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Fitpass Offers & Deals for February 2023

Rs.2302/3 Months
  1. Fitcoach is a self evolutionary fitness coach.
  2. The coach offers personalized fitness plans and guidance.
  3. The cost for a three month subscription is Rs.2302.
  4. The coach helps individuals improve their physical fitness and overall health.
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Verified 193 Used Mar 31, 2023
  • Fitcoach is a self-evolutionary fitness coach that offers personalized workout and nutrition plans.
  • The service is available for a monthly subscription fee of Rs.499.
  • Fitcoach uses a combination of technology and expert guidance to help users achieve their fitness goals.
  • Applicable for all new and existing users.
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Verified 101 Used Apr 30, 2023
at Rs.3198/3 Months
  • The Fitfeast plan offers expert nutritional advice from trained professionals.
  • The plan guarantees results for those who follow the advice provided.
  • The cost of the plan is Rs.3198 for a three-month period.
  • The plan focuses on helping individuals improve their overall health and wellness through personalized nutrition plans.
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Verified 81 Used Apr 30, 2023
at Rs.2046/Month
  • Fitpass offers unlimited access to all fitness centers in the Fitpass network.
  • Cost of Rs.2046.72 per month.
  • Access to a wide range of fitness classes and activities.
  • Premium membership perks and benefits, such as priority bookings and special discounts.
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Verified 114 Used Mar 31, 2023
at Rs.1278.72/Month
  • The Fitpass basic plan is priced at Rs.1278.72 per month.
  • Get up to 5 workouts at each fitness centre pan India.
  • It offers access to a variety of fitness facilities and classes.
  • The plan includes gym memberships, yoga classes, and other fitness activities.
  • The plan allows users to visit different fitness centers and take part in various fitness activities at their convenience.
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We have listed top trending Fitpass Coupons, Promo codes & Offers:

Fitpass Promo Code DetailsFitpass Offer Discount ValueOffer Validity
Fitcoach: Self Evolutionary Fitness Coach at Rs.2302/3 MonthsRs.2302/3 Months31/03/2023
Fitpass Offer: Fitpass Premium Plan at Rs.2046.72 Per Monthat Rs.2046/Month31/03/2023
Fitpass Basic Plan at Rs.1278.72/Monthat Rs.1278.72/Month28/02/2023
Fitpass Coupon Code: Self Evolutionary Fitness Coach at Rs.499/MonthRs.499/Month30/04/2023
Fitpass Promo Code: Expert Nutritional Advice For Guaranteed Results at Rs.3198/3 Monthsat Rs.3198/3 Months30/04/2023