Top 10 BLDC Ceiling Fans in India in 2023 with Buying Guide (Energy Saving Smart Fans)

BLDC Fans are here with upto 65% energy savings. Checkout the Top 10 BLDC Fan Brands in India. Also, read BLDC Ceiling Fan Buying Guide curated for smart shoppers.

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Thanks to BLDC motors, ceiling fans have now become Smart! It not only saves huge on electricity bills, but also comes with amazing features for convenience. What’s interesting is that BLDC ceiling fans can be operated wirelessly! In this article you will get to know the Top 10 BLDC Fans in India in 2023. Besides, there is the BLDC Ceiling Fan Buying Guide which will draw your attention to important points to consider before making a purchase. So let’s get started!

Top 10 BLDC Ceiling Fans in India with Buying Guide

Top 10 BLDC Smart Ceiling Fans in India in 2023

We have rated the 10 Best BLDC Smart Ceiling Fans in India in 2023 based on our user’s voting (50 votes as of 4th March, 16:25) & comments and our research on Which is the Best BLDC Ceiling Fan in India? There is also a bonus addition which is worth a buy!


Atomberg Renesa Smart+

36 votes


Crompton Energion HS

7 votes


SuperFan Super X1

2 votes


Orient Electric I Float Inverter

2 votes


Usha Heleous Premium

2 votes


Havells Eficiencia Neo

1 vote


LG Biomechanical Dual Wings



Luker Eco 30

0 votes


GM Excel

0 votes


Luminous New York Chelsea



Jupiter Quadcopter


Besides, users have also shared their experiences on BLDC ceiling fans. Let’s check them out!

  • 22sumit says “Using Atomberg Efficio+ for the last 2.5 yrs. Never faced any issue. Just a word of caution that the regulator has to be either cut off or set to max for max efficiency of such fans. The customer support team is also responsive”.

  • rahul2004 says “Changed all 5 (8 – 12 years) old fans in our home with Atomberg Renesa model fans during the BBD sale. Each cost nearly 2.5k. Have not faced any problem for the last 4 months. Also, as Atomberg Renesa Smart + fans are very costly, so I have made use of Zebronics IR blaster to make the Renesa fans smart. The combination works great”. He adds “I found a difference of 150-200 INR in electricity bill in the first month of use of all 5 fans. Due to winter, we did not use a fan for the past 3 months”.

  • great says “I am using Superfan x1, Havells Eficiencia Neo, Atomberg Efficio+, superfan got a problem in 2 yr contacted cc but they sent spare parts by courier. We have to get replaced at our own cost. Very bad and slow service. Better avoid havells for 6 months. Remote is relatively big. Atomberg is good. Recommended”.

  • PabloEscobar says “I have an Atomberg Fan and I can suggest purchasing it. No bad experience till now.”

Now, let’s move on to the 10 Best BLDC Ceiling Fans in India.

Atomberg Renesa Smart+ : Best Energy Saving BLDC Ceiling Fan

This Atomberg Renesa Smart+ bldc ceiling fan is the only one from this brand with IOT (internet of things) technology. It runs 3X times more on the inverter and has a longer blade span. You also get an LED indicator for speed. Atomberg is rated 4.8/5 via 30954 Reviews across Amazon, Flipkart, Google, and Paytm Mall.

Key Specs & Features

  • Remote controlled (upto 20ft distance)

  • Voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

  • Mobile control via Atomberg app

  • 28W power consumption

  • 220 CMM air delivery

  • 340 rpm fan speed

  • Boost speed, sleep mode, and timer mode

  • Dust-resistant coating

  • 3 year warranty

  • 1200mm sweep size

  • Ideal for 65-120 sq ft rooms

  • Free installation


  • Wooden blades makes its design top notch

  • High energy savings

  • Good air flow


  • Remote has less features compared to its peer brands

Buying options

Super X1 : Best Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan

SuperFan is the 1st company to come up with BLDC fans in India. This Super X1 BLDC ceiling fan is inspired by leaves design so you get a unique look and great air flow. It has got all in it to be one of the best BLDC ceiling fans currently.

Key Specs & Features

  • 1200mm sweep size

  • 35W power consumption

  • 5 year warranty

  • 5 star BEE rating

  • 230 CMM air delivery

  • 385 RPM max speed

  • 160 to 265 voltage range

  • 2Hrs & 6Hrs Timer functions


  • 12 color options (highest by any brand)

  • 5 year warranty (best in class)

  • Leaf designed unique blades

  • 1st company to start BLDC fans in India

  • Good air flow


  • Limited remote features

Buying options

Crompton Energion HS 1200 mm BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote

This Crompton Energion HS BLDC fan is well known for its efficiency and durability. It is available in 3 colors. One of the best parts here is that it can operate at a wide range of voltage.

Key Specs & Features

  • 370 RPM (rotations per minute) speed

  • 35W energy consumption

  • Point Anywhere Remote

  • 5 year warranty

  • 220 CMM airflow

  • 90-300V

  • 5 star BEE rating

  • Multi-pairing remote (one remote for all fans)

  • 1200mm sweep size


  • Multi-pairing remote as its a unique feature

  • Efficient BLDC motor

  • Memory function (fan starts at same speed as when it was switched off)


  • Old-fashioned design

  • Doesn’t have sleep mode, but can workout with timer

Buying options

Orient Electric I Float Inverter : Best IOT BLDC Ceiling Fan

The I Float IOT model from Orient Electric is best known for its inverter BLDC motor which gives the best stabilized performance for higher efficiency. The Metalized Deco Ring on the center gives it a unique and elegant look. Moreover, you will see a floating image when the fan is running due to this design.

Key Specs & Features

  • 5 star BEE rating

  • Inverter BLDC motor

  • Mobile app control

  • Regulator control

  • Aerodynamic Design

  • 5 speeds

  • 2 hr. timers

  • Reverse rotation feature

  • Turbo mode, breeze mode, and sleep mode

  • 2 year warranty

  • 1200mm sweep size

  • 28W energy consumption

  • 330 RPM fan speed

  • 215 CMM air delivery


  • Saves more energy compared to its peers

  • Reverse rotation (seen in very few models)

  • Quality design

  • Feature loaded


  • Less warranty

  • Low air delivery

  • Less speed compared to its peers

Buying options

Havells Efficiencia Neo 1200 mm Bldc Ceiling Fan with Remote

Havells calls this it's LPC range i.e. low power consumption. The best part about this fan is that it is sturdy and well built. Just like every other BLDC fan brand, Havells also uses an inverter BLDC motor in this.

Key Specs & Features

  • 1200mm sweep size

  • 26W energy consumption

  • 220 CMM air delivery

  • 350 RPM speed

  • 2 year guarantee

  • 220-240V

  • 5 speeds

  • lower/upper speed control


  • Only brand that provides guarantee

  • Low power consumption

  • Ribbed blades for better airflow


  • No timer

  • No sleep mode

  • Costly

Buying options

Luker Eco 30 : Best Air Flow BLDC Ceiling Fan without Remote

Luker is a USA brand best known for its designer ceiling fans. However, the Luker Eco 30 is purely made for energy savings. The best thing about this fan is its power which is constant even after prolonged usage.

Key Specs & Features

  • Available in 1400/1200/900/600mm sweep sizes

  • 30W energy consumption

  • 390 RPM fan speed

  • 230 CMM air delivery

  • Copper windings

  • Double ball bearings

  • 5 year warranty

  • Aluminum body

  • 5 speed settings


  • Cost effective considering international brand

  • Good durability


  • Very basic design so disappoints since its a designer fan brand

  • No remote control

Buying options

LG Biomechanical with Dual Wings : Best Featured BLDC Fan

The Fan from LG is a revolutionary product in the BLDC ceiling fans market in India. This LG fan not only believes in providing high speed air but also quality air. It is beautifully designed with nice color combinations. Additionally, it is made compact.

Key Specs & Features

  • bio-mechanically designed blades (for quieter operation)

  • dual Wings (Natural Airflow)

  • Mobile, voice, and Remote control

  • Mosquito Away feature (via ultrasonic waves)

  • Sleep mode

  • LED display

  • Wifi enabled

  • 30W consumption

  • 2 year warranty

  • 1200mm sweep size


  • Only dual wings ceiling fan

  • Superior design

  • Feature loaded (highest among peers)


  • Costly

Buying options

Luminous New York Chelsea 1200mm : Best Designer BLDC Ceiling Fan

The Luminous New York Chelsea BLDC fan has an international design template which sets it different from others. Moreover, its motor is hardly visible due to the design. Additionally, this fan is very pleasing to the eye.

Key Specs & Features

  • 1200mm

  • 35W

  • 5 star BEE rating

  • 240 CMM

  • 320 RPM

  • 220-240V

  • 2 year warranty


  • One of the best designed fan

  • Low noise


  • Less warranty comparatively

  • Very costly

Buying options

Usha Heleous 1220mm : Best Premium BLDC Ceiling Fan

Usha is a well established brand in ceiling fans. This Usha Heleous BLDC fan comes in 5 colors. Its look & feel is amazingly good. Also, its built quality is top notch. However, the price is high compared to its peers in this segment.

Key specs & features

  • Rust-free ABS blades

  • Aerodynamic blades

  • 1220mm

  • 260 CMM

  • 310 RPM

  • 43W

  • High torque BLDC motor

  • Bi-directional rotation

  • Copper motor

  • Point anywhere remote

  • Breeze modes, sleep mode, and timer

  • Over Voltage and Current Protection

  • 4 year motor warranty


  • Designed for better airflow

  • Lots of safety features

  • Remote is beautifully designed with unique features like breeze modes

  • Great air delivery rate


  • High price

  • Less energy savings comparatively

Buying options

GM Excel BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote

GM is a well known and well established international brand in India. The GM Excel BLDC fan is made simple, but comes with seriously good motor, voltage ranges, and fan speed. You also get double ball bearings for a strong build.

Key specs & features

  • 1200mm

  • 38W

  • 90-300V

  • 380 RPM

  • 230 CMM

  • 3 year warranty

  • RF Remote control

  • Timer and 4 speed control


  • Trusted and well established brand

  • High on speed

  • Good air delivery


  • Old-fashioned design

  • Power consumption is a bit high

  • Limited buying options

Buying options

Jupiter Quadcopter : Best 4 Blade BLDC Ceiling Fan

Jupiter is among those early brands who first got BLDC fans in India. The Jupiter Quadcopter BLDC fan comes with 4 blades which makes it stand out. It has great remote control options where it lowers speed by 10 RPM every hour automatically.

Key specs & features

  • 1200mm

  • 4 blades

  • 100-300V

  • LED indicator

  • Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, and Timer mode

  • 3 year warranty

  • Reverse direction

  • Auto Speed lowering


  • 4 bladed fan for better airflow

  • Renowned BLDC fan brand

  • Unique remote control features


  • Looks disappoint

Buying options

BLDC Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Now, let's understand some important points with BLDC Ceiling Fan Buying Guide. It will help you choose the best fan for you. 

What is a BLDC Ceiling Fan?

BLDC stands for ‘Brushless Direct Current’. BLDC is nothing but a type of motor used in the ceiling fan. This motor is stable throughout and thus saves upto 65% energy compared to the traditional induction motor fans. BLDC fans can be voice operated and also with a remote control.

Why should you buy BLDC fans rather than traditional fans?

A BLDC fan saves around ₹1500 per year. So considering an average household having 2 fans, savings will be around ₹3000 per year. Now think how much savings will be done via BLDC fans in offices or workspaces? That’s why you should opt for a BLDC fan. Also, you can control it via remote, mobile, and voice. You also get many smart fan features which will be discussed ahead.


Go for a 100% copper wired motor because it will last long. Aluminum wired motors don’t last long. All the Top BLDC fan companies use a copper wired motor.

Smart/Inverter/Activ BLDC motor, there are different names used by different companies. Just make sure that your BLDC motor gives stable output even during fluctuating inputs. This will add to electricity savings and increase motor life.

BLDC Ceiling Fans vs Traditional Induction Motor Ceiling Fans

BLDC Motor Ceiling Fans

Induction Motor Ceiling Fans

25W-40W power consumption

75-80W power consumption

High Energy Savings comparatively

Very Low Energy Savings comparatively

Very low heat loss

High heat loss

Very low noise levels

High noise levels

Stable output

Fluctuating output

Remote/Voice/Mobile App controlled (some do work with regulators)

Works with external capacitor and regulator which increases loss and costs

Long motor life

Short motor life

₹1000 electricity cost per year per fan (on an average)

₹2500 electricity cost per year per fan (on an average)

Longer (3X) backup on Inverters

Shorter backup on Inverters

Very less or no noise

Loud noise

Price starts from ₹2000

Price starts from ₹1000

Energy/Money Savings Calculation


Normal Ceiling Fan

BLDC Ceiling Fan

Average electricity used



Daily (considering 15 hrs) electricity usage

1.125 units

0.45 units

Yearly electricity usage

410.625 units

164.25 units

Yearly electricity cost (assuming ₹6/unit)

Rs. 2463.75

Rs. 985.5

Thus, you can save around ₹1500 per year per fan. Indian households on an average have 3 ceiling fans so electricity bill savings will be ₹4500 per year. Thus, you will cover the difference of cost between regular and BLDC fans plus add more to savings.

Sweep Size

Sweep Size of a BLDC ceiling fan is important to know as it will determine whether it will be best suited to your room size or not. Sweep size is the diameter length of the circle formed by connecting the end of all blades of the fan.

Sweep Size

Room Size

Room Type

600mm or 900mm

Less than 30 sq.ft.

Kitchens, Dining Rooms,

Store Rooms


30-65 sq.ft.

Bedrooms, Kitchens,

Dining Rooms


65-120 sq.ft.

Bedrooms, Family Rooms,

Hall space


More than 120 sq.ft.

Large Bedrooms, Family Rooms,

Media rooms (studios)

Body Rod

Fans come with different lengths of rods in their body. Based on the height between your room ceiling and floor, suitable rod length can be determined.

Height (distance between ceiling and floor)

Rod length

8-10 ft

10 inches

11-12 ft

22 inches

13-14 ft

3 feet

15 ft

5 feet

Service Value

Service Value is the ratio of air delivery and power consumption. Suppose your BLDC fan has 240 CMM air delivery and 28W power consumption then the service value is 240 divided by 28 which comes to 8.5 which is good. Service value above 6 is good, but go for the one above 7. Fans above 6 service values have a 5 star BEE rating.


BLDC ceiling fans range from ₹2000-₹12000 based on various factors like brand, features, IOT-enabled, remote control, design, power consumption, and more. Ideally go for the one priced between ₹2500-₹3500 from one of the best BLDC fan brands.


Warranty ranges from 2-5 years. Brands such as Crompton, SuperFan, and Luker provide a 5 year warranty. Other top BLDC ceiling fan brands such as Atomberg, Jupiter, Orient Electric, and Havells provide 2-3 years warranty.

Power Consumption / Energy Savings

Most BLDC ceiling fans consume 25-40W electricity. Make a note that lower consumption equals better energy savings. However, make sure the air delivery rate is also good otherwise the experience will be disappointing. Therefore, it's better to consider fan’s service value.


BLDC fan’s speed is determined by RPM. RPM stands for rotations per minute. More the RPM, the more will be the speed.


Airflow determines how much area your fan can cover efficiently. For instance, a fan with good airflow will give the best breeze experience in all corners of the room. The motor’s size (small is better), blade’s built, and the entire body built plays a crucial role in airflow.

It is measured in CMM (cubic meters per minute). A BLDC ceiling fan with 205-230 CMM is recommended for good airflow. Therefore, go for the one with the highest CMM value.


Most BLDC fans come in matt, gloss, metallic, wooden, and aluminum bodies. Look for an aerodynamically designed fan. It will help in generating higher airflow for better breeze throughout the room.

In-built light

There are fans that come with in-built light at the center. Thus, your fan also works as a night lamp. However, there are very few companies with this feature.

Control options
Remote control

Most BLDC fans come with a remote control. This remote has features like speed control via 5 speed options, sleep mode, timer, on, off, boost mode, and more. Many companies have ‘any direction’ remote i.e. you can control the fan from various angles. Most remotes can operate within 20 ft distance of the fan.

Voice control

You can voice control your fan via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant if your fan is compatible with these. These voice control BLDC fans are costly but extremely convenient especially for handicapped persons and senior citizens.

Mobile control

Many BLDC fan brands have their mobile app from which you can control your fan. This is a suitable option for those who like to operate mostly via mobiles.

Control Features
Speed options

You can set speeds from 1-5. There is also a booster or turbo mode in some models which works at the highest speed. This is useful when you are sweating really hard.


You can set a timer based on your requirements. Most fans have 10 min-2 hr timer options. It is useful for those who have fixed sleep.

Sleep mode

Sleep mode decreases fan speed by some amounts at regular intervals automatically. This is ideal for people who don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to lower fan speeds.


This is the basic feature where you can turn on or off the fan.

Reverse Rotation

There are brands with a Reverse Rotation feature for BLDC ceiling fans. This feature rotates the fan in the opposite direction which in-turn throws hot air from the ceiling. It is useful during winters and in cold regions.


Top BLDC fan brands include Atomberg, SuperFan, Jupiter, Crompton, Orient Electric, Luker, Luminous, Usha, GM, Panasonic Anchor, LG, and Havells. There are many other brands such as Eveready, Venus, Surya, Bajaj, and more.

BEE Rating

Look for a 5 star BEE rated BLDC fan. This will ensure that the power savings done will be good. However, also consider other factors such as service value, power consumption, voltage range, and air delivery for savings.


Take a test of the BLDC ceiling fan you are planning to purchase. Make a note of noise levels at different speeds. Although, a new fan doesn’t make noise but will give you an idea about which is the better one for future usage. Most BLDC fans have low or zero noise levels, thanks to the super efficient motor.

Designer BLDC fans

There are brands that provide designer BLDC fans such as Luker and Luminous. However, they are 1.5-2X times expensive. You can also go for customized BLDC fans to suit your new or renovated home décor.

This was all about the Best BLDC Ceiling Fans in India in 2023. Please do exchange your valuable experiences with these smart fans below.

I love saving money on everything. My aim is to get my readers what they are looking for and that too without wasting much of their time. Whatever I am writing on, you are sure to find a way to save good!
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