Device id changer help[Myntra]

Device id changer help[Myntra]

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Hi, lately i was trying to sign up on myntra app with my referral. But it just doesnt work “sorry it is for new devices”. I made 2 accnts 2 weeks before by changing imei n other credentials using Device id changer.
But now i have changed my device id,imei,ad id ,hid my root, added myntra in root cloak , xprivacy enabled phew sad it doesnt still detects my device as old device. I tried device emulator too. sad

perfectly working with ola and jabong..i dont really understand what myntra has done here..

plz can anyone try on myntra app and try to register with a ref code successfully by changing device credentials?

Any workaround for this gys? Also anybody here does uber unlmtd ? i get a paytm reauthorization while booking..also from my own account