Men’s Jeans (Denim) Buying Guide India 2022

Types of Men's Jeans Fit, Washes, Rises, and much more in this Men’s Denim Jeans Denim Buying Guide for India in 2022. Also, get to know the Best Men's Jeans Brands.

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Denim is the most popular and ever-versatile bottom styling option for men and women. Today there are many types of jeans to choose from along with a plethora of brands. We are gonna talk about Men’s Jeans in this article. The Men’s Jeans Buying Guide for India in 2022 will take you through all the important aspects to consider before purchasing the Best Jeans ideal for an individual. Also, you will get to know styling options and the Best Men’s Jeans Brands in India.

Men’s Jeans (Denim) Buying Guide India 2022

Here is a simple yet informative Men’s Jeans (Denim) Buying Guide for India in 2022. We hope it helps you make an informed decision well.

Types of Men's Jeans Fit
Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans are tight at the knees and calves while slightly loosened up at the ankle and thighs. Nowadays, there are stretchable slim fit jeans for added comfort. These offer the perfect fitted look to men's.

Ideal for - Slim body and legs

Best paired with - Slim fit shirt and sneakers

Best slim fit jeans brands in India - Tommy Hilfiger | Spykar | Wrangler

Skin Fit Jeans

Skin Fit Jeans are the tightest fit you can get. Thus, it makes your legs look taller. If you wear jeans for longer periods of time then it's better to avoid this one for sweating issues. Myntra is popular for men’s skin fit jeans in India.

Ideal for - Skinny (ultra-slim) body and legs

Best paired with - Plain loose t-shirt and loafers

Best skin fit jeans brands in India - Levi’s | Wrangler | Pepe Jeans

Regular/Straight Fit Jeans

Regular or Straight Fit Jeans are the most comfortable compared to slim-fit and skinny jeans because they are neither too tight nor too loose. These are simply built yet give the classic denim look every time. It has a similar size throughout i.e. from thighs to ankle.

Ideal for - Medium-sized body and legs

Best paired with - Casual shirt/t-shirt and sports shoes

Best regular/straight fit jeans brands in India - Armani Jeans | Flying Machine | Jack & Jones

Tapered Fit Jeans

Tapered Fit Jeans are somewhere between slim-fit and skin-fit jeans. These are narrowed down from top to bottom i.e. from thighs to ankle. Thus, you feel light on the thighs. Men who love rolled bottoms will enjoy wearing this type of jeans.

Ideal for - Men wanting to experiment in slim-fit/skinny jeans space

Best paired with - Any t-shirt type and white sneakers

Best tapered fit jeans brands in India - Gucci | Diesel | Lee

Jogger Fit Jeans<em>UL1500</em>.jpg?1644903907

Jogger Fit Jeans come with ribbed bottoms and waistline for an elastic-like comfort while exercising or just flexing muscles. These are popular among celebrities in India.

Ideal for - Gymming/Exercising

Best paired with - Hoodie/Sweatshirt

Best jogger fit jeans brands in India - GAP | U.S. Polo Assn | United Colors of Benetton

Loose Fit Jeans

Loose Fit Jeans are a kind of baggy jeans. In this, the room between the hips and thighs is ample, helping the body to breathe well. Heavy body people go for this fit because of the best of comfort.

Ideal for - Men with large waist and bones

Best paired with - Hoodie/Bomber Jacket

Best loose fit jeans brands in India - American Eagle | Buffalo | Superdry

Types of Men's Jeans Washes

There are 2 types of jeans: washed and unwashed. Every pair of jeans is coloured with dark and light dye shades. After this, if it is washed/processed to remove the excess dye colour then it comes under washed jeans. In India, you will mostly find washed jeans. Let’s have a look at the different Types of Jeans Washes.

Acid Wash Jeans

Acid Wash Jeans are partially bleached with chlorine and pumice stones. They have an extremely dark and extreme light texture throughout. Currently, it is not in fashion in India but once had a huge range.

Dirty Wash Jeans

Dirty Wash Jeans are made by mixing blue with yellow and brown tints. This gives it a wear & tear type of look. People in India call it “fata hua jeans” in a funny way, but these are extremely popular among youth.

Stone Wash Jeans

As the name suggests, stones are used to achieve the texture in Stone Wash Jeans. Different manufacturers have a variety of ways to use this process. Also, various types of stones are used to achieve different shades and styles. These are the highly manufactured jeans in India. Most of the jeans you come across are stonewashed jeans.

Ice Wash Jeans<em>UX569</em>.jpg?1644904155

Ice Washed Jeans are processed with light dye shades. Thus has a light texture and is best suitable for summers. You will find light blue denim with this type of wash. These are best paired with a dark/medium-dark shirt/t-shirt and shoes/flip-flops.

Vintage Wash Jeans

Vintage Wash Jeans will take you back to your old days. These give a rustic and rugged look. Men who want to revive this classic look can go for it.

Types of Men's Jeans Rises/Waists

Jeans Rises is based on the length between the crotch and waist.

Low Rise Jeans / Low Waist Jeans

Low Waist Jeans have the smallest length between the crotch and waist. Its button closes well below your belly, and thus has a tight fit around the stomach.

Mid Rise/Standard Jeans

Here, the length between crotch and waist is more compared to low rise jeans so is the best option for most mens in terms of comfort and convenience. The jeans button is near the navel in this type.

High Rise Jeans

High Rise Jeans are best for large boned men because it has good enough length between crotch and waist. Thus they are well above the hips. People in the 70s and 80s used to wear these types of jeans. These are at least 3 inches above the navel.

Now, let’s have a look at some other important things to look out for in men’s jeans.

Men's Jeans Buttons

There are 2 types of jeans here: button flies jeans and button fly zipper jeans. The button fly ones are dependent only on buttons while the zipper one has an overlaid zipper. Indian men usually prefer the latter one.

Back Pockets of Men's Jeans

The Back Pockets of Jeans are necessary to check as this is the part where branding is done so make sure the stitching is in place.

Stitching of Men's Jeans

The stitching of jeans plays a crucial role in determining their long-lastness. If there are unattended threads then make sure they are not connected else will lead to wear-and-tear soon. Also, excess stitching may lead to overexposure.

Thread Color on Men's Jeans

Thread colours in jeans determine how they look for aesthetics. Often, dark or light threads might spoil the look so check whether they match the entire jeans or not.

You can also have a look at the Top 10 Best Men's Jeans Brands in India 2022. Also, please do share your valuable views below to contribute to the community!

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