Where to Buy Refurbished (Used) Phones Online?

Need to buy a secondhand phone? Here are the best sites to get a refurbished smartphone at the best prices.

by Sahil_Jain Updated: 04 Sep, 2022, 08:31 IST
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Buying a new phone is all well and good, but have you ever thought about getting a used or refurbished phone? While many believe that purchasing a used phone isn't a good thing to do, it certainly has its own benefits if you make the right choice at the right time. Refurbished phones can get you the true value of your money and even help save the environment in their own way. So, in this article, we will talk briefly about some trustworthy websites where you can buy refurbished phones at the least possible cost.


Best Websites to Buy Refurbished Phones Online at Low Price in India

Although many users do not prefer the idea of buying a used/refurbished phone, there are many websites where you can easily buy and sell phones. When buying a used phone, there are certain parameters that you should take care of. It includes making sure that the website you are purchasing from is trustworthy, it has a variety of options to choose from, you pick the right device for yourself, you do not end up buying a phone that’s too old, etc. Once you take care of some of these basic things, you can easily purchase a refurbished phone online in no time. Today, we will help you with the same. Here are some of the best websites to buy used, refurbished, and renewed phones in India:

Cashify: Buy and Sell Refurbished Phones at the Best Price


At present, Cashify is one of the most famous platforms where users often buy and sell used phones. If you are wondering how the platform works, let us tell you that it’s very simple. Users sell their phones to Cashify for a suitable price and then the same phones are available for other users to purchase. When you buy a phone from Cashify, they are classified into different categories that define the condition and the quality of the phone. Also, the site makes it very clear if the phone is damaged internally or externally in any manner so that you can choose whether to buy a used phone or not. Cashify offers various useful services too such as free home-to-home delivery and no-cost EMI too. So if you plan on getting a refurbished phone, Cashify should be your first priority.

You can either visit Cashify or download the Cashify App on the Play Store or get it on the App Store.

Amazon: Widest Range of Refurbished Phones to Choose From


Does Amazon even need an introduction? It is one of the biggest online shopping stores and along with new products, you can even buy used and refurbished phones and devices on Amazon. It has a wide range of refurbished phones and other devices for you to choose from. Also, you don’t have to worry about the platform being fake…it’s AMAZON! Many users buy used phones from the site and you can see their reviews before making your purchase. It has phones from almost every brand that you can find on the market right now. Moreover, Amazon brings offers for its users from time to time, and thus you may be able to get a really good deal on Amazon while buying a used smartphone.

Also, go through all the Amazon discounts and coupons provided by the DesiDime community to get your preferred used phone at a lesser price.

Visit Amazon or download the Amazon App from the Play Store or the App Store.

Flipkart: Get the Best Refurbished Phones at Cheap Prices


Flipkart is one of the best, biggest, and oldest online stores which is trusted by many. If for some reason you didn’t know that Flipkart too sells used phones, trust me when I say that you have been missing out on quite many big things. Flipkart offers some of the best phones at the best possible price and the platform is well-known for being customer-friendly.

So, if you can get a great phone in good condition for the best price, what else can you wish for? Well, you can always expect further bank offers and discounts and our DesiDime community will help you with them. Do check out our Flipkart coupons and you’ll surely find some amazing deals for yourself to get a refurbished phone.

You can either visit Flipkart or download the Flipkart App from the Play Store or the App Store.

Shopclues: Get Refurbished Feature Phones and iPhones


Shopclues is for all those users who are looking for a used feature phone or iPhone but a large number of options available confuse them. Since the majority of the refurbished phones that you find on Shopclues are either feature phones or iPhones, you’d surely be able to make a decision faster and it will also save a lot of your time. Though, Shopclues may not be the perfect place to buy used smartphones if you like exploring more and more options.

So, if you need a renewed feature phone or an iPhone, make sure to visit Shopclues or download the Shopclues app from the Play Store or the App Store.

OLX: Buy and Sell Old Phones and Devices All Over the Country


OLX, unlike other platforms mentioned on the list, is a market for used phones and other devices. Common users like ourselves post the details of their phones with a price that they expect in return. A user who is willing to get a deal can simply send a message and his bid to the person who has posted the deal. They both can then talk and decide the details for their payment and delivery. But, there’s a big problem with OLX. The platform itself asks its users to not pay money or deliver a product before they are certain that the other party is genuine. There have been many cases where fraudulent users have created trouble for general users and thus, you should be careful while using OLX. When buying a used phone, make sure that the other party is trustworthy and does not make any advance payment no matter what. If dealt with correctly, OLX is a great platform for buying and selling used mobile phones.

Visit OLX or download the OLX App on the Play Store or the App Store.

These are all the best websites for you to get refurbished and used phones at reasonable prices. Now, do you know what’s the difference between a refurbished, renewed, and used phone? Nope? Let us help you understand the concept.

What Are Refurbished, Renewed, and Used Phones?

A refurbished phone is the one that the primary users return to the company for one or more reasons. You might have seen companies replacing their users’ new phones if they find any trouble with them. Now, what do the companies do with these phones? They sell them to users for a cheaper price after making sure that there aren’t any problems with them. So, refurbished phones are usually available in much better condition than the rest.

Used phones are those which we general users use for some time and then sell to other users. Such phones can either be in good or bad condition, depending on the previous users’ usage. But, used phones are often available for much cheaper prices.

Renewed phones are much of a wider concept than the two that we explained till now. Renewed phones can either be those which have been fixed after facing some problems. They can also be those phones which were just taken out of their box, which reduces their price.

Should I Buy a Refurbished, Renewed, or Used Phone Online?

Buying a refurbished phone totally depends on what your beliefs are. People often say that second-hand phones aren’t good. Well, I’ve personally seen and used some second-hand phones which work quite well. On the contrary, I’ve even seen people getting scammed by buying a used phone, just because they did not possess the proper knowledge about phones.

Simply put, if you have a proper judgment of which phone to buy and when you will likely get a suitable deal. Those who do not have proper guidance on the same should seek help from someone who knows which phones to buy and when. Our next section covers a similar doubt that most people have.

Should I Buy a Used, Refurbished iPhone?

The most common mistake that we have seen people making is buying a generation-old iPhone when they could get better options at the same price. As of now, buying any iPhone lower than the iPhone X could be a very big mistake. Apple has officially confirmed that iPhone 7 series and lower won’t get the iOS 16 update and the iPhone 8/8 Plus isn’t that good of a phone if you consider its price and the other, newer phones you get for the same cost. Thus, this shows how important it is to choose the perfect time and phone to buy when we talk about refurbished products.

These are some of the things that you must keep in mind when buying a renewed or refurbished phone. Make sure that you comment down any of your questions or doubts in the comments section.

Also, if you’d like, please share your experience with any used or refurbished phone you purchased.

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