Complete Xiaomi HyperOS Devices List (Redmi, POCO, Xiaomi)

In this article, we are going to be sharing the Xiaomi HyperOS device list along with some other important things you need to know about the latest HyperOS.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 24 Feb, 2024, 06:21 IST
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Xiaomi HyperOS has been in the making since 2017 and finally, in 2024, we will be getting to use it on our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO devices. However, not every device is compatible with the latest HyperOS update. The company has not released any official HyperOS update device list but we have compiled a list based on multiple sources. So in this article, we are going to be sharing the Xiaomi HyperOS device list along with some other important things you need to know about the latest HyperOS.

Xiaomi HyperOS Devices List 2024 (Redmi, POCO, Xiaomi)

What is HyperOS by Xiaomi?

HyperOS is Xiaomi’s latest software skin that will replace Xiaomi’s decade-old MIUI OS. While a lot is changing, HyperOS just like MIUI will still be based on Google Android’s OS. Xiaomi said in a statement that the core of HyperOS is formed by Linux and Xiaomi’s self-developed Vela System.

When is HyperOS launching in India?

When is HyperOS launching in India?

Xiaomi has confirmed to bring its HyperOS to India. All eligible Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices will get a HyperOS update starting January 2024. The Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi Pad 6 are going to be the first two devices to get the HyperOS pre-installed. While Xiaomi has not released an official HyperOS device update list, the company announced that the update will be coming across devices starting in Q1 2024. So get ready to experience the all-new UI, Xiaomi HyperOS soon in India.

How to Update Your Xiaomi Device to HyperOS

To update your device for Xiaomi HyperOS, you need to follow certain steps. But, first, make sure that you check if your device is eligible for HyperOS or not.

  1. Check if your device is eligible for HyperOS or not (device list shared below)

  2. Backup your data to a computer or Pendrive

  3. Go to your phone settings

  4. Go to the “About Phone” option

  5. Check for system updates

  6. Update your device to HyperOS (if available)

Currently, Xiaomi HyperOS seems to be available for beta users only. So if you didn’t join the HyperOS beta testing program, you might have to wait to receive the update.

Xiaomi HyperOS Smartphones list

Following are the Xiaomi devices HyperOS update list:

  • Xiaomi 14 (pre-installed)

  • Xiaomi 13T Pro

  • Xiaomi 13T

  • Xiaomi 13 Ultra

  • Xiaomi 13 Pro

  • Xiaomi 13

  • Xiaomi 13 Lite

  • Xiaomi 12T Pro

  • Xiaomi 12T

  • Xiaomi 12 Lite 5G

  • Xiaomi 12S Ultra

  • Xiaomi 12S Pro

  • Xiaomi 12S

  • Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity

  • Xiaomi 12 Pro

  • Xiaomi 12

  • Xiaomi 12X

  • Xiaomi 11T Pro

  • Xiaomi 11T

  • Xiaomi 11 Ultra

  • Xiaomi 11 Pro

  • Xiaomi 11

  • Xiaomi Mi 11X

  • Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro

  • Xiaomi 11i / 11i Hypercharge

  • Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

  • Xiaomi 10S

  • Xiaomi 10 Ultra

  • Xiaomi MIX FOLD

  • Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2

  • Xiaomi MIX FOLD 3

  • Xiaomi MIX 4

  • Xiaomi Civi

  • Xiaomi Civi 1S

  • Xiaomi Civi 2

  • Xiaomi Civi 3

  • Xiaomi Pad 6 / Pro / Max

  • Xiaomi Pad 5

  • Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5G / Pad 5 Pro Wifi

So these are some Xiaomi smartphones that will get the HyperOS update. Of course, the more latest and premium a series, the sooner it is likely to get the HyperOS update. But if you are using an older model of Xiaomi smartphone such as the Xiaomi 11 series, then there’s still some hope.

Thankfully, Xiaomi had announced its Mi 11 series as the first to get 3 years of OS updates so despite the Android 11 out-of-the-box software, you can still expect your Xiaomi 11 series smartphone to get the HyperOS update. But there’s a catch.

Mi 11 Lite 5G might not get the new HyperOS update, suggesting some recent reports claim that the device has not been a part of Xiaomi’s testing for HyperOS. Nevertheless, we hope this Xiaomi HyperOS device list gives you a rough idea if your device is eligible for an update or not.

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POCO HyperOS Devices List

POCO, which made a strong comeback last year in 2023 with a 90% YOY growth has already started releasing the HyperOS update to some of its models namely the POCO F5. Here’s a complete list of POCO devices that will likely get the HyperOS update:

  • POCO F5 Pro

  • POCO F5 (already rolling out)

  • POCO F4 GT

  • POCO F4

  • POCO F3

  • POCO F3 GT

  • POCO X6 Neo

  • POCO X6 5G

  • POCO X5 Pro 5G

  • POCO X5 5G

  • POCO X4 GT

  • POCO X4 Pro 5G

  • POCO M6 Pro 5G

  • POCO M6 Pro 4G

  • POCO M6 5G

  • POCO M5s

  • POCO M5

  • POCO M4 Pro 5G

  • POCO M4 Pro 4G

  • POCO M4 5G

  • POCO C55

  • POCO C65

The POCO X series & POCO F Series which is mid to upper-mid range series will likely get the HyperOS update a little early than the POCO M series or POCO C series which are more of a budget range series. So if you have a POCO smartphone from the X or the F series, you can expect to get a HyperOS update soon.

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Redmi HyperOS Smartphone List

Here’s a complete Redmi HyperOS device list:

  • Redmi K40

  • Redmi K40S

  • Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+

  • Redmi K40 Gaming

  • Redmi K50

  • Redmi K50i

  • Redmi K50i Pro

  • Redmi K50 Pro

  • Redmi K50 Gaming

  • Redmi K50 Ultra

  • Redmi K60E

  • Redmi K60

  • Redmi K60 Pro

  • Redmi K60 Ultra

  • Redmi Note 10T

  • Redmi Note 10S / Redmi Note 11SE India

  • Redmi Note 11E / Redmi 10 5G / Redmi 11 Prime 5G

  • Redmi Note 11R

  • Redmi 10C / Redmi 10 Power

  • Redmi 11 Prime 4G

  • Redmi Note 11 4G / 11 NFC 4G

  • Redmi Note 11 5G / Redmi Note 11T 5G

  • Redmi Note 11S

  • Redmi Note 11S 5G

  • Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G

  • Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G / Redmi Note 11E Pro

  • Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G

  • Redmi Note 11T Pro / 11T Pro+

  • Redmi Note 12 4G / 4G NFC

  • Redmi 12C

  • Redmi 12

  • Redmi Note 12 Turbo

  • Redmi Note 12T Pro

  • Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed

  • Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G / Pro+ 5G / Discovery

  • Redmi Note 12S

  • Redmi Note 12R / Redmi 12 5G

  • Redmi Note 12 5G / Note 12R Pro

  • Redmi Note 13 4G / 4G NFC

  • Redmi Note 13 5G

  • Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G

  • Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G

  • Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G

  • Redmi Note 13R Pro

  • Redmi 13C

  • Redmi 13C 5G

Redmi Note 12 series while wasn’t that successful, Redmi sure seems to be making a good comeback (finally) with its Redmi Note 13 series (though they too are a little overpriced). The good thing is that Redmi phones generally have a good track record in terms of OTA updates. Last year in 2023, Redmi set a record for itself by providing 4 years of major OS updates to the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition (launched in China). So all in all, if your Redmi device had Android 12 out of the box, you have a good chance to get the HyperOS update soon on your device.

Xiaomi Tablets HyperOS Devices List:

Following are the Xiaomi and Redmi tablets that will likely receive HyperOS update:

  • Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4

  • Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro SG

  • Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro

  • Xiaomi Pad 5

  • Xiaomi Pad 6 (pre-installed HyperOS)

  • Redmi Pad SE

  • Redmi Pad

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List of Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO Smartphones that will not get HyperOS
  • Mi 10 Pro (GLOBAL)

  • Mi 10 (GLOBAL)

  • Mi 10T Pro (GLOBAL)

  • Mi 10T (GLOBAL)

  • Mi 1

  • Mi 2

  • Mi 2A

  • Mi 3

  • Mi 4

  • Mi 4S

  • Mi 4C

  • Mi 5

  • Mi 5S

  • Mi 5S Plus

  • Mi 5C

  • Mi 5X

  • Mi 6

  • Mi 6X

  • Mi 8

  • Mi 8 Lite

  • Mi 8 SE

  • Mi 8 UD

  • Mi 8 Pro

  • Mi 8 Explore Edition

  • Mi 9

  • Mi 9 Lite

  • Mi 9 Pro 5G

  • Mi 9T Pro

  • Mi 9 SE

  • Mi CC 9

  • Mi CC 9e

  • Mi CC 9 Pro

  • Mi Note

  • Mi Note 2

  • Mi Note 3

  • Mi Note Pro

  • MIX

  • MIX 2

  • Mi MAX

  • Mi MAX 2

  • Mi MAX 3

  • Mi A1

  • Mi A2

  • Mi A2 Lite

  • Mi A3 (Android One)

  • Mi Pad

  • Mi Pad 2

  • Mi Pad 3

  • Mi Pad 4

  • Mi Pad 4 Plus

  • MIX 2S

  • Mi MIX 2S

  • MIX 3

  • Mi MIX 3

  • Mi PLAY

  • Mi Note 10

  • Mi 11 Lite

  • Redmi K30S Ultra

  • Redmi 1

  • Redmi 1S

  • Redmi 2

  • Redmi 2A

  • Redmi 3

  • Redmi 3S

  • Redmi 3X

  • Redmi 4

  • Redmi 4X

  • Redmi 4A

  • Redmi 5

  • Redmi 5 Plus

  • Redmi 5A

  • Redmi Note 1

  • Redmi Note 1S

  • Redmi Note 2

  • Redmi Note 2 Pro

  • Redmi Note 3

  • Redmi Note 4

  • Redmi Note 4X

  • Redmi Note 5

  • Redmi Note 5A

  • Redmi Note 5 Pro

  • Redmi Pro

  • Redmi 6

  • Redmi 6 Pro

  • Redmi 6A

  • Redmi Note 6 Pro

  • Redmi S2

  • Redmi Y2

  • Redmi Go

  • Redmi Note 7

  • Redmi Note 7S

  • Redmi Note 7 Pro

  • Redmi K20

  • Redmi 7

  • Redmi Y3

  • Redmi K20 Pro

  • Redmi 7A

  • Redmi 8

  • Redmi Note 8 Pro

  • Redmi Note 8T

  • Redmi 8A

  • Redmi 8A Dual

  • Redmi K30

  • Redmi K30 5G

  • Redmi K30 5G Speed

  • Redmi 10X (CN)

  • Redmi 10X Pro (CN)

  • POCO F2 Pro (GLOBAL)

  • Redmi Note 9 (EEA)

  • Redmi Note 9 (ID)

  • Redmi Note 9 (GLOBAL)

  • Redmi 9 (CN)

  • Redmi 10X 4G (CN)

  • Redmi 9A (GLOBAL)

  • Redmi K30i 5G (CN)

  • Redmi Note 9 (RU)

  • Redmi 9 (EEA)

  • Redmi 9A (EEA)

  • Redmi 9A (RU)

  • Redmi 9A (ID)

  • Redmi 9A (IN)

  • Redmi Note 9 (TR)

  • Redmi 9A (CN)

  • Redmi 9 (ID)

  • Redmi 9C (GLOBAL)

  • Redmi 9C NFC (RU)

  • Redmi K30 Ultra (CN)

  • Redmi Note 9 (GLOBAL)

  • Redmi 9C (EEA)

  • Redmi 9 (GLOBAL)

  • Redmi 9 (IN)

  • Redmi 9 (RU)

  • Redmi 9C (ID)

  • Redmi 9C NFC (EEA)

  • Redmi 9A (TR)

  • Redmi 9 Prime (IN)

  • Redmi 9C NFC (GLOBAL)

  • Redmi 9C (TR)

  • Redmi Note 9 Pro (ZA)

  • Redmi 9 (ZA)

  • Redmi 9C (MX)

  • Redmi Note 9 (TW)

  • Redmi Note 9 (CN)

  • Redmi Note 8

  • Redmi Note 9 Pro (TW)

  • POCO F1


  • POCO X2

  • Redmi Note 10 5G (MX)

  • POCO M2 Pro (IN)

  • POCO X3 (IN)

  • POCO X3 NFC (RU)

  • POCO X3 NFC (ID)

  • POCO X3 NFC (TR)

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So this was all about sharing the HyperOS smartphone list. There’s no official release from Xiaomi on this so the above compilation is based on our research & external reliable reports such as Xiaomi UI Fan Community, etc. If I have missed out on adding any device, feel free to share it in the comments below. We hope you found our compilation of Xiaomi’s new HyperOS device update list useful.

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I am using poco m4 pro 4g with custom rom.. Happy with the device.. Although camera is a waste.. I don't have much expectations from hyper os.. I have already used ported hyper os rom.. Lets see what's there in the official build..
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Hi, that sounds quite interesting..would you mind explaining how you were able to use ported hyperOS ROM? and how is it working on your device..? sorry if this is a naive question. I have never tried using custom ROM. Thanks in advance. 
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Good that they didn't leave out low end cheapo devices like the Poco M5 I use now (arguably the best 4G mediatek chipset)... though expected atleast after 3 months from now...

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true..it was launched I think at the end of 2022 with Android 12 so it has to go up to Android 14..
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Redmi 9 Power is not mentioned in any list



Review Expert Review Expert
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Yes not specifically Redmi 9 Power but unfortunately, Redmi 9 series is now included in the dead phones list (meaning Xiaomi has officially withdrawn any support to these phones) So most likely the 9 Power will also not get the HyperOS update 
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Redmi note 11pro +5g update 

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Yes, it will get the HyperOS update @singhshera712949
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How many days come in hyperos update in redmi note 13 pro plus

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The exact timeline of it isn't revealed by Xiaomi but it should arrive soon esp since it's the latest series and Redmi Note 13 pro has already started receiving HyperOS updates..
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Today got notification of download hyperos on my redmi 12 5g and successfully downloaded 😀😀

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My device not hyper os update 

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can you share what device do you have?
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Redmi Note 12pro 5G 

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