Samsung Galaxy F04 Price in India & Full Specifications with Review

The Samsung Galaxy F04 mobile phone goes on sale from the 12th of January. Check out Samsung Galaxy F04 price in India with its full specifications right here.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 05 Jan, 2023, 11:52 IST
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Samsung has announced its Samsung Galaxy F04 smartphone to be launched on 12 January 2023. Priced at Rs 7,499 this budget Samsung smartphone comes with 8GB of RAM* and a 5000 mAh battery too. Moreover, it is powered by the budget MediaTek Helio P35 processor and comes with a 6.5 inch HD+ display. In this article, we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy F04’s price, specs, and the phone itself in detail. 

Samsung Galaxy F04 Price in India and Full Review

Is the 8GB RAM just a gimmick on the Samsung Galaxy F04 mobile phone? Or is this phone worth your money? Do you have doubts about the same? Don’t worry, we will soon see whether the Samsung Galaxy F04 is a good smartphone or not in this review article.

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone brands and a major player in the mobile phone market in India and other countries too. Thus, it’s only natural for us to expect greater things and mobiles from Samsung, right? So Samsung definitely gives us some of the best smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra. But, it seems that Samsung forgets the same thing with its budget and mid-range smartphones. This is what you will feel with the Samsung Galaxy F04 mobile phone too.

Samsung Galaxy F04 Price in India, Offers & Launch Date

The Samsung Galaxy F04 is priced at Rs 9,599 in India. Though, there are some introductory offers as usual which can be applied to avail of the F04 mobile phone for a price as low as Rs 7,499. Here are the discounts that you can get on the Samsung Galaxy F04 smartphone:

  • ₹1,000 discount with ICICI bank credit card.

  • ₹1,000 discount if you order the phone on its launch date.

So if you are able to avail of the discounts mentioned above, you can get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy F04 for just ₹7,499. Otherwise, its basic price is Rs 9,599.

This phone is launching on the 12th of January in India, around 12 noon.

Samsung Galaxy F04 Specifications: 8GB RAM*, 5000 mAh Battery & More

Here are the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy F04 mobile phone:


MediaTek Helio P35

Display Type

LCD (IPS/TFT not mentioned by brand)

Display Size

6.5 inches

Display Resolution


Refresh Rate

60 Hz


5000 mAh








13 MP + 2 MP, 5 MP

Android Version

Android 12


Samsung One UI Core



Fingerprint Scanner




These are the specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F04 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy F04 Review: Worth the Money?

If you haven’t noticed till now, there is a ‘*’ over the 8GB RAM title here and on Samsung’s official website too. What does it mean? The phone has 8GB RAM, right? Well, sorry to break your heart here but nope, the Samsung Galaxy F04 does not have 8GB of RAM. Instead, this mobile phone comes with just 4GB RAM and Samsung boosts its RAM with a feature called ‘RAM Plus’. This feature adds virtual RAM to a mobile phone by using the same amount of ROM/storage space from the device. So what; it will still make your phone faster, right? Nope, do not choose this phone just because it says that it has ‘8GB RAM’. Virtual RAM is never the same as the RAM put in a phone as hardware.

Moreover, 8GB of RAM doesn’t make any phone faster. RAM just helps a mobile phone to become a better multitasking device. The actual performance of a mobile phone depends on its processor, storage types, UI, and then somewhat on its RAM. And, when you look at the other aspects of performance in the Samsung Galaxy F04, you will understand that this phone is not worth the price that it asks from you. The MediaTek Helio P35 is an old processor and definitely one of the worst chipsets in this price range.

Also, with the Samsung Core One UI paired with this weak chipset, the F04 would be one of the worst-performing phones under Rs 10,000. Not to say that even the primary camera of 13MP would be useless with a bad processor and the selfie camera of 5MP, let’s just pretend it’s not there.

Oh, are you looking for a fingerprint scanner? Let’s save your time as the Samsung Galaxy F04 doesn’t come with one. The only thing that can be a bit good about the F04 phone is its 5000 mAh battery, which is nothing new in this price range. Also, Android updates of 2 years would have been good if this phone, coming in mid of January 2023 would have had Android 13 out of the box. But nope, the F04 runs on Android 12, and Samsung would provide software updates later.

And talking about software, do not forget to check out our list of the Best Android UI Ranked.

So looking at all these specifications, it’s very difficult to understand what kind of users Samsung is trying to target here. And for the review, the Galaxy F04 is a big, fat ‘NO’. There are many better smartphones available in the market around the same price range and Samsung is not one of them. Do not forget to check out our Best Mobile Phone Deals Page.

This is everything that you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy F04 launching on 12 January 2023. Do let us know what you think about this latest smartphone launched by Samsung. Also, feel free to ask any questions that you may have about the same.

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