Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2024 based on Market Capitalization, Future Prospects & Popularity

Here is the list of top cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024. These crypto tokens can be a big profit in long term like BTC & ETH.

by Amit.Saha Updated: 09 Jan, 2024, 17:15 IST
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Today the global Cryptocurrency market cap is US$2.26T and a few weeks ago it touched US$3T. So, the continuous increase of crypto traders and investors is helping companies gather funds via IEOs, IDOs etc. Many exciting projects on Metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, Altcoins are coming with their crypto tokens and people are also searching for some good crypto investment in the long term. In this article, we have listed some popular crypto tokens which can be a life-changing investment but you must do your own research before investing your hard-earned money. The listed cryptocurrencies are chosen based on their Market Cap, Popularity with growing strong community support, future prospects and their use cases. You can also use Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and official Twitter handle and official websites of the dedicated cryptocurrency to track trends, future plans, roadmap, popularity, number of watchlists of those crypto tokens. 

Top Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024

Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy This 2024
1. Ethereum (ETH)

ETH possesses the second spot after Bitcoin, yet, in any case, the Ethereum value forecast is disputable. Right now, Ethereum is showing the possibility to expand its cost by December 2021. The upgrade of Ethereum for next year could bring about a few significant benefits over Bitcoin. From sped up to more noteworthy productivity, Ethereum has a splendid future in 2024.

Pros of buying Ethereum
  • Ethereum considers worldwide exchanges without the requirement for a mediator.

  • The servers facilitated by the system are not constrained by any single person which guarantees there is no vacation as it shouldn’t be closed down for upkeep or updates to the framework.

  • Ethereum highlights a blockchain that can cycle transactions whenever, before it could require days for exchanges to be handled.

  • It’s open-source which implies that anybody can audit the code, recognize mistakes and give ideas to work on its usefulness.

Cons of buying Ethereum

  • Assuming many individuals are attempting for transactions simultaneously, then, at that point, you may need to sit tight for a couple of hours or even days before your Ethereum exchange gets handled.

  • You will be needed to pay the organization (excavators) for mining your exchange. This implies that you should ensure that your Ethereum is worth more than the measure of cash you are going to spend on mining it.

  • There are a few Ethereum ‘miners’, yet there are sure center points that have more computational power than others. This implies that these individuals control everything about the organization.

  • Ethereum is additionally unique as it doesn’t have a breaking point to the number of tokens it can make.

  • One more issue with Ethereum is that there are issues with regard to forking on the grounds that there are no standards set up.

2. Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin is the local crypto of a huge crypto exchange and there are various benefits of investing. Trading BNB brings specific dangers with trading risks. Investing in BNB will bring Incentive for Binance users, a stake in Binance’s blockchain technology, a store of significant worth.

Pros of buying Binance Coin

  • BNB is one of the most amazing utility tokens in the business.

  • BNB utilizes an exceptional burndown strategy.

  • BNB goes about as a coupon of discount on the platform of Binance exchange.

  • Binance is well reputed and well known.

  • Binance offers quick exchanges just as low exchange charges.

Cons of buying Binance Coin

  • Discounts decline over the long haul.

  • Guidelines can influence the holding and exchange of BNB.

  • BNB is restricted to the Binance trade.

  • Binance is a principal focus for cyber-attacks.

  • BNB supports no smart contracts agreements.

3. Solana (SOL)

In recent years, a significant amount of potential is shown by Solana that has shown a diversity of partnerships, even though there is no clear roadmap. Solana will ultimately have the ability to deal with countless clients alongside a huge number of decentralized applications. It is indistinct whether Solana will actually have the ability to beat solid contenders, like, Ethereum 2.0, in any case, Solana values utilizing just a solitary layer blockchain, unlike its major competitor.

Pros of buying Solana

  • Solana is interoperable and brags with some of the quickest exchange speeds in the business.

  • SOL has seen critical expansions as of late of over 600%.

  • Solana upholds an assortment of members in cryptocurrency.

  • Solana has a few legitimate investors.

Cons of buying Solana

  • Centralization stays an issue as there are under 200 validators

  • Dissemination and outflows plan makes it ugly

  • Distribution brings about the weakening of circulating supply

4. Cardano (ADA)

There have been a few incredible field experts engaged with the improvement of Cardano which is centered around making a stage for savvy contracts that will deliver adaptable, straightforward, and progressed highlights. The Haskell language eliminates human error and makes Cardano one of the most secure platforms. Despite the fact that there are a few different stages that offer straightforward exchanges, Cardano offers clients the capacity to add extra details to their exchanges. With Cardano, clients can keep exchange and data in isolated layers, and choose to finish the details when pertinent, or on the other hand if fundamental.

Pros of buying Cardano

  • Cardano highlights an incredible, devoted development group.

  • It has scholastic support and includes scholarly, peer audits.

  • Cardano settles the issue confronted with adaptability and guarantees quick exchange speeds.

  • It is a third-generation blockchain secured by PoS protocol and provides digital identity.

  • There are organizations running to be long-term partners with Cardano.

  • There have been significant cost increments during the initial three months of 2021.

  • Cardano can have resources without requiring brilliant agreements.

Cons of buying Cardano

  • Cardano has gone through a ton of surveys and testing, and it is as yet being grown gradually.

  • It is also known as the “academic” blockchain.

  • Having various chains isn’t the most up-to-date advancement as other blockchains utilize a similar innovation.

  • Cardano isn’t completely decentralized at this point

5. Polygon (MATIC)

At the start of the year, the growth that was experienced by top coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum was surpassed by the MATIC token. There is an increase of more than 7000% and MATIC is soon to become one of the top tokens and likely to draw huge investors as soon it comes close to the cryptocurrency giants.

Pros of buying Polygon

  • Polygon is characteristically safer as a result of the validation system.

  • Polygon utilizes a joint framework consisting of PoS and the Heimdall architecture, expanding adaptability and power.

  • The system of multi-chain permits Polygon to access and utilize the full force of Ethereum.

  • Polygon has a completely customizable tech stack, which offers clients a comparative encounter to that of Ethereum.

Cons of buying Polygon

- Quite possibly with advancements in Ethereum 2.0, Polygon will don’t really be needed as the second layer of Ethereum

6. Tether (USDT)

Tether is the most stable-value cryptocurrency that comes in the list of top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2024. `Tether offers a method for keeping away from the outrageous unpredictability of other cryptocurrencies. Besides, having USDT eliminates exchange expenses and defers that debilitating exchange execution inside the crypto market.

Pros of buying Tether

  • Volatility absence.

  • Fast and simple to exchange reciprocally with genuine assets

Cons of buying Tether

- It is not decentralized but centralized.

7. XRP

XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies founded by Ryan Fugger and Jed McCaleb. The technology Ripple acts as both a digital payment network and a cryptocurrency. One of the best investment options is XRP when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies

Pros of buying XRP

  • XRP exchanges are quick and modest.

  • Ripple’s instalment network is now being utilized by monetary establishments.

  • XRP can be utilized by entrepreneurs and shoppers for secure cash moves.

  • XRP can be utilized as a bridge currency for worldwide money moves.

Cons of buying XRP

  • Ripple’s agreement convention is apparently less secure than different strategies for handling crypto exchanges.

  • Many of Ripple’s financial partners only use RippleNet and not its XRP cryptocurrency.

  • Ripple has drawn controversy since it’s controlled by a privately owned business and in light of the SEC claim.

  • XRP is hard to buy in the U.S.

8. Stellar

Stellar is an open organization that permits cash to be moved and stored. In July 2014, when Stellar was released, one of its objectives was supporting monetary incorporation by arriving at the world’s unbanked — however, its needs moved to assist monetary firms with associating blockchain innovation.

Pros of buying Stellar

  • Stellar backs both brilliant agreements just as ICOs.

  • Stellar tends to the adaptability challenge and can handle a huge number of exchanges each second.

  • A few payments can take between two to five seconds to finish.

  • Small Transactions feature small, practically unnoticeable charges.

  • Smart contracts and multi-signatures are enabled by Stellar.

Cons of buying Stellar

  • At present, Stellar has a tiny flow supply.

  • Advancement on this stage is slow and just a few Lumens can be delivered or there is a danger of instability

  • There are numerous rivals in a similar field as Stellar like Ripple, Ethereum, and others

9. Decentraland (MANA)

Not being a concept, Virtual Reality is growing in popularity. Decentraland might turn out to be more important in the future and the capacity that it has in consolidating VR with cryptography makes it remarkable, furnishing it with a lot of employment in a decentralized augmented simulation, without the limits that a controlling organization can set up. Decentralize intends to provide engineers and clients with more opportunity to evaluate novel thoughts and it could see generous development in offering amusement to clients, while at the same time permitting proprietors of LAND to create again without mediators. One more danger to consider is that of guidelines, with administrative elements that can force severe guidelines on digital forms of money at some random time, restricting the capacity that clients have in getting to the Ethereum blockchain just as Decentraland.

Pros of buying Decentraland

  • The community governance of Decentraland is backed by the Security Advisory Board (SAB).

  • There is the choice for auctioning of Non-Fungible Tokens and selling of LAND for MANA.

  • For Decentraland tokens, there are various use cases.

  • There are steady upgrades to guarantee that new highlights are being acquainted with the convention.

Cons of buying Decentraland

  • There is an extraordinary need for engaging content.

  • Absence of variety in the territory in Decentraland.

  • Clients don’t go over others and when they do, there is no cooperation.

  • Hazard of abuse as a consequence of the danger of cyberattacks.

10. Enjin (ENJ)

For some time, Enjin has been an essentially enormous gaming community and has been furnishing gamers with forums, chat functions, website builders, and different organization and group building instruments starting around 2009. Indeed, even before the Enjin Coin was made, Enjin previously had in excess of 60 million site hits alongside 19 million enlisted clients and more than 300 000 gaming sites. These details have fundamentally bootstrapped the reception of the Enjin Coin and guaranteed that there are financial backers who are securing their assets in the stage, sitting tight for it to appreciate as more clients join. Enjin is as of now the forerunner in this field, and it is relied upon to quickly increment in years to come, helping the cost of ENJ which is utilized on the stage.

Pros of buying Enjin

  • The Enjin platform allows clients to make and coordinate cutting-edge NFTs with their applications, games, and sites.

  • Enjin has its own local wallet that offers clients double encryption and which can deal with crypto and NFT exchanging.

  • The marketplace of Enjin has encountered in excess of 1,000,000 exchanged things up to this point, helping discover users, purchase, and sell uncommon and extraordinary NFTs.

  • Enjin presented Beam, which can assist organizations with extending and drawing in their crowds through NFTs which are implanted with QR codes.

  • Enjin offers a cutting-edge blockchain for NFTs which fills in as an organization that is versatile, decentralized, and cross-chain.

Cons of buying Enjin

  • The crypto wallet presented by Enjin isn’t open-source, hence missing satisfactory reviewing.

  • ENJ doesn’t have any actual support in regards to resources, benefits, or items.

11. Kucoin Token (KCS)

Kucoin Token (KCS) is the local badge of the KuCoin trade exchanging platform. The token was dispatched in 2017 to fill in as a benefit-sharing symbol that permits brokers to acquire esteem from the KuCoin trade itself. Kucoin Token was created on the Ethereum blockchain and it was dispatched as an ERC-20 coin, which makes it viable with most Ethereum viable wallets. KuCoin offers a wide scope of cutting-edge highlights including low expenses and a wide scope of coins that can be traded. By putting resources into the KuCoin Token, clients can draw a few benefits from the trade-related benefit sharing, which makes it worth the speculation.

Pros of buying Kucoin Token

  • KuCoin is known for its low exchange costs and has a solid client base.

  • Clients can procure interest on their cryptocurrencies.

  • KuCoin offers benefit sharing for KCS holders.

Cons of buying Kucoin Token

- KuCoin isn’t appropriate for amateur dealers

12. Bloktopia (BLOK)

Bloktopia is a Virtual Skyscraper of 21 levels that recognizes 21 million Bitcoins. Bloktopia highlights a Non-fungible Token (NFT) economy where business visionaries can claim land. The plots of land can be formed and changed into a land where clients can make commercials and occasions that can make extra revenue streams for clients. Bloktopia is wise to choose to invest for the people who are keen on NFTs and who wish to broaden their digital currency portfolio by adding this crypto coin. Bloktopia is set to appreciate intrigue in NFT increments. NFTs are very unsafe on the grounds that they are pattern-driven, and patterns can begin and end irregularly. It is incredibly hard to foresee whether these undertakings will see long-haul development in view of the arising projects in the field.

Pros of buying Bloktopia

  • Honors Bitcoin

  • It intends to be a diversion center for various market members

  • It offers an astonishing client experience

  • It fuses NFTs

Cons of buying Bloktopia

- These cryptocurrencies are pattern-based and exceptionally affected by web-based media patterns and news

13. 1INCH

1Inch has various innovative tools just as elements that offset the downsides of utilizing it. 1Inch’s foundation has worked effectively in overseeing and conquering the absolute most testing issues that the DeFi environment is confronting. 1Inch offers brokers and investors a simple answer for thinking about the paces of a wide range of decentralized trades on one stage, as well as having total transparency on estimating.

Pros of buying 1INCH

  • 1Inch has a decent standing and history with no security breaks or hacking occurrences.

  • The 1Inch UI is clear and simple to explore.

  • There are no extra charges in utilizing the help that 1Inch offers, there is just the organization expense.

  • As a DEX aggregator, 1Inch guarantees that clients have high liquidity on exchanges.

  • CHI Gas tokens are gainful to clients who need additional cost decreases.

  • Mooniswap permits clients to keep away from slippage just as assume responsibility for the client’s entrance cost.

Cons of buying 1INCH

  • 1Inch can’t be utilized by clients who don’t have cryptocurrencies.

  • The platform could be challenging for beginner traders.

  • A few traders might observe the absence of fiat stores debilitating.

  • A potential point of attack could be “Infinity Lock”.

14. Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is a blockchain project that interfaces a few diverse blockchains and offers one single organization. Polkadot works with information moves across various chains, and it utilizes special innovations including the Relay Chain and Parachains to guarantee the most elevated level of interoperability. Polkadot is an amazingly rewarding venture opportunity absolutely dependent on the potential development that its innovation has. Polkadot makes a heterogeneous blockchain and fills in as a significant connection between other blockchains where exchanges can run equally.

Pros of buying Polkadot

  • Cross-blockchain moves are conceivable.

  • There is monetary and value-based adaptability.

  • Updates can be made without the danger of hard forks.

  • Complete independence without sacrificing security

Cons of buying Polkadot

  • There are a few other solid rivals in the field.

  • Programmers can undoubtedly take advantage of code weaknesses.

15. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based virtual reality where members can play out a few activities, for example, making, building, purchasing, and selling resources. The Sandbox utilizes DAO alongside NFTs to give clients a decentralized stage with an enormous and dynamic gaming local area. Through the unique technology of Sandbox, blockchain technology can turn out to be more available and generally acknowledged all over the planet. The Sandbox is drawing in a great deal of consideration on account of the massive drive behind P2E NFT games. One more advantage of the game is that clients can acquire $SAND when they mess around, which makes it considerably more well known.

Pros of buying the Sandbox

  • Clients can undoubtedly exchange and purchase items on the stage.

  • There is secure possession for all members.

  • Clients can partake in administration on the stage.

  • The community is taught through an inventive Ask Me Anything (AMA) drive.

Cons of buying the Sandbox

  • There is a high danger of information robbery through cyberattacks.

  • The task can be reevaluated which builds the danger of disappointment in the code.

Stability and Future Prospects

The predictions and Crypto assessments are prepared on the basis of the most current information. However, the facts and figures can change anytime and there could be benefits and risks in the crypto market. The regulatory moves, future trends, and undisciplined technologies could have a significant collision on specific cryptocurrencies and the crypto market. To play further with the crypto market and to know about the top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2024, crypto people are advised to be updated with the latest news regarding the change in cryptocurrencies and understand the risk.

You can use cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinSwitch, WazirX, CoinDXC etc to buy most of the crypto coins listed here.
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Are there any good apps for investment? I am using Wazirx, but not that good I feel. Money deposit is always a problem. There is no portfolio management, we never know how the coin is doing in the market.

Please suggest any good app with good portfolio management and with easy deposits.


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I use mainly foreign exchange but if I have to pick any Indian exchange then it will be Bitbns because during market crash when other app not even running properly

Bitbns let users to deposit without any problem even in market crash

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Thanks plus1

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Crypto investment still a risky until govt not clear his stand on it.

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You forgot Rune,Tellor, and Elrond Gold

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Shiba inu?

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Shiba Inu main use case is literally nothing except it has shiba swap but still it is a meme token & not worth investing so stay away from every meme coins
Meme coins are like penny stocks so invest only in good projects and hold them for long term

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great selection. I bought LUNA and it increasing  continuously.

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Have to hold for long term.when I bought it is falling continuosly.

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LPN Token is the best option 👍🏼

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Siacoin, Already at 1 Re
Aur kitna girega ??
Hence bought Siacoin blush blush

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Invested 5400 in tron (TRX) 3 months ago lost 2000 rupees sob

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@prakash_2006 don’t worry still it is a good investment in long term

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Bought ETC worth 15L @ 9000 (Average Buy) in MAY’21

When will the price rise? sad

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Just hold it and next time diversify your portfolio don’t invest all of your money in 1 coin/token

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Thanks for the details. 

Does BitBns have Portfolio management where we can see at least like at what price we bought and how it has changed since we bought like?

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@Ankit_x3 for sure Ethereum cash will increase and a probability of 2X gain. Though your buying price is high you can get a chance around 15-18k to sell and book profit. Wait and watch.

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btc at40k

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