Upcoming IPOs in India in 2022

List of Upcoming IPOs in India 2022 is here. Check out Upcoming IPO details, Grey Market Premium, Review, Performance, Allotment Status etc. here.

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Before beginning to talk about Upcoming IPOs in India in 2022. Let us first understand a Few Common IPO related Terminologies-

Upcoming IPOs in India in 2022

Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP)

You might have heard about DRHP For eg in the news I read about Snapdeal filing for DRHP. The draft prospectus shall be submitted to the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) at least 21 days before the IPO. During these 21 days, SEBI evaluates the prospectus and requests revisions. During this time, the general public can also submit comments to SEBI.

Abridged Prospectus

An abbreviated version of the IPO prospectus that incorporates all of the regular prospectus's key components. Every IPO application form must be accompanied by an abridged prospectus, as required by the Companies Act of 1956.

Red Herring Prospectus

Before launching the IPO, the company must file a final prospectus with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). It includes everything investors need to know about the firm and the IPO, such as a business description, management credentials, operating data, future plan, IPO price band, the intended use of proceeds, and the IPO schedule. The offer document is also known as the prospectus.

Offer Date

This is the starting date when you may place your bid for shares in an IPO. It is also called the opening date of an IPO.

Lot Size

In an IPO, the smallest quantity of shares for which you can place a bid. You must bid in multiples of the lot size if you need to buy more shares. For example, if an IPO's lot size is 1000 shares, you must bid for at least 1000 shares. Bids must be in multiples of 1500, such as 1000 or 2000 if you want to go higher.

Price Band

The price band is the range of prices within which investors can bid for IPO shares. The corporation and the underwriter put it together. For retail investors, it is usually the smallest. You cannot bid less than Rs.110 or more than Rs.120 per share if the price band is established at Rs.110-120 per share.

Book Building Process

It is the process of determining the issue price for an initial public offering (IPO) based on investor bids. If investors show considerable interest in the IPO and bid high, the issue price will be closer to the higher end of the pricing band. Otherwise, it will be low in the pricing range.

If an IPO's price band is Rs.200-210 per share, for example, the issue price will be set closer to Rs.210 if investors have bid high. The offering price will be fixed closer to Rs.200 if investors bid low.

Issue Price

As soon as the book-building procedure is completed, this is the price at which shares are allotted to investors. Every investor class has a separate issue price, with retail investors often paying the lowest. It's also known as an offer price.

Floor Price

The Floor Price is the lowest price per share you can bid when applying for an IPO. The lower end of the price band is the floor price in the case of IPOs with a price band.

Cut-off Price

The Cut-off price is the lowest issue price at which shares in an Initial Public Offering are allotted. It is usually only available to retail investors.

If your bid price is higher than the cut-off price, you will be repaid the difference.


An oversubscribed IPO is an IPO where investors bid far beyond the shares proposed by the company.


The additional subscription sum obtained by the company in the situation of an oversubscribed IPO is called oversubscription.

Listing Date

This is the day on which the IPO stock trades on the stock exchange. If you were unable to receive shares in the IPO, you might trade them and buy the company's shares.

From the Last Two Decades, 2021 was the Best year for IPO. About 63 Companies went Public.

Many companies are aiming to go Public in 2022. Almost around 25 Companies got Approvals from the Regulators to go public and many other companies around 30 are yet to get approvals.

According to Experts the IPO Market in 2022 is going to Cross INR 2 Lakh Crores

In 2021 We saw many Unicorns and Tech Startups like Zomato, Paytm, Policybazaar which went Public Amid the Pandemic. Will 2022 also see such IPOs?

List of Upcoming IPO in India for 2022

Here is the List of a Few Upcoming IPOs which are Expected to go on the Floor in 2022 -

Name of the Company

Issue Size in Crores




Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced

Adani Wilmar


27th to 31st January



Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced

OYO Rooms


Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced

Muthoot Microfin


Yet to be Announced

VLCC Healthcare

300 + Offer to Sale

Yet to be Announced

Studds Accessories


Yet to be Announced

Fincare Small Finance Bank


Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced

Bajaj Energy


Yet to be Announced

Go Airlines


Yet to be Announced

SBI Mutual Fund


Yet to be Announced



Yet to be Announced

Brief Information about the Companies of Upcoming IPOs

Here is the introduction about all companies which are going for Upcoming IPOs in India in 2022-

1. LIC

The IPO of the biggest government-owned life insurer in India has created quite a buzz amongst buyers. It is the largest and Most Awaited IPO, with an Issue size of around Rs. 70,000 to Rs.80,,000 crores.

The Government plans to sell a stake of 5-10% of the Company via the Launch of the IPO. The Central government is aiming to accumulate Rs. 2.1 lakh crores via the divestment of LIC.

2. NSE

NSE is going to be another most Awaited and Highly-Anticipated IPO. India’s Largest Stock Market is Expected to go public in 2022.SBI, LIC, IFCI, IDBI Bank, Goldman Sachs, Stock Holding Corporation, Tiger Global, and Citigroup are the company's major stakeholders.

3. Adani Wilmar

Adani Wilmar is a Joint Venture of Ahmedabad based Adani Group and Singapore Based Wilmar Group. This IPO will see an Entirely Fresh Issue of Shares. The Adani Wilmar FMCG Company Produces the Edible Oil ‘Fortune’ Which is Quite Popular in India.

4. BYJU’s
It is an Application for Students where students are provided Education for Free. They also Offer Information about Competitive Exams like IAS, NEET, JEE.

5. Delhivery

It is India’s Largest and Fastest Growing Logistics Service provider. It offers services like heavy goods delivery, PTL (partial truckload) freight, TL (truckload) freight, warehousing, supply chain solutions, etc. and also express parcel delivery. It is planning to Raise Rs.5000 crore via Fresh Issue and Rs.2460 via Offer to Sale.

6. OYO Rooms

It is a Leading Digital Platform in India providing Hospitality Services. It aims to raise Rs.7000 Crore from Fresh Issue and Rs.1430 from Offer to sale

7. Pharmeasy

This Digital Platform Provides Health Care Services like Home Delivery of Medicines, Tests, Medical Devices etc. Through Fresh Issue of Equity Shares, it plans to Raise Rs.6,250 Crore.

8. Snapdeal

Founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bhal. It was Floated as an Ecommerce Platform in 2010. In 2017 it was on the verge of merging with Flipkart but it was dropped. This IPO will Comprise of Fresh Issue of Rs.1250 crore and an Offer to Sale Component.

9. MobiKwik

It is one of the Leading Platforms for Buy Now Pay later and Also for Mobile Wallets Transaction in India. MobiKwik Provides peer to peer services payment via UPI, MobiKwik Wallet to Bank payments, MobiKwik Wallet. It aims to Raise Rs.1500 Crore through Fresh Issue and Rs.400 Crore through Offer to Sale.

10. Ixigo

It is a Digital Platform for Booking Flights, buses, trains and hotels. It is been in business for about 14 years now. It comprises Rs.850 Crore Fresh Issue and an Offer for Sale of Rs.750 Crore.

11. Ola

Founded in 2010. Ola not only offers Cab- Hailing services but also provides Car Rental and Food Delivery services. In 2021 it launched Ola Electric and Becomes an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Company Producing Electric Scooters. It Launched 2 E-Scooters in 2021.

12. Muthoot Microfin

It is coming up with an Issue Size of Rs.800 Crore. The Company focuses on providing Micro-Loans to Women living in rural regions of India.

13. VLCC Healthcare

Many Have heard of VLCC Brand they offer wellness and Beauty products. It also manufactures and Sell Personal Care Products. The IPO Comprises Rs.300 Crore and Offer to Sale Component.

14. Studds Accessories

It is the World’s largest Two-Wheeler Helmet producer. It has its business presence in over Forty Countries which also includes India. It is a Haryana Based firm that plans to raise Rs.450 Crore out of which through Fresh Issue Rs.98 Crore and OFS of Rs.39,39,000.

15. Fincare Small Finance Bank

Fincare SFB a ‘digital-first’ Small Finance financial institution (SFB) that caters to unbanked and underbanked purchasers, in particular in rural and semi-city regions. Furthermore, it operates on an economic inclusion business version to provide people and corporations with cheaper economic products and services that fit their desires. Also, It intends to raise INR 1300 crore through the IPO. It aims to raise fresh offering of equity shares worth up to INR 330 crore and INR 1000 crore offer for sale.

16. Droom

Droom Technology is an Online Marketplace for Buying and Selling Cars and Two Wheelers. The IPO comprises a fresh issue of Rs.2,000 crore and an offer for sale of Rs.1,000 crore

17. Bajaj Energy

Bajaj energy is among the biggest private Sector thermal electricity companies in India. It is Uttar Pradesh based Company that is responsible for developing, financing, and also working thermal power plant life in India. Through IPO it plans to raise INR 5450 crore through this offering. The offer includes Rs.5150 crore new issuance and Rs.300 Crore offer for Sale.

18. Go Airlines

GoAir is an Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) airline. It is one of India’s fastest-growing carriers. It has around 56 aircraft. Moreover, the initial public offering would consist of a fresh issue of equity shares worth up to INR 3,600 crores.

19. Swiggy
In 2021 we all saw Zomato IPO. In 2022 Swiggy also aims to go Public. It is a leading Digital Platform for food Delivery. It is Currently Concentrating on Developing its Instamart which is a Grocery Delivery platform.

20. SBI Mutual Fund

State Bank of India (SBI), India’s biggest lender, aims to float its mutual fund arm. SBI budget control is a partnership between SBI and Amundi Asset control (a Paris employer). SBI intends to sell 6% of its interest within the mutual fund unit, even as Amundi plans to sell kind of 4%

Frequently Asked Questions about IPO
Q1. Is it mandatory to have a PAN number to apply in an IPO?

SEBI has made the PAN number mandatory for IPO applicants. Forms submitted without PAN numbers or wrong PAN numbers are considered faulty applications and they are not considered for IPO allotment.

Q2. Can I apply in an IPO through multiple applications on the same name?

    No, one person cannot apply multiple times through multiple applications for an IPO. It's a rule and if you apply in an IPO through multiple applications with the same name same Demat account or same PAN Number, all of your applications will be rejected.

    If you would like to place an order for multiple applications, it works if you apply one each of your family member's name. But again all eligible family members should have a Demat account and a PAN number.

    Q3. Do Companies list on stock exchanges without an IPO?

      Yes. Companies can get listed on an exchange without an IPO as long as they meet the conditions set by SEBI.

      Q4. Does applying for an IPO guarantee investors a certain amount of shares?

        No. Applying for shares does not guarantee allotment. Applying for shares means that you are bidding for the shares. The allotment depends on the number of bids received and the price at which these bids are made.

        Q5. What is the difference between Floor Price and Cut-Off Price?

          The floor price is the minimum price at which bids can be made.

          The cut-off price is the offer price that is finalized by the company and the lead manager after receiving the bids. This can be any price in between the price band.

          Q6. Who decides the date of the issue?

            The most appropriate offering dates are decided by the company after their prospectus is approved by SEBI.

            Q7. How many days will an IPO remain open for the public?

              An IPO remains open for at least 3 working days, but not more than 10 working days.

              Q8. Can I cancel my Bid for online IPO order?

                Yes, you can cancel your bid for online order anytime before the Modification/ Revision / Cancellation cut-off time.

                Q9. Where can I check the Refunds for non-allotted shares / Cancelled order / lower revised orders?

                  Refunds are directly credited by IPO registrar to your Bank account linked to your Demat account on the date of allotment, provided the MICR number of your bank account is updated in your Demat account.

                  Note :- The Issue Size is tentative and for few Companies the Issue Size as well as IPO. Dates are yet to be Announced. This thread will be updated if any further announcements are made. Also, Which of these IPOs are you looking forward to investing in?

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