Top 5 Best Men’s Hoodie(Sweatshirt) Brands in India with Buying Guides (Updated on March 2022)

The Men's Hoodie(Sweatshirt) Buying Guide is here so check before you buy to pick the Best Sweatshirt. Also, we have curated a list of Top 5 Best Men’s Hoodies in India.

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Hoodies or Sweatshirt are a huge craze among young guns in India. Also, what makes them amazing is their wide range of styling options. Moreover, it is accepted by men who are in their mid-30s to those who are nearing the gates of heaven!

Men’s Hoodie Buying Guide for India in 2022

There are many aspects to take into consideration before buying a hoodie for the ideal fit, colour, type, price, and brand. Let’s go through the Men’s Hoodie/Sweatshirt Buying Guide for India in 2022.

Hoodie Fit

Since it's not a t-shirt, you should not buy tight fitted hoodies. In addition, its material should not be thin, else it will not compliment your body well. Besides, the hood will also look baggy. On the other hand, buying a thick one is also a bad idea since you won’t be able to pair it with a jacket then. Thus, go for a decent material that is not too thin and not too thick.

The hoodie’s sleeves and bottom end should be ribbed. Its neck should not be loosely built, else it will look fizzy. Also, its length should come till below your waist for best fitting.

Hoodie Colors

Make sure to have neutral and plain colours for your hoodies. This is because they gel well with all outfits, all aged men, and all skin tones. The best hoodie colours to look out for include black, dark grey, and light grey. You can stay away from white-coloured hoodies especially in winters as they are not that eye-pleasing.

Just like the orange and brown coloured hoodies trend in 2021, this year trends are starting on olive, marron, and brown coloured hoodies. You can pick any colour, but avoid extreme hard colours for regular use.

For men aged 25+ or who like decent hoodies and have a dark skin tone, low saturation colours are the best option. For instance, mustard over yellow, maroon over red, and olive over the green. However, you can go for pop colours for street-style hoodies.

Hoodies should be of the same colour throughout unless it's a street-style one. Also, the drawstring in it should be of the same colour for better looks. Avoid long, side-zipped, and dark printed hoodies as they have limited styling options.

Zipper vs Pullover Hoodie Types

A zipper hoodie comes with a zip so can be worn as a shirt while a pullover hoodie is like a t-shirt. Zipper hoodies have limited styling options. Moreover, you cannot wear a jacket on it since it already has the same feature. If you wear it as a jacket then it gives a lazy type of feeling. When you sit after wearing a zipper hoodie, it looks bad as the front part is all stuffed-up. The best use of a zipper hoodie is while working out or exercising. Therefore, a pullover hoodie is the best option for all occasions.

Pricing & Brands

Buying a hoodie under ₹1000 is the best option as it allows you to buy more hoodies of different colours and styles. Adro has hoodies under ₹1000 with a great variety of colours, but the quality is ok-ok.

H&M has good design street-style hoodies under ₹900 after applying discounts. You can check out H&M Coupons for the same. If your budget is around ₹2000 then go for GAP brand hoodies. Again, here are some GAP offers for discounts! Finally, comes hoodies from the best hoodie brands in India in 2022 such as Adidas and Nike. However, the budget required here is ₹4000-₹5000.

Hoodie Styling

You can style your hoodie in basic, casual, athleisure, and street style. However, it is not recommended to wear a hoodie with formal dressing. Wearing more accessories with a hoodie might spoil the look. You can at max wear a watch, ring, and bracelet. Also, keep your neck free from any accessories.

Pair any coloured hoodie with black jeans and white sneakers for awesome looks. If your t-shirt is visible from the neck then go for a black t-shirt as it compliments others well. You can also wear a black denim jacket on a hoodie as the hood comes out well in it.

The next option is pairing a hoodie with light washed jeans and white sneakers. This looks best in the daytime. One of the best men’s hoodie types is street-style. This is preferred more by young guns, but 25-35-year-olds can also take the plunge.

Pair a street-style hoodie with cargo pants, especially black coloured ones. Looks fab! Also, olive, grey, and brown cargos go well. Below you can wear black sports shoes.

You can also convert a plain coloured hoodie into a street style one. For this, take one size lower than your regular size. Then, pair it with distressed jeans, what we call “fati hui jeans”. The sneakers should be the same colour as that hoodies or white bulky sneakers will work. Also, the socks' colour should match the hoodie's colour.

If you are the one who wears hoodies on office or formal occasions then pair it with chinos and white plain sneakers. You can also pair it with blazers and formal shoes.

Top 5 Best Men’s Hoodie & Sweatshirts in India in 2022

Now, let’s check out the Top 5 Best Men’s Hoodie & Sweatshirts in India in 2022.

White Drew Printed Hoodie

Drew hoodies are also popular as Justin Bieber hoodies. This White Drew Printed Hoodie comes in 4 sizes from S to XXL, and 2 colours in black and white. It is suitable for machine washing. You will get 2 Drew logo prints, one in the front (on the chest) and one at the bottom of the left sleeve.

Key Features:

  • Regular fit

  • 90% cotton and 10% fleece material

  • Comes with drawstrings


  • Fleece for warmth during winters.

  • Low-priced hoodie.


  • Buying an original Drew hoodie will cost you around ₹10k as it is imported.

Buying options: ₹749 on Amazon

H&M Relaxed Fit Hoodie Sweatshirt

This H&M Relaxed Fit Hoodie Sweatshirt is soft brushed inside so gives a comfy feel. It comes with jersey lining, a drawstring hood, a kangaroo pocket, and long sleeves. Its elastic rib contains 95% cotton while the shell has 60% cotton.

Key Features:

  • Cotton blended

  • Relaxed fit

  • Ribbed cuffs and hem

  • 21 colour shades


  • Has a lot of colour options

  • Product quality


  • High priced hoodie

Buying options:

Jordan Nike Men's Graphic Fleece Hoodie

This Jordan Nike Men's Graphic Fleece Hoodie has the legend basketballer Jordan printed at the back along with his signature. On the front is the “Flight Collection” logo which looks decent. It comes in 3 colours: peach, black, and olive. My pick is the olive one because of its unique textures. The black one is great if you are a Jordan fan because his picture comes out highlighted!

Key Features:

  • Iconic Jordan logo and signature on sleeves (at the bottom)

  • French terry fleece material

  • Puff prints on the front, back, and sleeves

  • Stretchy ribbed cuffs and hem

  • 82% cotton used on body and hood

  • 97% cotton used on the hem


  • Super comfortable

  • Unmatched design

  • Comes under ₹4k MRP


  • More colours would have been better

Buying options: ₹3995 on Nike

GAP Colorblock Hoodie with Insert Pockets

This GAP hoodie comes with GAP branding on the front and on the hood. The full sleeves are 2 layered of black and dark grey which makes it unique and looks amazing.

Key Features:

  • Regular Fit

  • 77% cotton & 23% polyester material

  • Ribbed hem, cuffs, and sleeves.


  • Unique double-coloured sleeves with ribbing

  • Long-lasting hoodie


  • Only in black colour

Buying options: ₹3499 on Ajio

Arctic Fox Unisex Merlot Zipper Hoodie Sweatshirt

This Arctic Fox hoodie sweatshirt has logo print on the top left, brand writing on the right sleeve, and brand label on the kangaroo pocket. Its 3/4th black and 1/4th red coloured design looks great.

Key Features:

  • Zipper hoodie

  • Stretchable hoodie

  • 100% cotton hood, 65% cotton body, 97% cotton rib


  • Unique colour texture

  • High-quality hoodie


  • Too much branding done

Buying options:

These were the Best Men’s Hoodies you can give a try on! Besides, hope you found the Men’s Hoodie Buying Guide useful! Please do share your valuable views on Men’s Hoodies below.

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