Zomato Food Delivery in Train: How to Order, Offers, more

Order Food Online in Train and get it Delivered directly to your Seat via Zomato. Also Enjoy Benefits like Free Cancellation, Full Refunds, Food Discounts, and much more.

by FighterMan Updated: 02 May, 2024, 15:59 IST
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Zomato has partnered with IRCTC to provide online food delivery directly to your train seat. You can order 24x7 (select restaurants) while most restaurants are available till 2 am (late night food delivery in train). Moreover, 500+ railway stations across the country are covered in this food delivery service.


Zomato promises on-time and guaranteed food delivery, given your train ticket details are given correctly. Additionally, you can enjoy regional as well as global cuisines all under 1 roof. Besides, it offers free cancellation or order modification before 2 hours of the food delivery time.

How to Order Food on a Train (IRCTC) via Zomato App?

To enjoy Zomato Food Delivery in Train, you need to make an advance order (1-48 hrs) from the selected restaurant (500+ restaurants) and menu options. Zomato, being an authorized IRCTC partner, gives good online food delivery service.

  1. Open Zomato App and search ‘train’

  2. Select ‘Order food on train’ option

  3. Enter your 10 digit PNR of current or upcoming journey (any 1 seat no will be auto-selected for food delivery)

  4. Select the railway station where you want your food to be delivered.

  5. Now, select the restaurant and pre-order your food.

  6. You can pay via digital wallets (Amazon Pay, Mobikwik, Paytm), UPI, netbanking, and credit/debit cards.

  7. Elsewhere, you can also order via Food on Track (IRCTC E-Catering) as Zomato is one of the food aggregators here.

If you order more than 48 hrs in advance then Zomato will show ‘Sorry, no stations available’ error. Also, If your food doesn’t arrive at the train seat on the selected time then you will get a full refund. Besides, you can also order from other Apps for Ordering Food in Train.

Zomato Food Delivery in Train Offers

Apart from getting free delivery via Zomato Gold, you can also get discounts on ordering food on the train online from Zomato. Simply, apply a valid Zomato Coupon Code (promotional, bank/card offers, wallet cashback, etc.) at checkout under ‘restaurant coupons’ to get the offer.

There will also be pre-discounted meals available which are specially curated for having food during the train journey. However, make a note that ‘station convenience fees’ (exclusive of taxes) will be applicable.

If your train ticket is not confirmed then you will not be able to order. However, you can order from railway stations where the train halts for a long time. Also, you can order on the railway station platform before boarding the train. Some of the popular stations for Zomato Food Delivery in Train are Bhusawal, Nagpur, Surat, Pune, Itarsi, Kanpur, Warangal, Kota, New Delhi, Prayagraj, Kanpur, Varanasi, and Lucknow.


1. Can Zomato deliver food on the railway platform?

Yes, given your train will halt till the delivery time. Also, you need to give correct train/platform details to get the delivery successfully.

2. Which is the best food delivery option on the train?

Zomato is the best food delivery option on the train. However, there are some stations where you don’t get its service.

3. Can I order food from Zomato on the train?

Yes, but you need to order in-between 1 hour to 2 days in advance from the date & time when you want to receive the order.

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What if they take order and it is not delivered on time. You have paid and are hungry also.
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isse acha normally hi order karo first station pe khud lelo platform se, its gonna be cheaper than them delivering on the seat.

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For an exorbitant price 😆😝


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that photo is so unsafe, imagine that zomato guy is rushing and train is on other side and now he gotta jump while finding right berth

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station fee

platform fee

compartment fee

berth fee


train fee

chain fee


to let (entry) fee

toilet (exit) fee 😷


crowd fee

filth fee

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This is so unfair for the lakhs of ticketless travellers, they should be green with envy when Zomato delivers food to the Half seated RAC guy, who paid double the berth's worth, just because he is privileged to have a PNR
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I had zomato gold and pro and shit for almost two yrs. In the last 6 or 8 months I didn't use it at all due to the lack of well priced options compared to local ones. So after expiry of membership their used to be an option of renewal for 100 bucks for 3 months. Didn't bother about it. And now it's jacked upto 949 for 3 months. I mean, what kind of nonsense is this? Who in his senses would pay 949 for something which was available for 100 bucks? Its ridiculous.
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