Paytm IPO GMP Today, Share Price, Dates, Review, and more : Subscribe or Not?

Check One97 Communications IPO GMP and get to know Paytm IPO Price, Dates, Review, and whether you should subscribe to this IPO or give it a skip.

by FighterMan Updated: 10 Apr, 2022, 03:40 IST
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The long awaited IPO of the year is now ready to launch. We are talking about the digital payments & services sensation Paytm IPO. Paytm under One97 Communications Limited will launch its Rs 18,300 Crore IPO soon. It is India’s biggest IPO till date surpassing Coal India’s Rs 15,475 crore IPO way back in 2010.

This One97 Communications IPO is valued at $20 Billion which is huge. It is backed up by founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma and stakeholders in Ant Financials, Alibaba, Elevation Capital, SAIF III Mauritius Company, and Saif Partners. The company came into existence in 2000, but got into limelight in 2010 via Paytm.

Morgan Stanley India, Goldman Sachs (India) Securities, Axis Capital, ICICI Securities, J.P. Morgan India, Citigroup Global Markets India , and HDFC Bank will manage this IPO. Besides, Link Intime India is the official registrar.

paytm ipo
Paytm IPO Details

Issue Size

Rs 18,300 crores

Fresh Issue

Rs 8,300 crores


Rs 10,000 crores

Retail quota


NII quota


QIB quota


Paytm IPO Dates (tentative)

Check the Paytm IPO Dates and complete time table here. Make a note that these are tentative dates. Also, Nykaa IPO and Fino Payments Bank IPO are now live so you can check them out.

Paytm IPO Open Date

8th November, Monday

Paytm IPO Close Date

10th November, Wednesday


16th November, Tuesday

Paytm IPO Allotment Date

15th November, Monday

Shares into Demat Account

17th November, Wednesday

Paytm IPO Listing Date

18th November, Thursday

Paytm IPO Share Price

The Paytm IPO Share Price is fixed at Rs 2080 to Rs 2150 per equity share. Its face value is Rs 1 per equity share. You can Subscribe to Paytm IPO via Zerodha. There's also 5Paisa Paytm IPO Application available.

Paytm IPO Lot Size

You can apply for a min of 6 shares and then in multiples of 6 upto 90 shares. The maximum you can apply is for 15 lots.

Paytm IPO Lot Size

Min Investment Amount


Rs 12,900

Paytm IPO GMP Today (One97 Communications IPO GMP)

Get to know the Paytm IPO grey market premium here with all the latest updates.

Date & Time

GMP (in Rs)

1st November | 11:51 Rs 350

29th October | 16:49

No Trading

Paytm IPO Review

Paytm reported its assets value 8766 crores in 2019, 10303 crores in 2020, and 9151 crores in 2021. Thus, assets-wise it's good. Next up, it had a revenue of 3579 crores in 2019, 3540 crores next year, and 3186 crores this year. Thus, revenue has faltered a bit. Finally, its profit after tax was 4230 crores in 2019, 2942 crores in 2020, and 1701 crores in 2021. As you can see the profits have had a huge (downside) impact. Therefore, financially Paytm is struggling. However, through this IPO earnings it may get better in time.

Talking about Paytm IPO pros then it is the biggest Indian IPO till date. Moreover, it is valued humongously high. Also, it has got a strong backup from investors. Besides, it reported 333M+ clients and 21M+ registered merchants as of March 2021. In addition, it may launch its new venture Paytm InsurTech in future which will be into the online insurance space.

Paytm is back financially, but strong with its future prospects along with huge partner traffic. The Paytm IPO price is high, but given the booming domain it is in, you can give it a go. You might end up getting min 10% listing gains. Long term vision is a bit confusing as the company might get into other verticals so its performance check will be needed. The Paytm IPO GMP also needs to be tracked to see how strong it will open.

Will you invest in Paytm IPO? Please do share your views below. You can also discuss this IPO with our fellow expert Dimers in this domain. Here are the latest Paytm Coupons in case you are interested in saving on this platform.

Disclaimer: We are not SEBI registered. The information provided herein is for education purposes only. We will not be responsible for any of your profit/loss with this channel's suggestions. Consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Over confidence

There is no scope of paytm in near future.

With Evolution of upi based payments and bharat bill pay system available across everyone.

Just banking on name and a bit of hype, definitely not worth

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Even most of people stopped using it and if I don’t haave confidence why i should invest it, it may be used for fund transfer nowadays with no future so don’t apply.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Even policy bazar is not worth it, if you search on twitter it had full story how it is making fool of people. If you want to lost money you can apply, there is no future to it if it has even then no significant for next 10-20 years

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet


Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

I’m staying out of this one. they are using tricks like incentivizing ppl by giving them money for creating volumes in UPI & wallet

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

Impressive but needs to be more powerful.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
OSPG wrote:

Even policy bazar is not worth it, if you search on twitter it had full story how it is making fool of people. If you want to lost money you can apply, there is no future to it if it has even then no significant for next 10-20 years

What about listing games?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Take example of cartrade

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
OSPG wrote:

Take example of cartrade

I was exited by investing more and more during fall. I got allotment @ ₹1618. It falled up to ₹1229. My average price came to ₹1407. One day it was on upward trend. I sold it @₹1445. I restored my invested amount. Now it is floating somewhere ₹1148. Then I got relief from cartrade .

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar

Normally face values are Rs10.

Zomato, Nykaa to Paytm, so many IPOs with face value of 1

What’s with the GREED?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

Highly inflated balance sheet as per various financial advisors. Such companies only launch ipo to get quick gains for seed investors and promoters and then they vanish from scene, with balance sheets going negative year on year. IPO easiest way to get interest free money, and no one to ask like banks. Most of Angel investors, seed investors etc sell their holdings as soon as they get profit. Recently Government has been strict with corporate loans in public banks as one default causes huge nagative impact. That’s why they are now taking ipo route to get money.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar


P.S. – It’s asking valuation of $20 billion which is expensive. And in the face of stagnating revenues, it begins to look really really expensive.
Also remember, Paytm is still a loss-making company whose income isn’t really growing. In fact, it has dipped 6% year-on-year since FY19.

Beacon Beacon
bftb wrote:

Normally face values are Rs10.

Zomato, Nykaa to Paytm, so many IPOs with face value of 1

What’s with the GREED?

Why face value matters,please explain, I did not get it.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

its equal to pricing at 21000~ if FV is 1.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar

Listing gain pe kya vichaar hai

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

ipos like this are open scam !!!! small investor trap is set!!!

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

U will get at discount after listings so don’t apply.

Beacon Beacon

Not interested. Overvalued.Better avoid.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar

Listing gains are possible and institutions/BRLMs will summon their entire sales force to prop it up during listing.

But expecting listing gains for such an expensive share (price band 20500-21800 with face value 10) is like pushing a road roller uphill

My concern is hottest/biggest IPOs like these push overextended markets over the edge like RPOWER did in 2008

Vanguard Vanguard

discount listing

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

lag gye L***

go colors b farzy GMP h

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