union minister, Mr. Hardeep Singh during the LPG Week 2022 on Wednesday, 16th.

Why is the government bringing LPG Cylinders with QR Codes?

The 14.2 Kg LPG Gas Cylinder Price currently is Rs.1052. Needless to say, buying an LPG Gas cylinder in India is not cheap. Earlier the same LPG Gas Cylinder prices were as low as Rs.600 or lesser. In recent times though we have even seen the prices of LPG Gas cylinders shoot up to as high as Rs.1200 or more.

As gas is becoming costlier, unfair practices like fraud, adulteration, and black marketing are becoming more common. Many people have speculated about missing gas in their newly ordered LPG gas cylinders, some have speculated about unfair pricing of the LPG cylinders, while some of us have been speculating if the LPG Cylinders we order are even checked for safety purposes beforehand.

Hopefully now with the government’s new initiative of launching LPG Cylinders with QR codes, consumers would finally be able to solve most or at least some of these problems.

Below we have tried to mention in a bit more detail how the new LPG Cylinders with QR codes will help us consumers and how we would be using them.

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QR Codes on LPG Cylinder usage & benefits to consumers & government?

LPG Cylinders with QR Barcodes have the potential to help not just the government but us consumers as well in some significant ways. Below are some of the ways consumers would be able to use the LPG gas cylinders with QR codes and benefit from

  • QR codes on Gas Cylinders will help the government and consumers solve issues related to gas pilferage and tracking

  • QR codes will provide information on how many times the LPG cylinder has been refilled, from where, and who is the distributor

  • With LPG Cylinder QR codes, consumers will also be able to check how and if the safety test of their gas cylinder has been done

  • With the incorporation of QR Codes on LPG Cylinders, it will help the government better track them and reduce gas cylinders theft

  • Gas cylinder QR codes when activated will help government solve issues related to inventory management

Additionally, it is also said that with the new innovation of QR codes on LPG gas cylinders, no one would be able to use domestic LPG gas cylinders for commercial purposes, as the QR code would contain information about who the dealer is.

How to scan the QR Code on LPG Gas Cylinder?

To scan the QR Code on your LPG gas cylinder, you would most likely need to scan the QR Code through the IndianOil ONE app. Once you scan the LPG cylinder QR barcode, you would get a new window on your screen that would display all the information about your LPG Gas Cylinder. Below is an image of how the information would likely look after you scan the QR Code on your LPG cylinder.

How to scan the QR Code on LPG

A screenshot of how the information about your LPG cylinder would be displayed after you scan the QR code on it

Image Credits: NDTV 


FAQ on LPG Cylinders QR Code & more 

1. From when domestic LPG Cylinders will come with QR Codes? Launch date?

The government is planning to launch new LPG gas cylinders with QR Codes in the next 3 months. We can expect to start receiving LPG cylinders with QR Codes by January or February 2023

2. How to scan the QR code on the LPG cylinder?

To scan the QR code, you'd most likely need to download the Indian Oil ONE app. Note that as of now, the app was last updated on 1 November 2022. This announcement has taken place on 16th November. So the app may need a new update to allow consumers to scan the QR code on their domestic LPG gas cylinder.

Well, what happens next and how exactly we would be able to use the QR codes on LPG cylinders is a question that we can only answer once we receive some information. For now, this is all that we know so far about the LPG Cylinders with QR Codes launch initiative by the union minister of the country’s petroleum and gas, Mr.Hardeep Singh.

What are your thoughts on this? Please do share your valuable opinions below on what you think about this new initiative.

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