Top 23 Branded Gas Stove Burners in India 2024

Get to Know the Best Branded Gas Stoves Burners and make your pick from the list. Also get to know more insights on gas cooktops and kitchen hobs.

by FighterMan Updated: 14 Feb, 2024, 19:47 IST
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Gas Stove Burners have come a long way from the traditional chulha to the automatic ignition stoves. Today, you get brass burners, glass body, multi-sized burners, and much more. Therefore, we bring to you the Top 23 Best Branded Gas Stoves in India in 2024 for your home kitchen. These are from top kitchen hob brands in India so have a look.

Top 23 Branded Gas Stove Burners in India 2024

Fabiano 3 Burner Curl Smart LPG To PNG Convertible Glass Automatic Gas Stove


This Fabiano gas stove is an automatic one so you won’t need a lighter/matchstick. It has a spill-proof design so makes it super easy to clean. Moreover, the burners are brass plated and it is an ISI certified kitchen hob. You also get stainless steel frames here. The best thing I found is the fine space between the 3 burners. It helps accommodate medium to high volume containers in all 3 of them simultaneously. Fabiano Curl Smart has got 3.8/5 star average rating from 787 ratings in all on Flipkart.


  • Toughened glass is genuinely tough

  • Tri-pin burners

  • Ergonomic knob

  • 1 year doorstep warranty. Total 2 years warranty.

  • Rust proof

  • Free spill tray


Scratches were seen on Toughened glass after 5-6 months of usage

Hindware Alverio 4 Burner Auto-Ignition Glass Gas Cooktop


This Hindware 4 burner gas stove comes with 8mm Thick Toughened Glass, Forged Brass Burners, Black Drip Trays, Flame Guard Pan Supports, and Black Channel. It is a spacious gas cooktop with 635x550mm in dimensions. Its unique feature in the 4-way flame guard is really effective.


  • Sturdy Built: will work for many years

  • Flame Guard: prevents flame blowing out due to wind

  • Warranty: 2 Years Comprehensive, 5 years on Toughened Glass & Forged Brass Burner

  • Entire glass body


Price is on the higher side

Greenchef Glass Top 4 Burner NEXA Manual


Greenchef has carved its name into the gas stoves category in the past few years. The Greenchef Nexa model will get you toughened glass (6mm), ergonomic knobs, spill-proof design, high-end pan support, and brass burners (tri-pin). The glass is scratch resistant, also the stove is easy to clean and maintain. Its lower part is made of stainless steel. This Greenchef cooktop has got 4.2/5 star rating from 958 Ratings and 427 Reviews on Flipkart! Big burners are placed in the front while small ones are at the back so are designed thoughtfully.


  • 2 years warranty

  • Backlit knob

  • High quality nozzle

  • 360 degree Rotating knob



Vidiem Vogue 3 burner gas stove with Removable Burner Assembly


You can detach the burner from this Vidiem gas stove, this is its USP! Thus, it creates space to do other activities when any burner is not in use. Also, makes cleaning a whole lot easier. Its 10mm toughened glass includes metal and is thermally strengthened. The knobs here are given on the top so low-height design makes cooking comfortable. Moreover, it is covered with a 5 years warranty. Vidiem’s roots in kitchen appliances space are 50 years old! The 3 burners included are small, medium, and large.


  • India’s 1st removable burner assembly

  • Hexa Flame forged brass burner for even heating & fast cooking (70% gas efficient)

  • Strong pan support

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Metal knobs

  • Can be used as a kitchen hob as well as cooktop

  • Lifetime Warranty on toughened glass

  • Heat-Resistant Paint on Burner Assembly (avoids wear & tear)


An automatic gas stove was expected at this price, and with such amazing features but is not the case.

Bosch Series 6 5-Burner Gas Hob 90 cm Stainless Steel


If you are looking for a premium & elegant kitchen hob then consider this one from Bosch with 5 burners. It has got elongated cast iron pan support. Moreover, there are 9 heating elements ensuring faster cooking. Besides, the Electromagnetic properties in the burners ensure safe cooking. Wok burners here make chef-like cooking possible.


  • 60% gas efficient

  • Wok burner

  • Flame failure safety device



Sunflame Champion 3 burner stainless steel gas stove


This Sunflame gas stove can withstand heavy utensils and cookware. The entire stainless steel body (non-magnetic) helps in easy cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, with 40+ years of expertise in this niche, Sunflame gas stoves are dependable. 1 more thing I liked here is the adequate spacing between burners for accumulating different sized containers simultaneously. It is a piece of simple design and good gas efficiency!


  • 2 years warranty

  • High thermal efficiency

  • Will work for a long time


Misses sturdiness so need to handle it a bit carefully

Elica 594 CT VETRO BK 4 burner gas chulha


This Elica 4 gas burner is suitable for a long life. It comes with Stainless Steel and Glass body. You will get 2 small and 2 medium sized burners. Being a Whirlpool subsidiary, Elica is well-known for its quality gas stoves.


Round Euro Coated Burners


  • Misses auto-ignition

  • Bit costly comparatively

Crompton SuperSlim 78 cm 3 Burner Automatic gas hob


Crompton hobs are generally easy to install, and so is this one. As the name suggests, it is super slim with a 29mm thickness. The triple ring wok burner is what makes it stand out from others in this list. It is an automatic gas hob and comes with brass burners. You also get Cast Iron Enameled Pan support. Slow cooking is done well on this hob along with other modes which is why it is among the best efficient gas hobs in India.


  • Triple ring wok burner

  • Warranty: 5 years on burners and glass, 2 years comprehensive

  • Slim so easy to maintain

  • High Efficiency triple & dual ring Burners

  • Beveled edges on glass


Some might be a bit uncomfortable using it due to its ultra slim size.

Lifelong LLG 18 Glass Top 3 Burner LPG Compatible Gas Stove


Lifelong gas stoves come with a 1 year warranty along with doorstep service. This one has an inlet pipe marking. What impresses is the compact and spill-proof design. Moreover, it has a 3.9/5 star rating from 15,668 users on Amazon. The toughened glass here is 6mm which is decent.


  • Strong pan support

  • Sturdy rubber legs

  • Good efficiency burners

  • Low price


  • Unsuitable for piped gas

  • Misses brass burners (copper coating)

KAFF NE 4B 60 GF 4 Gas Auto Ignition Burner with Built-in Hob Triple Ring Burner


This KAFF kitchen hob comes with 1 Triple Ring and 2 dual ring Burners. The 8mm glass here is a tempered one. Enameled Matt Finish is what makes this hob elegant & stylish for a premium look. Knobs are very easy to grip which I found very useful during frequent usage.


  • Italian burner design

  • 2 Years Warranty

  • Superb finish


  • Simple hob lovers might like it less

  • Preethi Luxe 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove (Manual)

Preethi Luxe 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove


This Preethi 3 burner gas stove comes with a Drip Tray-Less Infinity Design so any spills will be on the glass and not the burner tray. Also the open arm pan support helps. It is a nice compact product. You will get doorstep service for any warranty claims. Cleaning is hassle-free here. Moreover, Preethi claims 68% gas efficiency!


  • 5 Year Warranty on Glass & Burner

  • Tri-pad mixing chamber


Open-arm pan’s bulky nature might not suit some

Pigeon Ayush 3 Burner gas stove


The Pigeon Ayush gas stove has a toughened glass, stainless steel body, and brass burners. What I liked here is the even flame distribution in the burners. Also the fastener free spill tray is effective. Balance support for pans is also good. This Pigeon gas stove comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Service friendly assembly

  • Easy maintenance

  • Well designed


Price keeps on fluctuating a lot. Unexpected from a renowned kitchen appliance brand like Pigeon.

BlowHot Sapphire 4 Burner ISI Certified gas stove


BlowHot is known for its Heavy vessel support feature, and stays true to it in its Sapphire gas stove. It has Tornado burners with blueish-green flame. Moreover, Uniquely designed knobs add to its amazingness. You will get 1 jumbo burner here. Overall, it is one of the best stylish & elegant gas stoves in this list. It will give you a feel of a kitchen hob which is what makes it stand out!


  • Slim & Sleek

  • dual color shaded glass

  • Heavy Brass Burners

  • 30% gas efficiency

  • Warranty: 1 Year General Warranty | 5 Years on Burner, Gas Valve and Glass

  • Good doorstep service


  • Charges for installation

  • Misses auto-ignition

Khaitan 3 Burner Glass Manual Gas Stoves

Khaitan 3 Burner Glass Manual Gas Stoves

The Khaitan 3 Burner Glass Manual Gas Stoves comes in premium black finish. It has tri pin brass burners along with heavy pan support. You also get strong bakelite knobs and unbreakable 7mm toughened glass.

Key Specs & Features
  1. Manual Gas Stove
  2. Glass Body
  3. 1 Year Warranty
  4. Side Nozzle Gas Inlet
  5. Comes with Spill Tray
  6. Water Resistant, Rust Proof, Heat Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Stain Resistant
  7. 4.1/5 stars out of 555 ratings on Flipkart
Prestige Magic Glass GTMC 3 Burner Gas Stoves


The Prestige Magic Glass GTMC 3 Burner Gas Stoves has got a beautifully designed holder. It is compact in nature so takes less space in your kitchen. You can clean this stove easily and it lasts long due to its durable material.

Key Specs & Features
  1. Spill Proof Design
  2. Tri-pin Brass Burners
  3. Ergonomic Knob Design
  4. Toughened Black Glass Top
  5. ISI Certified
  6. 2 Years Warranty

IBELL 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass in Top 10 Gas Stoves Burner


The IBELL 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stoves comes with battery enabled auto ignition feature. Thus, you just need to turn on the knob and fire will rise automatically. Moreover, this saves you on gas consumption. This stove has a royal black design and a modern look. It’s body is heat resistant as well as scratch resistant.

Key Specs & Features
  1. 3 Brass Burners
  2. Glass Top with Stainless Steel Body
  3. Auto Ignition
  4. Toughened Glass
  5. 5 Year Warranty on Burner, Glass, and Valve
  6. Ergonomic Knobs
Kkolar 4 Burner Glass in 10 Best Gas Stoves Burner in India


The Kkolar 4 Burner Glass Gas Stove is equipped with high powered burners i.e. the flames you get are sharp and powerful. The knobs here are Italian designed. You get dual and triple ring burners here. Moreover, you get toughened glass which is scratch resistant, safe, durable and easy to clean.

Key Specs & Features
  1. 4 Brass Burners
  2. Glass & Stainless Steel Body with Mirror Finish
  3. High Flame Technology
  4. Cast Iron Pan Support
  5. Control Knobs: Elegant Design & Smooth Operation
  6. 1 Year Warranty
  7. Manual Ignition
Butterfly Duo 2 Burner Glass in Top 10 Gas Stoves Burner in India


The Butterfly Duo 2 Burner Glass Manual Gas Stoves comes with brass burners. It is compact in size so fits well. It weighs only 4 kgs so you can easily port it anywhere. It has got 3.7 star rating out of 23 ratings on Flipkart.

Key Specs & Features
  1. 2 Burners
  2. Glass Body
  3. Toughened Glass Top with Shatter Proof
  4. 360 degree Revolving Nozzle
  5. Spill Proof Stands
  6. Leak Proof Knobs
  7. Fast Cooking Feature
Hans ms-1501 Portable butane gas stove burner for camping


The Hans ms-1501 Portable Gas Stove can be used for domestic and outdoor purposes. It is 2-in-1 i.e. can be used with fuel canister and LPG. It comes with Automatic shut-off and Piezo ignitor safety lock. The flame is adjustable here so can be operated well.

Key Specs & Features
  1. 2500 LPG
  2. Heat conduction system with 9560 btu
  3. Weighs 1.96 kg
  4. Uses 8 oz Butane Canisters
Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass in 10 Best Gas Stoves Burner


The Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass Gas Stoves comes with a beautifully designed red color glass top. It includes a MS frame. You can clean this stove easily and quickly due to its build type. The pans are thick so the vessels get strong support.

Key Specs & Features
  1. Powder Coated Pan Support
  2. 3 Tri-pin Brass Burners
  3. 7 mm Toughened Glass
  4. Heat Resistant Knobs
  5. Steel Body
  6. 68% Gas Saving Efficiency
  7. 18 Months Warranty

Glen Kitchen Cooktop GL 1033 GT Glass 3 Burner Gas Stoves


The Glen Kitchen Cooktop GL 1033 GT Glass 3 Burner Gas Stoves resists scratches and is easy to clean. It includes 3 burners, one is a small burner, other is a big burner, and the third one is a large flame burner. Thus, it helps save gas by using only as per requirements. The aluminum alloy used here gives the burners a long life and good thermal efficiency.

Key Specs & Features
  1. 3 Aluminium alloy burners with 5 Year Warranty
  2. Steel drip tray
  3. Matt steel body
  4. 1 Year Product Warranty
  5. Smart 360° swivel type revolving inlet nozzle
Faber Gas stove 3 Burner Glass Cooktop in 23 Best Gas Stoves Burner


The Faber Gas stove 3 Burner Glass Cooktop includes a big 92 mm burner for accommodating large utensils. It has double drip trays for easy cleaning and maintenance. It has got a rating of 4/5 from 138 user ratings on Amazon so quite a good product.

Key Specs & Features
  1. Powder Coating Round Pan support
  2. 3 Multi-sized Burners
  3. Stainless Steel Finish
  4. Anti-Rust Gas Pipes
  5. Anti Leak technology
  6. 1 Year Warranty
Surya Benz Stainless Steel Automatic 3 Burners Gas Stoves


The Surya Benz Stainless Steel Automatic 3 Burners Gas Stoves is made with Italian finish. It has a designer red coloured glass top. The burners here are highly durable and efficient. The auto ignition feature saves gas so helps in lowering gas bills. 

Key Specs & Features
  1. Automatic Ignition
  2. 3 Burner Gas stove
  3. Stainless Steel Body
  4. Toughened Glass Top
  5. 4.4 Star Rating out of 18 User Ratings on Flipkart

These were the 23 Best Branded Gas Stoves Burners in India in 2024 for your kitchen. Do share your views on them in the comments below. Borosil, Kutchina, Bajaj, and Sunshine also have fine gas stove collection. You can also go for the Khaitan single burner mini gas stove, Prestige Svachh 4 burner gas stove, and Prestige Marvel Plus 3 burner. Portable butane gas stove burners for camping are also popular!

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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