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Swiggy One Lite: Price,Benefits,Offers, more

The Swiggy One Lite membership is for those who have had a hard time getting ROI from Swiggy One.

by FighterMan Updated: 20 Sep, 2023, 18:33 IST
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Swiggy One Lite is live in certain cities, and is expected to be available for all users by the end of this month. It is great for those who were unable to afford Swiggy One or didn’t get the best out of it because here you will pay 8X less!

Swiggy One Lite

Swiggy One Lite offers on Food
  • 10 Free Food Deliveries on orders of ₹150 or more from all Restaurants within 10 km.

  • Upto 30% Extra (over & above other offers) Discounts.

Swiggy One Lite offers on Instamart

Swiggy One Lite offers on Instamart (grocery) will get you 10 Free Deliveries on orders of ₹200 or more.

Swiggy One Lite Discounts on Genie

Swiggy One Lite Discounts on Genie gives Flat 10% off on orders over ₹60.

Swiggy One Lite Membership Price

The Swiggy One Lite Membership is of 3 months and is priced at ₹149.

Swiggy One Lite Membership offers

Currently there are Swiggy One Lite gift card offers. You need to apply the gift card code in the ‘redeem coupon’ section of Swiggy One in the app. If you are a Swiggy One member and want to switch to Lite then wait for the current membership to end because if you redeem Swiggy One Lite code now then existing One membership will end.


Offer Price

15% Cashback on Swiggy One Lite gift card from Amazon (by @quantum)


14% Discount on Swiggy One Lite gift card from Gyftr


Swiggy One vs Swiggy One Lite


Swiggy One

Swiggy One Lite

Price (3 Months)

₹1200 (8 times more)


Free Food Deliveries



Free Instamart Deliveries




2 ₹150 off Coupons per month + Flat 40% off



Flat 10% off on all orders of any value

Flat 10% off on all orders above ₹60

Surge Fee



Thus, if you are a newbie and don’t do heavy ordering then go for Swiggy One Lite first. Considering an average of ₹30 for food delivery and ₹15 for grocery delivery, Swiggy One Lite can save you ₹300!

Besides, there are always Swiggy Coupons and Swiggy Instamart Coupons available.

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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Cheq app is giving swiggy lite coupon for 450 coins.

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They ruined instamartby raisingthe MOV.

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