Noise Luna Smart Ring Price, Features & Launch Date in India

Find below the complete details we know so far about the Noise Luna Smart Ring Features, Price, and Launch Date in India.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 28 Jul, 2023, 12:54 IST
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Noise has launched its Noise Smart Ring in India with a Luna Priority Access Pass. The Noise Luna Ring price is not yet announced. However, Noise has launched the Luna Ring Priority Pass which costs Rs.2000 and comes with certain discounts and early access benefits which we will discuss in this article. If you remember, a few days ago, boAt also announced its boAt Smart Ring in India and at that time Noise had revealed the teaser of its upcoming Luna Smart Ring.

Find below the complete details we know so far about the Noise Luna Smart Ring Features, Price, and Launch Date in India.

Noise Luna Smart Ring Price, Features & Launch Date in India

Noise Luna Ring

Noise Luna Ring in India is launching sooner than we thought. The brand reported a staggering 100% YOY growth in 2023 and saw its revenue exceed Rs.2000 crore. Noise’s long-time competitor boAt took the leap to be the first to bring an advanced health-fitness tracking smart ring to India.

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Noise seems to have now swiftly entered the race to claim the crown of being the first in the market by already launching its Noise Luna Ring Priority Pass that gives customers special discounts for buying Luna Ring. More on that later.

Noise Luna Smart Ring Launch Date in India

The Noise Luna Ring launch date is not revealed yet. However speaking upon the same, Noise said “Ordering window will open soon. Stay tuned”

So we can expect Noise to bring its Luna Ring to India soon. Our guess is within a week or month’s time, we would likely get to see the Noise Luna Ring launched in India.

boAt too has not revealed the launch date of boAt Smart Ring yet. However, as per reports it is confirmed that the smart ring would be launched on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

We can expect Noise to do something similar for its Noise Luna Ring launch in India.

Noise Luna Ring Price in India (Expected)

The Noise Luna Ring price is not revealed yet. Given, Noise has been known to bring affordable wearables in the Indian market, we can expect the Noise Luna Smart Ring price to be in the affordable range somewhere Rs.10,000 range.

The reason why we think the Noise Luna ring price may cost slightly more is that the brand claims to have used a fighter-jet grade titanium body and diamond-like coating for scratch and corrosion resistance. boAt on the other hand said to have used a ceramic metal body which is slightly cheaper than titanium.

We will be sure to update this article once Noise launches its Noise Smart Ring in India and also share with you the best buying link.

Tip: While the Noise Luna Ring priority pass gives you some special discount, be sure to also check and use Noise Coupon Codes & Promo Codes to get the best deal

Noise Luna Ring Features

Key Features of Luna Ring by Noise

Specification Details


Advanced Scores

  • Infrared photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors

  • skin temperature sensors

  • 3-axis accelerometer

To measure physiological signals accurately, such as heart rate, HRV, sleep patterns, movements, and other bio-data

Sleep Score

(expected features)

  • Total Sleep per Night

  • REM Sleep

  • Deep Sleep

To measure sleep quality

Readiness Score

(expected features)

  • Body Temperature

  • Resting Heart Rate

  • Sleep Balance

  • Heart Rate Variability

  • Respiratory Rate

Gives you an overall Readiness Score of your health

Activity Score

  • Inactivity levels

  • Activity levels

  • Recovery Index

Decoded through 3-axis motion sensors. Helps you monitor your lifestyle

Body Temperature Score

Measures body temperature influenced by diet, exercise, physiological states, and hormones every 5 minutes.

To identify changes in health, stress levels or potential illness

Core Health Score

  • SPO2 Levels

  • Heart Rate

To assess overall health

Noise Luna Smart Ring Priority Pass Benefits
  • Get ₹3000 off on the purchase of Luna Ring

  • Get priority shipping and delivery for the sizing kit and Luna Ring.

  • Get free liquid and physical damage cover for Luna ring worth ₹2000.

  • Get a flat ₹2,000 discount on Noise i1 Smart Glass

  • Get additional bank offers

  • Get exclusive offers from select premium brands

How to Buy Noise Luna Ring Using Priority Access Pass
  • Visit the Noise website at

  • Visit the Luna Ring page from the menu

  • Click on “Get Priority Pass”

  • Complete details such as an address, name, email ID

  • Complete the payment of Rs.2000

  • After purchasing the priority access pass, you will receive a unique access code on your registered email ID

  • Redeem the code during the ordering window for Luna Ring

  • The code is valid for 3 weeks after the ordering window for Luna Ring opens and the pass is not refundable (but is transferable)

So this was all about sharing the Noise Luna Smart Ring launch in India, its price details and features, and what we know so far.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming Noise Luna Ring? Do share with us in the comments below.

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