Zomato Instant with 10-min Food Delivery Announced!

Now Enjoy hot & fresh Food from your favorite Restaurants at the comfort of your Home in just 10-mins with Zomato Instant!

by FighterMan Updated: 10 Apr, 2022, 16:51 IST
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Zomato’s founder Deepinder Goyal took to Twitter to announce the company’s new service called Zomato Instant. This new service will first start next month in Gurgaon and later expand to other cities.

Zomato’s last launched service was Zomato Pro Plus Membership which promises Zomato Pro benefits along with Unlimited Free Deliveries.


What is Zomato Instant?

Zomato Instant is a 10-min Online Food Delivery Service by Zomato. You simply need to order your favorite dishes from the ‘Zomato Instant’ section to get it instantly i.e. in 10 minutes. Currently, it is not live but is expected to start from April 2022 in India. Talking about ‘instant’, you can check out the Top 8 Instant (10-min) Grocery Delivery Apps in India.

How does Zomato Instant work?

Zomato Instant has its own fulfillment centers in close proximity to high demand customers/areas. These centers host the best-selling 20-30 dishes based on demand algorithms and data analytics. These dishes are fulfilled by the respective restaurants and served fresh to customers. Zomato uses its in-house automatic machines and super fast setup to achieve the quick delivery.

Why has Zomato started its 10-min Food Delivery Service?

Zomato’s founder Deepinder Goyal says that his amazing experience with BlinkIt (formerly Grofers) of using its 10-min grocery delivery service was the starting point. Since no other online food delivery company is currently offering instant or 10-min delivery, it is the right time to step in, he adds.

What’s good here is that the company has asked the delivery personals to follow their normal routine, thus not adding pressure of 10-min delivery. The process will quicken at the fulfillment centers which will be in close proximity to achieve super fast delivery.

How will Users Benefit from Zomato Instant?

Zomato Instant believes to get the customer’s cost reduced by minimum 50% when compared to its current food delivery service. The reason behind this is best-selling selected dishes which are in high demand. Users will also benefit from promotional Zomato Instant coupons and offers. Besides, foodies looking for quick food will be more than happy!

After this, will Swiggy announce its 10-min food delivery service backed-up by its Swiggy Instamart? Well, you never know! What do you think about this move from Zomato? Please do share your views with the community below. Well, many have already started trolling Zomato Instant with memes!

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Delivery persons are at grave risk due to this 10 minute nonsense

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Love the discounts even though it may not be sustainable forever still feeling really bad and sorry for all the delivery agents who didn’t sign up for this yet still have to oblige due to this new trend.

I have seen Dominos Pizza delivery guys with my own eyes. The toll and pressure is unjustifiable imo. Glad Dominos stopped their 30 min guarantee. Even though they say agents are not penalized for late deliveries their staff do get negative reaction and shouting from the staff.

Would have rather preferred if Dipender Goyal and his team instead partnered with Hospitals instead to offer a 10 minute Ambulances (paid of course) instead. At least this could save more lives.

Hope they at least give an option or a toggle to OPT OUT from 10 minute delivery. I might be completely wrong here do apologies in advance. I just do not think why they would want to pamper customers with 10 minute deliveries.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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In 10 minutes we can’t even go and get food from a nearby snack shop to our home.
Companies nowadays are going too far…
Like 120 watt charging which no one needs by mi.. 65 watt is more than enough

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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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What kind of fudduism is this . Zomato already charging upto 100 rs delivery charges.now they will charge 200 rs . This is just another way to loot customer. In 10 mins no food is prepared. This will highly compromised with quality.

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