Top 10 Statement Jewellery you can pair with your wedding outfit

Get ready for the wedding season! Just sit back and take in all the amazing Jewellery pieces you can pair with your weeding outfit.

by Akansha_B Updated: 29 Mar, 2021, 17:42 IST
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The wedding season is back! It feels so good to say it out loud after the year of isolation and restricted gathering we have had to experience. The second round of wedding season for the year is soon to begin and we all prepared with lots of tips and tricks to help you look glamorous on your wedding day or close ones.

If there’s anything better than dressing up for Diwali Celebration is planning your wedding outfit and putting on the day. We have attended many weddings since our childhood and admired the gorgeous looking brides with total awe. We all have dreamt of a lavish wedding and being that perfectly stunning bride.

Nevertheless, being a vision on your wedding day needs a lot more than just a great event manager, meticulous preparation, reliable vendors, a beautiful face and a grand company. What truly makes or breaks your bridal look from turning iconic, is the combination of Jewellery you decide to accessories with your lehenga. If you are not into fashion jewellery and want to go for real gold jewellery, here is something you can benefit from.

Here is something for the Brides that likes to go overboard with some glamours Fashion Jewellery.

Let’s get to the top 10 Statement Jewellery you can pair with your wedding outfit.
1. Necklace

Necklaces are a way of making you feel lavish whether you wear it on a designer kurta or heavy lehenga. A necklace is one of the most important components of a wedding outfit. In contrast, you can go for your mom's old traditional necklace, many brides like that. However, if you are all about living with the trend here are some choices for you. There are quite a few varieties of necklace available in the store today to suit the deep as well as not-so-deep pockets. Let us see the famous types of necklaces available in India.

Rani Haar

Rani haar is one of the most stunning looking necklaces, worn on weddings. It is a necklace that is usually long and can either be single or double stringed or more than that. Rani Haar is often paired with another necklace, mostly choker giving your wedding attire a royal look. If you have a plain blouse wearing just rani haar would emp it up. It's a perfect addition to wedding jewellery sets for Indian brides.

Choker Style

Choker necklaces have gained tremendous popularity in recent times. The style can be paired with anything from party wear to casual wear, and also touched the Indian bride’s trousseau. Many brides go for just a choker for their wedding, and some like to pair rani haar along with it. It looks royal and gives a whole look to your wedding lehenga, and you can find variants of choker style necklace online.

Aad Necklace

This style of necklace is similar to a choker but with extended strings that cover your complete neckline. Aad necklace closes with strings of triangles which gives a very traditional mostly seen on Rajasthani brides. The piece alone is enough to cover your necklace factor in your wedding attire.

2. Maang Tikka

Maang tikka is given a lot of importance in the Hindu wedding culture. A maang tikka is a small chain with a pendant on the end worn by parting of the hair. The dangling part makes the whole look very traditional and pretty.

3. Nath

This traditional wedding jewellery adds an extra charm to your entire look. Similar to Maang tika, a nose ring or a Nath is as important in Hindu wedding culture. It also adds extra glam and glows to a bride's face, it’s a must-have to be added in a bride’s wedding pieces.

4. Earrings

We don’t even have to mention them! Earrings can transform your look from casual to occasional in an instant. A very standard traditional Indian design that every bride must have is the 'Jhumka', but you can go for versatile studs, chandeliers, chandbali or more.

5. Bridal Bangles/Bracelets

Bangles and Bracelets are a symbol of pride worn by brides of different cultural heritage. They hold a special place in the lives of a bride even after she has been married. You can find bangles made of glass, synthetic, ivory, so forth. It gives a traditional tint to her perfect look but also makes the bride look sophisticated.

6. Finger Rings

Finger ring is the first jewellery that is gifted by the man to her bride, and the second is gifted on their wedding day. Apart from that, a bride can get a beautiful ring to beautify her hands along with her wedding dresses and are a delight to every artisan who makes jewellery.

7. Bajuband

A Baaju band is an armlet that is worn a little above the elbow and is a beautiful piece of jewellery to be worn on the wedding day. Both bride and groom can wear it, has traditionally it is a vital accessory. You can go for a minakari baaju band or a gold one; there are many varieties you can explore.

8. Kamarband

Kamar Bands are beautiful chains of artistry worn on the waist over the wedding saree or lehenga to create the perfect bridal look. Kamarband is a piece of wedding jewellery that lends a very delicate grace to the one who is wearing it.

9. Payal

Payals are the beautiful anklets meant to be worn on the ankle of your feet. These pair of payals are mostly crafted in silver metal, and they especially have a lot of traditional designs and delicate patterns. Payals with little metallic bells that emit a melodious sound when the bride moves are favoured more than the plain ones.

10. Hair Wreaths

These hair wreaths are beautiful brooches made with fake flowers, metal, diamonds and more. Women tend to get confused when it comes to hair accessories on their wedding day. There are so many various styles and patterns available online that it would be difficult to choose which one is the prettiest.

Every bride has a dream of looking a certain way, most are influenced by the movies they have seen growing up and want to look as beautiful as the ladies they admire. There are varieties in all the wedding jewellery mentioned above.

Choose each piece of Jewellery you want for your wedding with a lot of thought and inspiration.

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