Twitter Blue Tick Subscription in India by November-end | Benefits & Expected Price

Twitter Blue Tick Subscription in India is coming soon. See below Twitter blue tick benefits, Blue tick subscription price in India, and what some Indian Twitter users have to say about the Twitter subscription.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 16 Nov, 2022, 11:36 IST
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Twitter Blue Tick Subscription is already live for iOS and Android users in the US and other countries. However, Twitter’s Blue Tick Subscription in India was unconfirmed until a few days back. As per a recent tweet by Elon Musk, the Twitter subscription in India is most likely to be live from November month-end. The Twitter Blue subscription benefits are not also only limited to Twitter Blue Tick, contrary to what most people think.

Twitter Blue Tick Subscription in India

Twitter, the social media platform for the past couple of days has been an active topic of news on the internet. Though not for all the good reasons. Recently, we saw Twitter laying off 50% of its employees worldwide and a majority of its employees are in India. The layoffs at Twitter have been going on for several weeks, ever since Elon Musk became the company's new owner. 

While some are unhappy with Twitter layoffs happening, some users were not as delighted by the Twitter Blue subscription feature that Elon Musk is now incorporating into Twitter. Let’s look at what Twitter Blue means, Twitter Blue Tick Benefits, Twitter Blue Tick price in India, and more.

What is Twitter Blue Tick? Or Twitter Blue Subscription?

Twitter Blue Tick or Twitter Blue Subscription is a new in-app purchase in Twitter that would allow Twitter users to get extra features and benefits such as a Twitter blue tick badge, the ability to upload longer videos, priority in appearing in search results, and more.

Currently, the Twitter Blue Tick or Twitter Blue subscription is only available in select countries in the world such as the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As you can see, India is not yet added to this list. But, as per a tweet from Elon Musk, Indian Twitter users can expect to receive the Twitter Blue subscription in India by November month-end.

Twitter Blue Subscription in India | Launch Date

Twitter Blue Subscription in India is coming soon as pointed out by a tweet from Elon Musk recently when an Indian Twitter user named, “Prabhu” tagged Elon Musk asking. “When can we expect to have the Twitter Blue roll out in India?" Elon Musk tweeted back, “Less than a month” So, the Indian Twitter fans and users who are looking forward to buying Twitter Blue subscription, can expect it to be available in India by November-ending.

What is Twitter Blue Tick Price in India?

The Twitter Blue Tick price in India is not yet confirmed but Elon Musk talked about adjusting the Twitter Blue subscription price as per the country's propitiatory and purchasing power. What this means is that Twitter may make the Twitter Blue Subscription in India available for a lesser rate as compared to US or Canada. Twitter users can expect to buy Twitter Blue Subscription in India at price between Rs.300 to Rs.400 per month.

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Twitter Blue Tick Benefits


As seen above, Twitter Blue Tick will offer several benefits such as:

  • Half the ads and twice as relevant ones

  • Post longer duration videos (up to some 42 minutes)

  • Content monetization benefits (coming soon)

  • Priority ranking, more reach, and impact

  • Lastly, a verified Twitter blue tick on your profile

Elon Musk also recently tweeted that the billionaire Twitter owner may introduce content monetization benefits to Twitter users, most probably the verified ones.

The Twitter Blue Tick subscription is suited for content creators, and people who love Twitter as a platform and use it to share key information about their products, services, or business. It could also be helpful for organizations and companies. But as a general Twitter user, the Twitter Blue Tick subscription is certainly not as useful to you as it would be to Elon Musk, in making him a little richer.

Can anyone get the Twitter-verified Blue Tick badge?

It is not yet confirmed if the Twitter Blue subscription fee is the only criterion to get verified on Twitter now. It is most likely not going to be the case. You cannot expect to create a fresh, new Twitter account and pay Twitter to get verified. Most probably, the Twitter team would scan your profile for possible scams and might even ask to share identity proof to prove you are a real person using the Twitter account.

Twitter Blue Tick in India: What Indian Twitter users are saying?

The Twitter Blue Tick in India has mixed views and opinions. Some Indian Twitter users are in favor of Twitter bringing paid subscription blue tick for all users, some are not as happy with the new feature. A recent report also revealed that Twitter blue ticks were sold for $5K to $15K and when asked about the process, the service providers claimed to have contacts in the Twitter India team. Many users believe that the new Twitter blue tick subscription will help reduce the scam of illegally selling Twitter Blue Ticks.

A Twitter user by the name “Jiten Parmar” said the following while commenting on the Twitter India blue tick.

“It's an open secret how Twitter India was functioning. Blue ticks were sold. Fake followers were sold. Have been approached many times with fees ranging from 5 to 10 lakhs for Blue tick. And also varying amounts for followership increase.”

Read the tweet 

Another Indian Twitter user by the name of “Mallika Soni” said the following while commenting on Twitter's blue tick subscription.

“Hi @ elonmusk. I am a journalist in India (if at all that's possible). When we cover news that's outside our "access" we rely on agencies for info and Twitter for videos. If you give a blue tick to everyone who can buy it, how will we identify who is a credible source of information?”

Read the Tweet

Elon Musk’s recent tweet about not going to lower the Twitter Subscription price is circulating all over the internet.

“Trash me all day. But it will cost $8” - Said a tweet by Elon Musk

What are your thoughts on Elon Musk making the Twitter blue tick verification paid and the Twitter Blue tick subscription? Do you think it would help reduce spam and the spread of false information?

Do share with us in the comments below.

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ya pay to use , social media, Bleh!!!!!

just wait till web3 kicks in, you will be rewarded to use these apps. and they will take over.

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I think only those people will pay who are pure professionals and rely upon Twitter contents for their income. For users like me, Twitter is just another social platform like Instagram, Snapchat, etc etc where everyone visit in free time or for time paas, gossips etc. Not dying for their blue tick now and never was. 
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As per PPP calculations it will be under 200. Elon said in tweet that priceing will be based on PPP.
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who cares. I am not a celebrity - kar lo mera parody!

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Elon, What next?
Who's responsible for this loss?
Get ready for a free fall if things aren't reimplemented.

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