The Ultimate Guide For Colour Style

Stuck with usual colors?? If yes, here is your ultimate guide through colour schemes that we take you beyond your comfort zone of blacks and whites.

by Floriya Updated: 30 Mar, 2021, 09:41 IST
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Its very important to understand fundamental of color scheming before putting them today in a order to look you outfit more put together even if you are playing with colors that are not from same basic minimal color background. So Let's start with understanding of Colors and Color charts.

Why is it important to match Colors Correctly??

Color of your outfit can make you put together, expensive- even if you are wearing low budget Clothes. Colour Matching can be a Task maker, Hence color and its theories continue to be the pivot

The Color Wheel:

It is an illustrative portrayal of color in a form of wheel, which shows the connections between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors etc.

  • 1. Primary colors-

These colors are Called Parent Colors, as these can't be made by other colors together.

There are 3 main Colors- RED, BLUE, YELLOW

  • 2. Secondary Colors

These are obtained by mixing Primary Colors Together. There are 3 main Colors- VIOLET, GREEN, ORANGE.

  • 3. Tertiary Colors

These colors are a combination of primary and secondary colors. There are 12 Colors in this category

How To Match The Colors??

4 Major Principle of Matching Outfits. These Matching Principles will give you a better understanding of Mix & Match Outfit pieces.

1. Complementary Colors

The name itself suggests that these colors complement each other which means Outfit will look more put together. These are exactly opposite to each other. Start with simple with lighter hues, like pastel purple and yellow, to ease your way into complementary color outfits.


2. Analogous Colors

    Easier than perfecting the combination of complementary colors. It gives depth without the hassle of double checking to make sure your Outfit pieces are opposite to each other. You have to pair the colours which sit next to each other. They work effortlessly together to ensure your outfit hues aligned flawlessly.

    3. Triadic Color

    The combination of colors created by using three colors that are an equal distance apart from each other on the color wheel. It will give your outfit a more diverse feel and open ups to experimenting. The idea is to avoid running the risk of mismatching and losing harmony.


    4. Monotonous Colors

      As the name suggests here the outfits will be all in the same color Family. It's hassle free, no-brainer, Put together look .Start with neutral colors like greys, blues, whites, and blacks, then progress to pastel undertones. If You are Short or Obese Make it your Best Friend, it Flatters your body type and Elongate your visual appearance.

      Tip- You Can Try All These Schematic Combinations with Jewellery, Footwear, Watches, Bags Put together to complete your Outfit.
      Top Colour Trends For 2021
      1. Orange

      2. Red
                          a. Rusty Red

                     b. Hot Red
                    c. Burgundy

      3. Amber

      4. Blue
                   a. Classic Blue
                  b. Deep Blue
                     c. Powder Blue 
      5. Grey
                               a. Sleet Grey
                              b. Asphalt Grey

      6. Peach
      7. Military Olive green 
      8. Almond oil
      8. Toffee Brown

      9. Rose Tan

      Expecting now you got a thought on the best way to coordinate garments the correct way. Uniting everything is the thing that requires expertise. Getting your essentials right will help you settle on the correct decisions with regards to tones, outfits, and in the end, your closet.

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