Zomato Everyday Launched! How to Order, Cities & Price

Zomato Everyday has launched on the Zomato app. Customers can now order home-cooked fresh meals starting at Rs.89! Full details below on how to order, cities covered & more

by Vrushali.S Updated: 23 Feb, 2023, 07:17 IST
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Zomato has launched the Zomato Everyday with the tagline “Tastes like Home.” The service offers inexpensive freshly-prepared home-cooked meals cooked by real chefs. The food-aggregator giant, Zomato announced the Zomato Everyday today, Wednesday, February 22nd. Find all the details of the Zomato Everyday service, what is it, how to order, what are meal prices in Zomato Everyday, and more.


What is the Zomato Everyday? Simply explained

Zomato Everyday is a new service or feature launched by Zomato that offers freshly prepared home-cooked meals at affordable prices. Customers can order through the Zomato Everyday service and enjoy the taste and quality of “Ghar ka Khana” (home-cooked food).

Zomato says that food comprises both emotions and health and the only place where we get the best of both is at home - inspired by the same is the newly launched fresh home-cooked meal delivery service of Zomato, called Zomato Everyday.

What is the Zomato Everyday Service

Which Cities are Available for Zomato Everyday in India?

The cities where Zomato Everyday is available are currently only Gurgaon. While Zomato may soon launch the Zomato Everyday in other cities and areas of the country, currently it is only available in select areas of Gurgaon.

How to Order from Zomato Everyday?

Ordering from the Zomato Everyday in the Zomato app is super simple. All you have to do is follow the below steps to order from Zomato Everyday:

  1. Download the latest updated Zomato app

  2. On the homepage, under the “Explore” section click on the “Everyday” service

  3. Browse the menu available from different home cooks and chefs

  4. Customize your meal as per your quantity requirements

  5. Have a hot and tasty home-cooked meal delivered to your doorstep in 15-20 minutes (approx)


What are the prices of the meals in Zomato Everyday?

The price of the meals in the Zomato Everyday, depends on the kind of meal you are ordering from the app. Though Zomato has specifically mentioned that the food delivery giant is going to keep the prices of meals in Zomato Everyday service inexpensive.

Talking about the Zomato Everyday pricing, Zomato says the following:

“Eating well does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. With fresh meals starting at only ₹89, our customers can eat healthier and better daily. So why wait?”

So, this was all about the Zomato Everyday launch, the cities the service is currently available in, the price of meals and how you can order on the Zomato Everyday from the Zomato mobile app itself. What are your thoughts on this newly launched service by Zomato? Do share with us in the comments below!

Also, Zomato’s Zomaland Event recently ended! Do share with us your experience in the comments below if you visited.

Zomato Zomaland

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Thanks for your quick updates ❤️

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But stock price  moving down side only 
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issu wrote:

Thanks for your quick updates ❤️

Thanks a lot for your kind words!🤍

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Thanks for enlightening, now i can sell on Zomato my home cooked food fire
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Interesting. Hopefully the service gets extended to other cities as well.

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10ven wrote:

Interesting. Hopefully the service gets extended to other cities as well.

any one tried in Hyderabad?? 
Would like to order for Tarnaka area.
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hese wrote:
any one tried in Hyderabad?? 
Would like to order for Tarnaka area.
As per the post, it is currently live in select few areas of Gurgaon.
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10ven wrote:

Interesting. Hopefully the service gets extended to other cities as well.

Yes, I hope so and I hope Zomato figures out better delivery charges too. 
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