YouTube Premium launches referral program to get up to 12 free months

with YouTube Premium Referral Program get up to 12 months free YouTube Premium, Friends get 3 months YouTube Premium for Rs. 10

by Akansha_B Updated: 16 Jan, 2024, 20:25 IST
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YouTube Premium members will be rewarded for bringing in new users via YouTube Premium Referral Program. Google's video and streaming services platform has launched a referral scheme, with customers receiving an extension to their existing subscriptions as a reward. Anyone who signs up for the service using the referral link will receive three months of YouTube Premium for a one-time payment of Rs 10.

YouTube Premium launches referral program to get up to 12 free months

The deal is also likely to be sent out gradually to all consumers. Look for the banner in the app or on the website. According to the referral program's terms and conditions, Google allows existing YouTube Premium customers to suggest the service to friends and family. The reduced offer is extended to any contact who signs up through the referral link. The referral receives a free month's membership. The incentives are accessible on their separate accounts in the app when they utilize the referral link with their account.

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However, there are some caveats attached to YouTube's offer. For starters, the 3-month free offer will only be available to users who have never previously subscribed to Premium. Any account created after May 1 of this year is also ineligible for the promotion. Existing subscribers and those who have canceled their previous membership will not be eligible for the advantages. Second, premium members who create the referral link can receive advantages for up to a year.

So, regardless of how many people you send it to, you'll be lucky to acquire a year's membership from only 12 of them. Again, assuming they've never subscribed to YouTube Premium. If Premium customer cancels their subscription within the promotion period, they will also lose their perks. The YouTube Premium Referral Program is active until May 31, 2023.

Discounts and limited-time deals are popular among consumers. Previously, it was reported that long-term YouTube Premium users were given complimentary one-year subscriptions. These, however, were proven to be untrue.

Nonetheless, the new YouTube Premium Referral scheme is legitimate this time and is the ideal option for anyone to try out the service at such a low rate. Currently, the referral may only be generated by existing YouTube Premium subscribers who have paid the monthly cost.

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