Whatsapp launches Multi-Phone Support: Use 1 Whatsapp Account on 4 Smartphones!

A Single Whatsapp Account can now be accessed from upto 4 Mobiles Simultaneously. Who will benefit from this. Read on to know all you need to!

by FighterMan Updated: 27 Apr, 2023, 17:55 IST
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Whatsapp has launched the Multi-Phone Support where users will be able to use a Whatsapp account in upto 4 Smartphones/Devices at the same time! This is meant for Whatsapp Business users where the owner along with his/her 3 employees can operate the same account simultaneously on their own mobiles to serve their customers effectively.

Whatsapp launches Multi-Phone Support

How to Use a Single Whatsapp Account on Multiple Mobiles?
  • Select a Primary Mobile (owner), and login to Whatsapp.

  • Secondary Mobiles (employees) need to enter Primary’s Whatsapp number for login.

  • Enter OTP received in the primary mobile.

  • That’s it!

Another way is scanning QR code from the primary mobile.

Whatsapp said:-

“Each linked phone connects to WhatsApp independently, ensuring that a user's personal messages, media and calls are end-to-end encrypted, and if your primary device is inactive for a long period, we automatically log you out of all companion devices”

A special thanks to Dimer @bobby_123 for his Whatsapp on Multiple Phones thread.

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Cool! Single account for every wife. stuck_out_tongue
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Completely halal idea
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all married men will now shift to telegram 

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saare Men Ravan to nhi, kuchh Ram bhi honge
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Good choice
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What will i do with this? 😳

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Spyy 😎  🕵️
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