Netflix Subscription Offers for 2022 – All you need to know!

Netflix free subscription plans, prices, offers, benefits, and everything else you need to know.

by Akansha_B Updated: 23 Jun, 2022, 19:25 IST
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Netflix is one of the world's largest OTT services, with millions of consumers watching a Netflix series every second. Stranger Things Season 4 is a notable example of this, with over 286.79 million hours over the three-day window making it the biggest premiere weekend ever for an English language TV show on Netflix.

In India, Netflix provides a choice of monthly membership rates starting at Rs 149. The cost of Netflix plans remains the same across the country, whether in Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad. The subscription is also offered in connection with certain bundled telecom or DTH recharge packs.

About Netflix

Netflix's early business plan was DVD sales and rentals, but Hastings abandoned DVD sales approximately a year after Netflix's inception to focus on the DVD rental by mail. Netflix extended its operations to streaming material in 2007 while keeping the DVD and Blu-ray rental service. Netflix launched in India in January 2016 with a plethora of original movies and television series as its unique selling point.

Initially, Netflix lacked India-focused or localized material, but the business has invested in producing more original and customized programming. Without a question, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in India, but it has yet to achieve the market penetration that its founders anticipated.

Netflix lowered its prices in India in December of last year in order to make its services more affordable to a wider range of customers. Furthermore, the firm has collaborated with Jio and Airtel to provide bundle subscription deals.

Netflix now provides a choice of options to suit your budget. So, we've compiled a list of membership plans that are currently available so you may choose the best one for you. The video quality and the number of screens you may watch Netflix on at the same time are determined by the package you pick.

Netflix yearly and monthly plans – Price in India, benefits
1. Netflix Mobile plan

The Netflix Mobile plan costs Rs 149. It's for those who enjoy watching TV and movies on their smartphones. This Netflix service would set you back Rs 1,788 per year. This Netflix bundle includes standard definition video on Android phones and iPhones/iPads, with just one active screen at a time and downloads on a single device.

2. Netflix Basic plan

Aside from the Mobile plan, Netflix also has a 'Basic' plan for Rs 199 per month/ Rs 2,388 per year. The plan has many of the same perks as Netflix Mobile, but you can watch video on additional devices, such as laptops and smart TVs. Only one device will be able to have several active displays and downloads.

3. Netflix Standard plan

If you want to watch Netflix with your friends or family and have more than one screen limit, the 'Netflix Standard plan should be a decent choice. The package costs Rs 499 per month (Rs 5,988 per year) for Full HD (1,080p) content with a two-screen maximum. The Netflix bundle also allows for simultaneous offline downloading on two devices.

4. Netflix Premium plan

The most expensive Netflix subscription option is called 'Premium,' and it costs Rs 649 per month (Rs 7,788 per year). The package is suitable for a family of four or a group of friends wishing to purchase a Netflix membership together. The subscription includes compatibility for FHD and Ultra HD content. Notably, you can simultaneously view and download TV episodes and movies on up to four devices.

In India, the following Netflix monthly and annual subscriptions and packages are available -







1 screen/ SD content

Rs 149

Rs 1,788


1 screen/ SD content

Rs 199

Rs 2,388


2 screens/ FHD content

Rs 499

Rs 5,988


4 screens/ UHD content

Rs 649

Rs 7,788

There are currently no Netflix annual membership plans available in India. You can only subscribe to the streaming platform's monthly membership options on a month-to-month basis throughout the year.

Netflix free subscription plans offered on Postpaid – Recharge
1. Jio Post-paid Plus

Jio includes a Netflix subscription with practically all of its post-paid plans, regardless of price. In India, Jio provides Post-paid Plus plans for Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 799, Rs 999, and Rs 1499. All of these Jio post-paid plans include complimentary memberships to Netflix's mobile-only package, which costs Rs 149 per month if purchased individually.

Here are all the Plans and their details –

Jio Netflix free subscription plans


Data (Rs 10/GB thereafter)

SMS / Calling

Family Plan Additional SIM Cards

Rs 399

Bill Cycle

75 GB Data

100/day Unlimited calling


Rs 599

Bill Cycle

100 GB Data

100/day Unlimited calling


Rs 799

Bill Cycle

150 GB Data

100/day Unlimited calling


Rs 999

Bill Cycle

200 GB Data

100/day Unlimited calling


Rs 1499

Bill Cycle

300 GB Data

100/day Unlimited calling


2. Vi Post-paid

Netflix is only available to Vi users on the higher-tier RED X plan, which costs Rs 1099 per month. This package, however, allows you access to the basic Netflix service, which costs Rs 499 per month for the first year. With this package, you can stream Netflix in FHD on your phone, laptop, and even your TV.

Here are the Vi post-paid plans for free Netflix Subscription –    

Vi Netflix free subscription plans

Data (Rs 10/GB thereafter)

SMS / Calling


Rs 1099

Unlimited Data

100/day Unlimited calling


Rs 1699

Unlimited Data

100/day Unlimited calling


Rs 2299

Unlimited Data

100/day Unlimited calling


3. Jio Fiber

If you use Jio Fiber as your broadband provider, you can also obtain a complimentary Netflix membership. The Netflix free subscription is available with monthly Jio Fiber plans to start at Rs 1,499, Rs 2,499, Rs 3,999, and Rs 8,499, respectively. The Rs 1,499 bundle provides free access to Netflix Basic, while the Rs 2,499 and Rs 3,999 subscriptions upgrade this to Netflix Standard. The Rs 8,499 bundle includes access to a Netflix Premium account.

4. Tata Play

Netflix subscriptions are also accessible through Tata Play previously Tata Sky Binge's Combo Netflix package. The rates range from Rs 849 per month to Rs 1,249 per month. Tata Play Binge Combo Netflix bundles include both TV channels and the streaming service.

Netflix - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q1. How much does Netflix's mobile subscription cost?

A. Netflix mobile starts from Rs 149 and Rs 199 per month. You can visit the Netflix store page for more details about the offer.

Q2. How can I get a discount on Netflix?

A. Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer any official discounts.

Q3. Is Netflix free with Jio?

A. Jio is offering Netflix subscriptions to its JioFiber customers on select plans at no extra cost.

Q4. Is Netflix free with Airtel?

A. Netflix is offering its basic and standard subscription bundled with the Airtel Post-paid Family Plan.

Q5. Can I use the 199 Netflix plan on TV?

A. The basic subscription, which costs Rs 199 per month, has a 480p resolution limit, although it can be used on both a computer and a television. The device limit, however, remains one at a time. 

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At a time of 4k and 8k Netflix is charging to use 480p 

And  are wondering why users are leaving their service 😪

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Mai free me download kar k sab dekhta Netflix, Amazon prime video, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu, HBO etc ka series.

H264 (720p) and H264 (1080p) me download karta hu, highly compressed video, approx under 100MB me he aa jata ha pura approx 1 hour ka ek ek episode ka series. 😀

Pata nahi log paise kyun barbad karte ha yeh sab me. 😜

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This 480p thing is a bummer

Should have been 249/- and 720p atleast

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Netflix should give Full HD plan in 199. Lot of people will subscribe
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netflix is idiot… they need to change there strategy…. highly overpriced, they need to start BULK Game with cheaper subscription…. don’t underestimate India’s Population damit

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Just fyi… M using jio postpaid 750 plan ( 1 family sim free)… They gave 150rs netflx mobile. I upgraded to basic 199 plan.. Billing main 50 zyada zikhayega… Over all they charge 200 fir ott platforms and baaki mobil bill.

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Subscription available for rs 100 per month for 4K with the hackers. I am using 1 account for last 3 years.

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Please let me know who shall I contact?
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I'm only paying around 350rs for 4k since 1 year. I used other country location with my cc. Since then continuing like that
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Can you explain a little, how you did that? VPN?

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