How to Save Money on Movie Tickets 2024 (Online and Offline)

Every movie lover needs to save money on movies, but it can be just a daydream because of the convenience charges and internet handling fees. Today, we are going to explore some of the best ways to save money on movie

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Movies are the only medium that stays evergreen and non-retired. Whether they make a box-office bomb or blockbusters, they always provide entertainment every week. The feeling of watching movies in theaters is an unforgettable experience for everyone, but it costs a hefty amount, making it expensive for regular and occasional moviegoers. Saving on movie tickets by taking advantage of OTT platforms can make for a good cinematic experience. Still, a 70mm screen, huge hall, exit doors, dim lights, AC, pop-corn smell, and the collective excitement of fans create an all-time unique atmosphere that doesn’t match the vibe at home.

How to save money on movie tickets (online & offline)

Check out movie ticket booking offers from Paytm, BookMyShow, Inox, PVR Cinemas, and more to save on your ticket and food prices.

How to save money on cinema?

Every weekend, exciting blockbusters are necessary, but the rise in movie tickets at multiplexes can stop many who love movies from going. But don't worry! If you are a movie buff like us and visit the theaters every time a new (good) film is released, you will want to know how to save money on movie tickets, won't you? There are lots of ways to spend less money on movies, whether you're buying them online or offline. One of the best ways to save money on movie tickets is by exploring our Desidime Movie Booking Offers & Deals page. On this page, you can get all the important updates about Movies & Entertainment Offers, Coupons & Deals.

How to save on movie tickets online

How to Save on Movie Tickets Online

Booking movie tickets online can grab us some fantastic rewards or gifts on regular weekdays or business days. However, online movie ticket booking comes with a convenience fee and other taxes. Have you ever experienced that when you book a movie ticket, it will cost Rs. 100, but during the checkout process, it’s Rs. 130 or more? To save money from these charges, below are some processes that can make your all-over movie-watching experience cost-saving and budget-friendly.

Prefer single screen theatres

Prefer Single-Screen Theatre

Choosing single-screen theater over multiplexes can save a lot in your pocket on movies. A single-screen theater has a very low maintenance cost, requires less electricity, and consists of limited staff. There are various movie theaters in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities where online ticket booking for single-screen theaters is not available sometimes. So, individuals have to visit the theater first and are required to take tickets at the counter. These processes can reduce the cost of extra convenience fees and taxes. If you live in cities where the tradition and culture of single-screen theaters are still alive, you can enjoy some new and good movies with old and vintage aesthetics and can save money on movie theatres.

    Single-screen theaters fulfill the wishes of regular movie watchers by providing movie tickets at a low price. But people who watch movies occasionally will need to compromise on theater amenities and other facilities.
    Membership Programs or Subscriptions on Movies

    Discounts and savings can come in any form. Membership programs, often known as loyalty programs, consist of some great rewards and surprises for moviegoers. Enroll in PVR loyalty programs or explore the ‘Inox Reward Program’ and get exclusive benefits on special screenings and more. Like PVR Inox, there are more widely recognized movie theater chains available that offer seasonal membership programs or subscription plans for old and new viewers. These memberships can come with the latest or selected movies at a discounted price, so you can experience cinema every week while making more savings.

      The membership program is beneficial for frequent movie watchers. (especially for people who review movies on YouTube or social media) There can be some terms and conditions on membership programs such as watching movies on weekdays (Monday to Thursday)
      Online Offers via Payment Apps, Coupons, Pay Later, and More

      Movie ticket booking platforms like BookMyShow, Ticket New, PVR Inox. Ltd., and many others announce discounts on upcoming movie shows. Keep up-to-date with these platforms to grab discounts. The offers you can consider on these platforms are as follows:

      • UPI App Offers: Book recent movie tickets from the Paytm app. Why? Paytm is committed to providing cashback on your movie ticket booking for certain periods, and no wallet KYC is required to book movie tickets through Paytm. So, if you are lucky, then you can receive a good cashback on your movie ticket bookings.

      • To get exciting cashback and more, check out the Jupiter UPI Coupons, Promo Codes, and Offers.

      • Check out Amazon Pay UPI and get cashback on the purchase of suitable ticket prices.

      • Discounts on Weekdays: Generally, Bollywood movies are released on Fridays, and other regional movies, such as Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi, are released on Wednesdays or Thursdays. So many platforms offer discounts between Monday and Friday for movie lovers so that they can watch their favorite shows at a lower price in multiplexes.

      • Combo Offers: Major ticket booking platforms and popular theater chains like PVR Inox and Carnival Cinemas enable combo offers on the latest released movies, which can cover movie tickets, food and beverages, and more. You can find these combo offers on the theater website or the BookMyShow app. Explore various movie ticket sites or theater websites and grab the combo deal to save on movie tickets and food.

      • Pay Later Offer: Whether you have money to spend on movie tickets or not, the Pay Later app can buy a movie ticket for you. With this, you can book a movie ticket at available discounts and repay the amount until the payment due date. Pay Later apps like 'Simple Pay Later’ can offer suitable discounts or rewards on booking movie tickets. Install the Simpl app, link the app with BookMyShow, and grab rewards with savings.

      • Bulk Booking: Prominent multiplex chains like Inox, PVR, and more allow you to bulk book on birthdays and anniversaries. On bulk bookings, you can save more and receive suitable discounts from theaters. You can also visit and book in bulk offline to save on taxes and other charges.

      • Using Coupons and Promo Codes: To book movie tickets and get discounts like 50%–100% or similar, coupon codes help in purchasing movie tickets. You have to get a specific valid coupon code. You have to copy the coupon code, book seats on the platform, and paste the promo code during checkout.

      Get discounts through credit card on movies

      Get Discounts through Credit Cards on Movies

        Watching messages like ‘Debited’ and ‘Money Transfer’ on many movie or theater platforms feels uncomfortable after booking tickets. Credit cards are the smartest way to book movie tickets for discounts, and sometimes we can get them free too with a few applicable offers. PVR credit card from Kotak Mahindra can get you two movie tickets every month if you spend a suitable amount. Watchers can get 5% off on PVR ticket bookings. Additionally, there is a 15% discount at the PVR canteen. There are other banks too, like ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank, IndusInd Bank, IDFC First Bank, Bank of Baroda, and HDFC Bank where you can find savings through credit cards on movies.

        save through the bookmyshow app

        Save through the BookMyShow App

          BookMyShow is prominent in booking tickets for movies, concerts, stand-ups, and other events. Normally, when you book movie tickets, you get a reward from BookMyShow. The rewards include free movie tickets or discounts such as 30%–50% off on your next movie ticket bookings. With the following rewards offered by BookMyShow, you can save money on other movies.

          The rewards offered by BookMyShow can cover anything like bonus points in the gaming platform’s wallet. The reward from BookMyShow can be redeemed in a limited amount of time.

          To learn about the latest movies releasing this week in your nearby cinema, CLICK HERE!

          If you have missed a movie in the theater and are waiting for its OTT arrival, then know about the upcoming OTT release before the end of the year.

          How to save on movie tickets

          How to Save on Movie Tickets Offline

          There are infinite solutions to saving on movie tickets online, but if you are thinking that saving online is the only solution, then we can solve your issues with saving money at ticket counters. Many prefer to buy movie tickets offline to save extra taxes, but sometimes they can’t because of inconvenience.

          Save with Gift Cards

            Booking offline movie tickets can be rewarding for moviegoers who wish to follow the old tradition of booking tickets at the box office. To save more on in-person ticket booking, gift cards are helpful to save cash. Gift cards for specific movie theaters, such as PVR Gift cards and Vouchers from ‘Zingoy’ or ‘Gyftr’, are perfect to save at ticket counters.

            • To use a gift card, check the gift card value, cashback percentage, effective value, and validity and add it to the card.

            • Check the terms and conditions of the gift card, like in which theater the gift card is accepted.

            • Visit the theater for which you have a gift card.

            • Confirm with the theater officials about acceptance of the gift card at the counter.

            • Show the gift card and details to the ticket seller and pay the amount in cash; it's that simple.

            Explore the Amazon Gift Card Store and get eGift cards, Physical Gift Cards, Brand Gift Cards, and more.

            National cinema day

            Save on National Cinema Day

              Discounts in theaters are not only meant for movies but for delicacies too. On National Cinema Day, October 13th, you can receive movie tickets for Rs. 70 or around offline. Theatres like Inox (now PVR Inox) can offer popcorn at Rs. 70–90 or under Rs. 100 in selected cities or towns.

              On National Cinema Day, you can save money on movies only by purchasing tickets offline. For those who purchase tickets on National Cinema Day, convenience fees, taxes, and internet handling charges apply.
              Group Discounts on Movies

                Visit in group and save money on movie tickets. Booking online for groups can cost much more than the actual amount. If you and your friends or office group are waiting for your favorite actor’s awaited and exciting upcoming movie, then you can visit the preferred theater and discuss with the theater manager group booking and discounts so that you can block your show timing at the specific day and can receive benefits with actual movie celebrations and savings on tickets.

                Benefits of Booking Movie Tickets Offline!

                Many people think that purchasing movie tickets online from multiplexes can be more beneficial and convenient than offline. But we will help you by providing some great and surprising benefits to buying movie tickets offline and solving your question of how to save money on movies offline.

                • Booking screen seats online can satisfy one's comfort in the hall but can also give one a pang of guilt after entering the hall. Ever wondered that when upcoming movie bookings get open for everyone, you will see some last-row seats and first-row seats are already booked? How? The seats that indicate the sold-out seats are nothing but the seats that are blocked by the theaters.

                • You cannot book the blocked seats online, as the theater authority can hold those seats for selling purposes offline. If you wish to celebrate a movie from the front row or to enjoy a movie comfortably while sipping Coke from the last row, Go to the theater in person, select the blocked seat, and pay in cash. If you don’t wish to pay in cash, you can also use the UPI option, credit cards, and debit cards.

                • Sometimes paying offline can be advantageous, as you may pay more than the original ticket price at a theater counter but can receive food and beverage included in the ticket. For example, if the ticket selling price is Rs. 150, then theaters can give you an offer to pay Rs. 200 or more and get popcorn, nachos, samosas, or cold drinks at intervals.

                • Many people have an interest in collecting tickets to movies, concerts, and more. Getting tickets from the single-screen box office can help you keep physical tickets for the entire movie, and later you can store them to remember the movie outings. Multiplexes like PVR Inox and Cinepolis may not offer physical tickets after the COVID-19 pandemic.

                Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ticket (BOGO Offers)

                Two people watching a movie for the price of one is rare as who wish to earn losses in business. But BookMyShow and UPI or other movie ticket booking platforms can make this possible for you. Buy 1 Get 1 free offers are mostly applicable on Blockbuster or other hit movies. These offers are mainly to promote movies, seat availability or to participate in the movie mediums. You can usually avail of the "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" offer when booking tickets online through the theatre's official website or movie ticketing platforms.

                This was all about to saving on movie tickets online and offline. If you need more information on movie tickets, OTT releases, upcoming movies, and more. Stay up-to-date with the Desidime's news and articles or Desidime movies and entertainment page.


                1. How to avoid booking fees on movie tickets?

                Purchasing tickets at the theatre can save booking fees.

                2. How to get discounts at the cinema?

                Using online movie ticket apps such as BookMyShow and Ticketnew or UPI apps such as Paytm, you can get discounts at the cinema.

                3. What day is the cheapest to buy movie tickets?

                Tuesdays and Wednesdays are considered the cheapest to buy movie tickets.

                4. How do I avoid extra charges on BookMyShow?

                You cannot avoid extra charges on BookMyShow as convenience and taxes are mandatory, but to save on movie tickets, you can use coupon codes and promo codes.

                5. Is it cheaper to buy tickets at the cinema?

                Yes, it is possible to buy tickets at the cinema for a low price due to no convenience charges or taxes.

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