Samsung launches Bespoke refrigerator line-up in India – Made for You, by You!

Samsung launches Bespoke four-door refrigerator series in India that comes with a Food AI, Entertainment, Distance control and much more.

by Akansha_B Updated: 22 Nov, 2021, 15:25 IST
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Samsung, India’s most trusted consumer electronics brand, has stepped into the next generation of kitchen design with the launch of BESPOKE, its new generation of refrigerators in India. Consumers of the new generation demand personalised experiences, from vacations to fitness regimens. Samsung's BESPOKE refrigerators are made to order, allowing you to create a modern modular kitchen that reflects your unique style.

The new refrigerators will come in 4-Door Flex Family Hub and 4-Door Flex French Door variants. The Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Family Hub refrigerator will be offered in Black Caviar in an exquisite steel finish, as well as dual-tone design glam glass panels in Glam Navy and Glam White. The glass finish on the Bespoke 4-Door Flex French Door refrigerator will be Glam Navy or Glam White.

Samsung Bespoke refrigerator
What is Samsung Bespoke?

Major appliances, such as refrigerators and hobs, are generally visible in one of the most essential rooms in the house—the kitchen. However, personalization is limited to two or three colour options and the ability to raise and lower select shelves. BESPOKE signific made for a particular customer or user.

Samsung hopes to revolutionize all of that with its Bespoke Appliance line-up initiative. The company aims to introduce a wide range of appliances for the kitchen and across the home with enough customization that each appliance is unique as per users requirements.

What is Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator?

To start its initiative the first product in the Bespoke Appliance line-up is the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators. Samsung wants you to personalise your fridge; you can select an Avant-Garde limited edition design with Andy Rementer's artwork (see below) or any of eight colour finishes—and each door can be done individually. You can also specify whether you want full-depth or counter-depth.

BESPOKE 4-Door Flex Family Hub
Samsung's BESPOKE refrigerators Availability

BESPOKE refrigerators will be available in sales outlets and online portals starting 18th October 2021 and will include a 10-year compressor warranty and a 1-year refrigerator warranty. The Bespoke refrigerators line-up will be available on Samsung’s official online store, online commerce platforms and offline retail stores across the country. Customers who pre-order Samsung BESPOKE refrigerators will receive up to 20% cashback and an 18-month No Cost EMI option.

Samsung's BESPOKE refrigerators Price

BESPOKE refrigerators provide not only design innovation but also technical innovation. The BESPOKE 4-Door Flex Family Hub has a Beverage Centre with easy access to the water dispenser, an automatically-filling water pitcher, and a flavour water infuser.

It includes the newly revised Family Hub 6.0 software version, as well as Dual Auto Ice Maker, which comprises two independent ice makers that produce standard cubed ice and tiny ice bites at the same time to accommodate different beverage cooling preferences.

BESPOKE Refrigerators Models



Glam Navy & Glam White Glass dual colours

674L capacity

Rs 1,67,990

Family Hub in Glam Navy & Glam White Glass

934L capacity

Rs 2,55,000

Family Hub in Black Caviar Metal

865L capacity

Rs 2,69,990

“With kitchens being the hub of Indian homes, we wanted to offer our consumers a refrigerator that not only fulfils their refrigeration needs but also reflects their personal style. We are excited to launch the BESPOKE refrigerator range that is more than just a home appliance. It brings together Samsung’s innovative technology with a product designed to fit into consumers’ lifestyles, just as every bespoke item should,” said Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

Furthermore, for the first time in India, the refrigerator has Dual Flex Zones – Flex Crisper and Flex Zone – which provide temperature control choices and allow users to personalise storage options to their preference.

Samsung's BESPOKE refrigerators Specifications and Features

The BESPOKE Refrigerators are different from any other refrigerator, because of their five different temperature options, ice maker, Dual zones and more. Let’s take a look at Samsung's BESPOKE refrigerator’s Features –

Glam Glass Finish – Now you can style your kitchen with Dual Tone Design glass panels to add life to the décor of your homes.

Dual Flex Zones – The 4-Door Flex models can be customized to meet personal needs by adjusting with five different temperature options. Flex Crisper& Flex Zone to maintain the taste and aroma of the food to retain maximum freshness and preservation.

Autofill Water Pitcher – The Autofill Water Pitcher automatically fills with purified water that can be infused with fruits and herbs, making it ready to serve in seconds.

Dual Auto Ice Maker – Dual Auto Ice maker produces two shapes of different ice as per requirement. The dual ice maker makes up to 2.8kgs of ice a day and stores up to 4.1kg.

UV Deodorizing Filter – With UV technology that constantly cleans the filter, the new built-in odour remover filter reduces odours caused by bacteria in the air in your fridge.

Connected Living Experience – The Family Hub 6.0 model of Flex refrigerators is driven by AI and Samsung's SmartThings App to give users a connected home experience. The user-friendly technology also alerts users when food that has been kept for an extended period of time has gone bad. Customers using Bixby's new Indian English version can not only stay connected but also manage their refrigerator in Family Hub models.

Display Your Curated Art – The Family Hub has a digital frame that allows users to show artwork from a curated collection. It also has a variety of screen views to match the refrigerator and kitchen décor, such as the Family Board, Family Hub's digital interface with analogue characteristics for users.

You can know more about the BESPOKE line-up at the Samsung official page. Let us know your thoughts on the new Samsung Bespoke refrigerator line-up in India.

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Buy at your risk. though I still own sidebyside by samsung. I hope it wont fail on me, my doubledoor model failed (cooling issues) 7 year into service in hometown. To my surpise samsung refused to fix it as they dont manufacture that part any more. To hell with 10 year compressor warranty when other parts wont be available in 6-7 yrs.

Refrigerator is not a product which is replaced frequently so its unexpected to throw the product because it cant be fixed in 6-7 yrs.