Steam Iron Box Buying Guide with Top 5 Best Steam Irons in India in 2023

Looking to Buy a Steam Iron for Home or Office? Here’s a complete Steam Iron Buying Guide along with the List of Best Steam Irons in India 2023.

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If you are in pursuit of buying an iron then you might come across dry irons, steam irons, cordless irons, portable irons, and garment steamers. Here, we are gonna talk about the most popular iron in India i.e. Steam Iron Box.

What is a Steam Iron Box?

Steam Iron Box helps in getting heavy clothes ironed easily & effectively via steam press. Here, heavy clothes include denim, linen, etc. It includes an in-built water tank for instant steam hassle-free. You can also turn off the steam to use it as a dry iron.

Steam Iron Box Buying Guide

Have a look at this Steam Iron Box Buying Guide before going to buy one for making an informed decision. We have selected the important sections of this product so that you can consider them before buying.


A Soleplate in a steam iron box is at the bottom. It is the surface which comes in contact with the cloth. It contains steam vents from where steam is thrown outside. The main function of a soleplate is to distribute heat and steam evenly for proper press. There are 4 types of soleplates available in stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic, and non-stick. Stainless steel soleplate irons are rare in India and thus costly so we’ll discuss the rest. However, stainless steel soleplate irons are the best of the lot.

Aluminium Soleplates

Aluminium Soleplates have less friction so it is not smooth during operation. Moreover, it scratches faster from buttons, hooks, etc. Besides, it creates wrinkles on clothes after some time. Also, these are hard to clean. Therefore, they are good to avoid. However, it is the cheapest steam iron box soleplate but certainly non-durable.

Non-stick Soleplate

Non-stick Soleplate consists of an aluminium or metal plate. This plate is coated with non-stick material so that the steam iron glides smoothly without hurting itself and the cloth. Besides, these are suitable for budget steam irons so are affordable.

Ceramic Soleplate

The best of the 3 is here in Ceramic Soleplate. These are also of aluminium or metal, but have a ceramic coating. This coating helps in getting maximum heat and distributes heat and steam well across the surface. Additionally, these are super smooth in operations, and thus are expensive, but if you are looking for long-term use then you can go for it.

Temperature Control

In the center of the steam iron box you will find the heat control twister. You can set it to how much hot press you need. There are temperature settings given depending on the fabric like silk, cotton, linen, poly cotton, etc. Also, there are min and max temperature indicators.

Cord Size

Cord Size of a steam iron is important to consider for convenience reasons. If your cord size is big then you might have tangling issues, but on the other hand makes ironing possible even if your socket and table distance is very far. Thus, choose as per your requirements. Besides, make sure your iron has a swirl cord as it will prevent tangles.

360-degree Cord Swivel

If your iron has a 360-degree cord swivel feature then you can move it in all directions easily. This is more useful when you have long ironing times and large length clothes.

Weight & Fit

Before buying, try using the iron physically like a demo check. This will let you know if it fits your hand well with its handle. Also, if it's heavy for you while using then you can opt for a lighter one.

Automatic Power off

The Automatic Power off feature helps the steam iron to shutdown on its own when the temperature is about to go out-of-control i.e. extremely high. This is helpful when unknowingly you have kept the iron on when idle. Thus, helps in preventing short-circuits or any other damage (burnt clothes) due to excessive heating.

Water Tank

The Water Tank is in-built in a steam iron box. From here the water goes into the soleplate and is converted into steam. If you iron more clothes at a time then a large water tank is suitable as it saves time & energy. However, it will increase the weight of the iron which might be tough to use. The ideal water tank capacity is 180 ml. Also, get a transparent water tank so that you can check the water level.

Steam Burst Button

Ideally, a steam iron box releases small amounts of steam frequently while using. However, if you are ironing a heavily creased cloth, this steam is not enough. This is when the Steam Burst button comes into play. It releases around 5X steam at one go which helps in getting this cloth ironed well & quickly. You can check the steam output of your iron in grams per minute. The more the g/min value, the more is the steam released. There is also a steam control button in some of the branded irons.

Anti-Drip & Anti-Scale

The Anti-Drip feature prevents water spills from the tank which happens while using the steam iron at lower temperatures. As the iron gets tilted while using, this feature is helpful. The Anti-Scale feature prevents the formation of white scaling inside the tank, and thus avoids corrosion.

Auto Clean

As the steam iron becomes old, limescale will start forming in the water tank. Thus, you need to clean it frequently. With the Auto Clean feature, this job will be covered for you. Follow the steps given in manual before using this feature for best results.


Most company steam irons provide a warranty of 2 years so make sure your iron gives a good warranty period. You can rely on Philips, Bajaj, Crompton, Morphy Richards, and Havells among others.


Wattage plays an important role in heating of the iron. If the wattage is high then the iron gets heated quickly which inturn makes ironing quicker & better, but cost will also go high. Moreover, it will increase the steam rate. Ideal wattage of a steam iron box is 2000 W.

Soleplate Vents

There are 2 types of Soleplate Vents in traditional and multi-directional. The traditional one has circular vents covering the soleplate while multi-directional combines circular and direction-based vents. The latter one is preferred for steam distribution in all directions while ironing in different directions. Some irons come with vents only in the top half for maintaining shine via less steam absorption.

Cordless Steam Iron

Cordless Steam Irons come with a heating plate which is connected to the socket. You need to place the iron on this plate to heat it and then use it for ironing. The heating is for a limited time only so for long-use you need to heat it frequently. These irons are costly as compared to the wired ones.

Steam Iron Box Money Saving Tips
  • Energy Saving feature (switches off iron when not in use)
  • Spin clothes less in the washing machine and dry on hangers. It will reduce creases, and thus decrease the use of more heat and steam.
  • When 2-3 clothes are remaining, switch off the machine as it has enough heat to cover them.
Best Steam Irons in India in 2023

Now, let’s checkout the Best Steam Irons in India in 2023.

Philips PerfectCare GC3925/34 Steam Iron

<a href=">

  • OptimalTEMP technology (auto temperature settings)
  • SteamGlide Plus titanium soleplate
  • Covers all types of ironing garments
  • No-burns guarantee
  • 2400 W power
  • Steam output of upto 45 g/min
  • Steam boost blasts of upto 180g
  • Weighs 1.4 kg
  • 300 ml water tank capacity
  • Includes auto-off, auto-clean, and anti-drip features
Bajaj Majesty MX 3 Steam Iron

  • Non-stick soleplate
  • 23 steam vents
  • Water spray and Steam burst
  • Self-clean
  • 12 g/min steam output
  • 150 ml translucent water tank
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • 1250 W power
  • 1.8 m cord
Havells Sparkle Steam Iron

  • 1250 W power
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • 230 ml water tank
  • 2 year warranty
  • Steam control
  • 15 g/min steam output
  • Vertical steam
  • Auto-clean
Russell Hobbs Glide Steam Iron

<a href=">

  • 970 g weight
  • 1600 W
  • 210 ml water tank
  • 25 g/min steam boost output
  • 2 year warranty
  • Vertical ironing
  • Teflon coated sole plate
  • Fabric control
  • Ergonomic design
Black+Decker 2400W Steam Iron

<a href=">

  • 2400 W
  • Ceramic soleplate
  • Auto shut-off, anti-drip, anti-clock, self-clean, and anti-calc
  • 2 year warranty
  • 1.45 kg weight
  • 35 g/min steam output
  • 90 g/min steam boost
  • 380 ml water tank
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Vertical steam
  • 2 year warranty
  • Steam burst & Steam spray

These were the Top 5 Steam Irons in India along with a buying guide. We hope it helps you get the Best Steam Iron. You can post your views on this in the comments below.

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PandaLife wrote:

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray (Blue)

You forgot to add this one. . Been using since 2012 i guess.. still works like new..! Then i had bought it for ±1200 from Snapdeal.

Vu for Post 👍

Bought the same for 1084 in May 2014. Working absolutely fine till date.
Pricing is so high now for that same old model.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

My experience with innumerable irons..
Ceramic soleplate as the post suggests is the best, because it distributes heat evenly and clothes wont burn. Bought an Orpat 1400w a while ago for 800 bucks with a ceramic sole.
1400 ir so watts is just fine. U cant iron fast enough to justify higher wattage.
Big Brand irons are just as bad as lesser brands. All r assembled nobody manufactures. But a Tefal i use now, got it against flipkart supercoins, seems different n better in build than the rest

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