One UI 6.1 Update List Samsung (Eligible Devices): Galaxy AI is here!

Checkout if your Samsung Mobile/Tablet is in the One UI 6.1 Update List to experience the all-new Galaxy AI power-packed with Interpreter, Generative Edit, Circle to Search with Google, and much more AI!

by FighterMan Updated: 06 Apr, 2024, 16:13 IST
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Samsung announced last month that it will bring the new One UI 6.1 Update with Galaxy AI soon. Well, it has now officially rolled out to some Galaxy mobiles and tablets as mentioned in the Samsung One UI 6.1 Update List below. The Galaxy AI was launched in the recent S24 Series, and is now getting to other Samsung gadgets. It has a hybrid approach that combines on-device and cloud-based AI to elevate mobile AI experience in many useful ways. Check if your phone is in the list of One UI 6.1 eligible devices or not!

One UI 6.1 Update List Samsung: Galaxy AI is here!

TM Roh (President and Head of Mobile experience Business at Samsung Electronics) said:-

“Our goal with Galaxy AI is not only to pioneer a new era of mobile AI, but also to empower users by making AI more accessible. This is only the beginning of Galaxy AI, as we plan to bring the experience to over 100 million Galaxy users within 2024 and continue to innovate ways to harness the unlimited possibilities of mobile AI.”
One UI 6.1 Update List Samsung: Check Eligible Devices

Below is the One UI 6.1 Update List of eligible Samsung mobiles and tablets. However, Some AI features from the Galaxy S24 series may not be available to previous generation models.

  • Galaxy S23

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra

  • Galaxy S23 Plus

  • S23 FE

  • Z Fold5

  • Z Flip5

  • Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

  • Galaxy Tab S9 Plus

  • Galaxy Tab S9 (wifi)

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One UI 6.1 Release Date in India

Samsung has rolled out its new One UI 6.1 Galaxy AI update today (28 March 2024). The company will start the proceedings from South Korea followed by the US and China. Thus, expect a week delay for One UI 6.1 to reach India. 

One UI 6.1 Features (Galaxy AI)

One UI 6.1 Features (Galaxy AI)

The One UI 6.1 Galaxy AI Update excels in Interpreter, Generative Edit, Circle to Search with Google, and Instant Slo-Mo. Other features are also good but will improve as AI goes further in time.

  • Chat Assist: adjust message tone and translate messages in 13 different languages

  • Live Translate: real-time voice and text translations for phone calls

  • Interpreter: spontaneous conversations with locals while traveling via the split-screen feature which generates text translations for live conversations

  • Circle to Search with Google: generates intuitive search results with a swift circle-motioned gesture

  • Note Assist: create formats, generate summaries and translate notes

  • Browsing Assist: generates comprehensive summaries of news articles faster

  • Transcript Assist: transcribe meeting recordings and generate summaries and translations

  • Generative Edit: easily resize, reposition, or realign objects in photos to perfect a great shot

  • Edit Suggestion: polish any photo faster and easier than ever

  • Instant Slo-Mo: generates additional frames for slow-motion videos to capture action-packed moments

One UI 6.1 S23 Ultra

The Samsung S23 Ultra is the 1st one to get the One UI 6.1 update. It is also expected to get the April 2024 security patch. The Galaxy AI update will transform S23 Ultra on how you use its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 200MP wide-angle camera, 120Hz refresh rate, and many other features.

One UI 6.1 S22

Galaxy S22 series is not part of the One UI 6.1 Update list. However, Galaxy S23FE which is part of the list is powered by the same chip that made its debut on the Galaxy S22 series. Thus, the Galaxy AI might come to the 2 year old S22 soon. Also, many Samsung insiders have confirmed it.

One UI 6.1 Download

If your Samsung mobile/tablet is in the One UI 6.1 Update List of 28 March then you will be able to download it. Your device will automatically notify you about the update. Manually, you can check it in Settings under ‘System Update’.

If your Samsung mobile/tablet is not in the One UI 6.1 update list then not to worry as the company promises to cover all its gadgets with Galaxy AI this year.


1. What is the latest version of Samsung One UI?

One UI 6.1 is the latest version of Samsung One UI. It was launched in January 2024 with the new Galaxy S24 Series of Mobiles.

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Even devices as old as S21 FE are supposed to get Android update till Android 15, so they will definitely get 6.1 or even more, but maybe AI features won't be present deliberately else what factor (read AI jumla) will push people to upgrade to newer generations lol

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F34 and m34 is also on list

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Does ,secure folder upi verification issue fixed in this update?

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Upgraded successfully to one ui 6.1 for my samsung tab s9 ultra. Generative ai is interesting.
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