Zomato Platform Fee Hiked again! Zomato Intercity Closed Now

Zomato has hiked the platform fee yet again. Moreover, the Zomato Intercity service is also closed for now

by Vrushali.S Updated: 24 Apr, 2024, 07:47 IST
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Zomato has hiked the platform fee yet again. Last year, the food delivery app had set it to Rs.2 in August 2023. This later on was changed to Rs.3, then again to Rs.4 in January and now the Zomato platform fee hike is once again hiked to ₹5. This means from now onwards, on your every order, customers will have to bear an additional ₹5 cost. Interestingly, the share market-listed company, Zomato has also closed its Zomato Intercity Legends service. Though it seems like a temporary closure for now. There’s no official announcement on when the Intercity Legends by Zomato will be back on the app.

Zomato Platform Fee Hiked again! Zomato Intercity Legends Closed Now

Zomato Platform Fee Hike matches with Swiggy’s Platform Fee

Swiggy, one of the biggest rivals of the food delivery app Zomato also has a platform fee of ₹5 which now matches with Zomato’s platform fee. Soon after Zomato hiked its platform fee in August last year, Swiggy followed in the same footsteps and increased its platform fee to Rs.3 from ₹2 which now has been set to ₹5. Within a year, Zomato increased its platform fee by almost 2X while its competitor Swiggy was also seen to be “experimenting” with a ₹10 platform fee in certain markets earlier this year.

Zomato posted its first-ever net profit of INR 2 crore in Q1 FY24. The platform fee may be in alignment with the company’s goal to achieve a profitability streak in the coming quarters.

On the other hand, Swiggy is also eyeing its billion-dollar IPO launch soon.

How to Avoid Zomato Delivery Charges & Platform Fee?

There’s no hard and fast method to avoid Zomato delivery charges or Zomato platform fee. However, users can make some handsome savings by using Zomato coupon codes or using Zomato Gold Membership (available for the special price of ₹99 currently (usual price ₹999) for 3 months. You get free deliveries on orders above Rs.199 as well as some exclusive discounts.

Moreover, one more effective way to save on Zomato or to avoid Zomato delivery charges is to use Zomato gift voucher discounts or payment offers on credit cards and UPI apps

Zomato Intercity Legends is closed now

One of the features of using Zomato Gold membership was that users would get “unlimited access to Zomato Legends.” However, this benefit now seems to have been taken away as Zomato has closed the Zomato Intercity service for now. There’s no official announcement on when the service will be back.

So, this was all about sharing the news of the Zomato platform fee hike and a few simple ways to save on Zomato or avoid Zomato delivery charges & platform fees (indirectly). Do share with us below your thoughts on the platform fee charged by two duopoly apps, Zomato & Swiggy.

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Ek baar adat lagao aur fir price badhate raho
Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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I'm reducing my dependability on Swiggy and Zomato for food. Simply due to the price difference of ordering direct from the restaurant and ordering thru Zomato/Swiggy. Just an example; I ordered food from a restaurant using Zomato, the total after discount coupon was Rs 1800 (total 4 items).. Later I ordered the same items from the restaurant direct and all I had to pay was Rs 1375.  That's a whooping difference. 

If course it doesn't work everytime as many restaurants don't have their own delivery setup and rely on Zomato and swiggy. 

Few times I order directly from the restaurant and then use genie or package delivery to pick these, still save  big. 

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I was thinking ... we might get Next news on Zomato or Swiggy .. about some government strict action or restriction 

because that cake food poisoning incident .....  

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