Swiggy partners with IRCTC for food delivery & How to use IRCTC for Swiggy orders

IRCTC has partnered with Swiggy to provide food delivery services at major railway stations across India.

by Sadikaa Updated: 06 Mar, 2024, 19:01 IST
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IRCTC has partnered with Swiggy to provide food delivery services at major railway stations across India. This collaboration means travellers passing through Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada stations can now order meals through Swiggy. This move follows Swiggy's announcement of a partnership with IRCTC to offer pre-ordered meals to railway passengers, a service already provided by their competitor, Zomato. With the integration of Swiggy's food delivery service, passengers can enjoy greater convenience during their travels. They no longer need to rely solely on the limited food options available at railway stations. Instead, they can order their preferred meals from Swiggy and have them conveniently delivered to the station. Let's delve into more details about the collaboration between IRCTC and Swiggy for food delivery services at Indian railway stations.

Swiggy partners with IRCTC for food delivery & how to use IRCTC for Swiggy orders

When will Swiggy-IRCTC start and at what stations?

With Indian Railways operating over 13,523 trains daily, spanning 7,325 stations, and serving 8.44 billion passengers annually, the collaboration with Swiggy promises an enhanced customer experience. In October 2023, IRCTC already partnered with Zomato for online food delivery across 63 locations, initially focusing on key stations like New Delhi, Prayagraj, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Varanasi.

The Swiggy service at railway stations will kick off at four railway stations initially, with plans to expand to 59 additional stations within the next six months, starting from March 12. Travelers will have the convenience of pre-ordering meals through Swiggy's platform. This means they can plan their meals in advance and have them delivered to the railway station, ready for pickup or consumption during their journey. Similar to Zomato, only passengers travelling in reserved coaches can avail of Swiggy's food delivery service. Unfortunately, unreserved passengers are excluded from this service due to the requirement of a PNR number.

How to order food on IRCTC with Swiggy

To order food through Swiggy on the IRCTC app, passengers need to follow these steps:

1. Open the IRCTC app and enter the PNR.

2. Select the desired railway station for food delivery.

3. Browse through the list of restaurants available on Swiggy.

4. Choose a restaurant that offers delivery at the selected station and time.

5. Place the order as usual, and the charges will be competitive, according to Swiggy.

6. Once the order is placed, Swiggy will pack the food in insulated bags to maintain its warmth and freshness.

7. Swiggy's delivery partner will arrive at the selected platform a few minutes before the scheduled delivery time.

8. The delivery partner will hand over the food to the customer and mark the order as delivered.

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Swiggy IRCTC Cancellation Policy

Passengers who have placed a food order may be allowed to cancel it depending on specific conditions like changes in travel plans or preferences. The cancellation policy may differ based on several factors, including the timing of the cancellation and Swiggy's terms and conditions. It is important for passengers to carefully read and understand Swiggy's cancellation policy before placing an order.

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1. Can I order food from Swiggy in train?

Yes, you can order food from Swiggy if you are travelling in a reserved coach. Unfortunately, if you are travelling in an unreserved coach, you cannot use this service. This is because it requires a PNR number, which is not available for unreserved passengers.

2. What is the name of the WhatsApp food delivery facility of IRCTC?

The Indian Railways has introduced a new food delivery service called 'Zoop' via WhatsApp. You can order food online using your PNR number while travelling on Indian Railways.

3. Can we order from Zomato or Swiggy in train?

Yes, you can order food from Zomato or Swiggy while travelling on a train but only if you have a valid railway ticket and PNR number. You can place orders by providing a valid PNR number through the Zomato or Swiggy platform. Currently, Swiggy's food delivery service is limited to passengers travelling in reserved coaches with a valid PNR number.

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