OnePlus 11 Pro Launch Date in India: Releasing on 7 February, Specifications & More

The OnePlus 11 smartphones is going to launch in India on 7 February 2023. Here are the specifications, prices, and other information about the 11th lineup of OnePlus smartphones.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 21 Dec, 2022, 18:03 IST
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OnePlus, in an upcoming event in 2023, would launch the OnePlus 11 smartphone in China and then globally too. We will get to see the OnePlus 11 launch in India on 7 February 2023 in Delhi. The brand is rumored to launch just a single phone in the OnePlus 11 series this time. With this change in strategy, we can expect this phone to be really different than its predecessors, the OnePlus 10 and 9 series. I'm looking forward to the OnePlus 11 launch in India, are you?

The OnePlus 11 launch is closer than you think. Oppo’s sub-brand is expected to soon launch its OnePlus 11 series in China. If we look at the launch dates of the previous OnePlus main lineup, we would get to see the OnePlus 11 around the first quarter of 2023. This smartphone would come with the upcoming flagship processor, Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2. Let’s talk about all the specifications and prices of the OnePlus 11 in India. 

OnePlus 11 Launching in India on 7 February 2023

The OnePlus 11 is going to be one of the biggest launches of 2023 since OnePlus is the closest brand to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s S series. Thus, we can expect flagship performance, display, and overall experience from the OnePlus 11 mobile phone. Though people would have doubts about the camera setup and the ColorOS-like Oxygen OS. Oh and before moving on, why don’t you check our article on the best Android UI to get a better understanding of both these user interfaces?

OnePlus is one of those brands that are talked about the most in India, especially among youngsters who prefer the blazing-fast performance that OnePlus is known for. Although the craze for OnePlus has not been that great with the OnePlus 9 and 10 series, the Indian smartphone market expects a lot from this ‘has been’ flagship killer brand. Ever since Oppo started working with OnePlus, their smartphones have become more Oppo-ish. This one thing, for sure, is hated by many OnePlus fans too.

OnePlus 11 Series Launch Date: When Will the OnePlus 11 be Released in India?

Just a few days ago, OnePlus teased the OnePlus 11 in its 9th Year Anniversary Video. With the teaser, we can expect the brand to launch the OnePlus 11 very soon in China and then in India too. All leaks and experts suggest that the OnePlus 11 will be launched in India on the 7th of February 2023.

OnePlus smartphones are known for their best performance in the budget that they are launched in. Even if we consider the few drawbacks that OnePlus smartphones come with like their camera setups and changed UI, these phones are still appealing enough to the masses.

So if everything goes fine, the brand would launch the OnePlus 11 in the first quarter of 2023. Thus, this smartphone may make its way to the list of the best smartphones of the coming year.

OnePlus 11 Full Specifications: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Hasselblad Tuned Cameras & More

Although the official specifications of this smartphone aren’t available just yet, we have gathered some leaks from various sources and put together a handful of specifications of the OnePlus 11:


Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2


Android 13


Oxygen OS 13



Display Type


Display Refresh Rate

120 Hz


50 MP + 48 MP + 32 MP (Tuned by Hasselblad)


5000 mAh


100W Fast Charger

These specifications are the bare minimum requirements that the OnePlus 11 would definitely meet. Moreover, with the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2 chipset, we can expect even better performance, camera results, and battery life from the latest upcoming OnePlus mobile phone. 

OnePlus 11 Price in India

Earlier this year in April, we saw the OnePlus 10 Pro launch and the smartphone is now available for a price of Rs 62,000. So, we may expect the OnePlus 11 to be priced around the same price range. For that price, the OnePlus 11 would be quite affordable and appealing, wouldn’t it? Without a doubt, the phone would target the market that looks for better performance in a smartphone. But if OnePlus manages to improve its camera to the market standards, the OnePlus 11 can prove to be the greatest hit for the company. 

This is all about the OnePlus 11 launch in India and China. We would make sure to update the post if we receive any further news. So, make sure to ask all of your questions in the comments section. Also, are you excited about the OP 11 launch?

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