Myntra FWD Launched: all you need to know!

Myntra Fashion Forward is a New Section dedicated specially to Youngsters. It hosts Gen-Z Styles and Brands, and will keep on expanding ahead.

by FighterMan Updated: 02 May, 2023, 14:04 IST
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Myntra has launched a new segment called Myntra Fashion Forward or Myntra FWD. It is specially intended for youngsters under 25 years of age. The reason for Myntra FWD is the company’s realization when it saw 86 Lakh users from this age group in 2022!

myntra fwd

Myntra CEO Nandita Sinha said :-

“As we build for many Indians, Gen-Z is an important cohort that we continue to take deep interest in. Their individualistic sense of style, diverse points of view and core values reflect in their unique fashion choices and is steadily impacting the way fashion is being consumed at a global-level”

Myntra FWD has 65,000 style options from 500+ brands (H&M, Trendyol, bebe, Tokyo Talkies, Sassafras, Hersheinbox, Street 9, Athena, Bonkers Corner, Roadster, Sangria, Boohoo). It will reach 1 Lakh style options by the end of 2023, as per the company. On the Myntra app, Myntra FWD is at the bottom section of the homepage. Save on this new section via Myntra Coupons!

Many Indian e-commerce companies are eyeing this age group as they spend the highest at around $360 Billion.

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