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  • A girl harbored romantic feelings for her father's friend since childhood.
  • She tries to establish a connection with him through her father.
  • Simultaneously, the friend also develops feelings for the girl.
  • They discreetly find a way to make their relationship work.
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Verified 5834 Used Jul 31, 2024
  • In the 80s, an aspiring writer resides in a remote village, crafting a book deemed dull.
  • Frustrated by the criticism, he visits a shady theater and experiences soft porn for the first time.
  • This encounter breaks his righteous facade, sparking an inspiration to unleash his imagination.
  • Subsequently, he channels this newfound creativity into writing sensuous stories on the theme of lust.
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Verified 1683 Used Jun 30, 2024
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Latest Flims
  • Ajay and Angoori enjoy a peaceful married life.
  • A stranger takes advantage of Angoori's blindness, disrupting their harmony.
  • Ajay discovers the misconduct and decides to seek revenge.
  • The narrative unfolds as Ajay takes action against the molester to protect his wife.
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Verified 547 Used Dec 31, 2024
Choked - Part 1
  • Sai, a young and ambitious girl, works in Harshad's company.
  • She falls deeply in love with Harshad, and he reciprocates her feelings.
  • Their relationship takes a turn when Sai discovers a peculiar fetish of Harshad.
  • The revelation causes distress for Sai and raises concerns about the future of their relationship.
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Verified 303 Used Sep 30, 2024
Best Shows
  • The story revolves around Priyanka, a progressive and tech-savvy maid.
  • Priyanka, portrayed by Flora Saini, is level-headed and brings non-stereotypical solutions to her master's life.
  • The director of the film is Umesh Ghadge.
  • The cast includes Flora Saini, Sandhya Mehta, and Sahil Gandhi.
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Verified 160 Used Feb 29, 2024
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Verified 672 Used Mar 31, 2024
  • Mayank and Shikha frequently have close encounters.
  • Preeti and Mayank develop a closer relationship.
  • Shikha becomes envious of her daughter.
  • Shikha takes drastic measures to get closer to Mayank.
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Verified 78 Used Apr 30, 2024
Latest Shows
  • Mahima and Survesh, a newlywed couple, experience a growing longing during lockdown-induced separation.
  • Mahima uncovers shocking secrets about her husband, prompting her to delve into the hidden truth.
  • Her pursuit for justice reveals dangerous truths that pose a threat to their lives.
  • The couple's relationship is tested as they navigate the risks exposed by Mahima's investigation.
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Verified 95 Used Mar 31, 2024
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  • Daughter and father plan a small vacation.
  • They rent a bungalow for their staycation hosted by a lady and her daughter.
  • The decision takes a horrifying turn in their lives.
  • The consequences of their choice become inevitable, starring Leena Singh, Anita Jaiswal, Pooja Sinha, and Deepak Dutt, directed by Punit Goyal.
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Verified 352 Used Mar 31, 2024
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