Xiaomi 14 & Xiaomi 14 Ultra launched in India for Rs.99999, Specs & More

Xiaomi has launched its latest flagship smartphones, the Xiaomi 14 and the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in India for Rs.69999 and Rs.99999 respectively. Both the Xiaomi 14 series are set to launch in India on March 12 this month.

by Sadikaa Updated: 11 Mar, 2024, 17:24 IST
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Today, Xiaomi has launched its latest flagship smartphones, the Xiaomi 14 and the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in India. The much-awaited release of these phones has finally come to fruition, and Xiaomi has not disappointed. The highlight of the launch event was the introduction of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, the company's flagship model which was not expected to launch in India. This model was recently launched in China and other global markets, and it has now made its way to India. The Xiaomi 14 series comes packed with powerful features, including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which promises to deliver unparalleled performance and imaging capabilities. Fans were delighted when Xiaomi announced that both the base model Xiaomi 14 and its higher-end counterpart, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, would be released in India on March 12th. If you're interested in learning more about the Xiaomi 14 series launch date, price, specs & where to buy, keep reading for a comprehensive overview of what these phones have to offer.

Xiaomi 14 & Xiaomi 14 Ultra launched in India for Rs.99999, Specs & More

Xiaomi 14 & Xiaomi 14 Ultra Launch Date

Xiaomi has launched its latest high-end smartphones, the Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra, globally at MWC 24. Now, these smartphones are arriving in the Indian market on March 12th. So, Indian customers can look forward to experiencing these new smartphones soon.

Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra Specifications
Xiaomi 14 Specs

Display: The Xiaomi 14 features a vibrant 6.36-inch AMOLED display with ultra-narrow bezels, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. With support for Dolby Vision and DC dimming technologies, users can enjoy vivid colors and enhanced contrast levels, even in various lighting conditions.

Operating System: Powered by Android 14-based HyperOS, the Xiaomi 14 offers a smooth and efficient user experience, with optimized performance and enhanced security features. HyperOS provides a seamless interface and access to a wide range of applications and services.

Durability: Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, the Xiaomi 14 is IP68-rated for dust and water resistance, providing peace of mind for users in challenging environments or outdoor activities.

Colors: Available in three stunning color options Jade Green, Matte Black, and Classic White the Xiaomi 14 allows users to express their personal style and preferences.

Processor: Equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, the Xiaomi 14 delivers lightning-fast performance and efficient multitasking capabilities. Combined with up to 16GB of RAM, users can enjoy smooth navigation and seamless transitions between apps and tasks.

Cooling: The Xiaomi 14 incorporates an innovative IceLoop cooling system, ensuring optimal thermal management and preventing overheating during intensive usage or extended gaming sessions.

Battery: With a robust 4610mAh battery capacity, the Xiaomi 14 offers long-lasting endurance for all-day usage. Supporting 90W wired charging, 50W wireless charging, and 10W reverse wireless charging, users can quickly replenish the battery and stay connected on the go.

Camera: The Xiaomi 14 features a sophisticated Leica co-engineered triple rear camera system, comprising a high-resolution 50MP main camera with a 1/1.31″ 1.2μm large Light Fusion 900 image sensor, a 50MP ultrawide camera, and a 50MP telephoto camera with 3.2X optical zoom, all equipped with Leica Summilux lenses for stunning photography and videography experiences.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Specs

Design: With its distinctive "Dragon Armor" design, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra exudes elegance and sophistication. The sleek and ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the device.

Display: Boasting a massive 6.73" QHD+ AMOLED quad-curved screen, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers an unparalleled visual experience with vibrant colors, sharp details, and smooth animations. The display supports a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring fluid scrolling and responsive touch interactions.

Colors: Available in two stylish color options Black and White the Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a premium vegan leather finish, adding a touch of luxury to its design.

Processor: Powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra delivers exceptional performance and efficiency for demanding tasks and applications. Paired with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage, users can enjoy blazing-fast speeds and ample storage capacity for their multimedia files and content.

Battery: Equipped with a high-capacity 5300mAh battery, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers extended endurance for uninterrupted usage throughout the day. Featuring Xiaomi's innovative silicon-carbon technology, the battery supports 90W wired charging and 50W wireless charging, allowing users to quickly recharge their device and stay productive on the go.

Operating System: Running on HyperOS atop Android 14, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, with advanced features and customization options to suit individual preferences.

Connectivity: While the Xiaomi 14 Ultra supports two-way satellite communication in China, enabling users to stay connected even in remote areas, this feature is not available in the global market, including India.

Camera: The Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts a sophisticated rear quad camera system, developed in collaboration with Leica, to deliver exceptional photography and videography performance. It features a 1-inch type Sony LYT-900 sensor, a telephoto lens with 3.2x optical zoom, a 120mm periscope module with 5x optical zoom, and an ultrawide shooter with a 122-degree field of view, allowing users to capture stunning images and videos in any scenario.

Xiaomi Priority Club Details

Xiaomi now also offers the Xiaomi Priority Club, an exclusive program designed for customers who have invested in Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphones, or any of Xiaomi's recent flagship models. This program aims to improve your phone ownership experience by offering a wide range of benefits. As a member, you can enjoy free pickup and drop service for your device, which means you don't have to worry about the hassle of travelling to a service centre. Repair services are also provided with a quick turnaround time of two hours, or a standby device is offered to minimize disruptions. Plus, regular check-ups are included to keep your phone's performance at its best. If you own a Xiaomi 14 series phone, you can also benefit from a free one-time screen replacement and waived labor charges for out-of-warranty repairs. Each member will have a dedicated relationship manager assigned to cater to their needs promptly and efficiently. It seems like you get more than just a phone when you join the Xiaomi Priority Club.

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Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra Price 

The pricing details for the Xiaomi 14 Series are as follows:

Xiaomi 14 Price

Storage Configuration: 12GB RAM + 256GB

Price: Rs.69999

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Price

Storage Configuration: 16GB RAM + 512GB

Price: Rs.99,999.

Special Offer: Xiaomi 14 Ultra Reserve Edition is available for reservations at Rs.9,999 starting March 11.

Exclusive Offers for ICICI Bank Cardholders:

Cashback Offer: Rs.5,000 cashback for ICICI Bank credit and debit cardholders.

Exchange Bonus: Additional Rs.5,000 exchange bonus for customers investing in the Xiaomi 14 series.

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1. Is Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra available in India?

The Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be available in the Indian market starting March 12th.

2. Is Xiaomi 14 water-resistant?

Yes, the Xiaomi 14 has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, and a Leica co-engineered triple rear camera system, among other features.

3. What is the price for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra?

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is priced at Rs. 99,999 for the 16GB RAM + 512GB storage configuration.

4. What is the Xiaomi Priority Club and how can I join?

The Xiaomi Priority Club is an exclusive program designed for customers who have purchased Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphones or other recent flagship models. It offers benefits such as free pickup and drop service, quick repair turnaround time, free one-time screen replacement, waived labor charges for out-of-warranty repairs, and a dedicated relationship manager. Membership details and enrollment process may vary, so please check with Xiaomi for more information.

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