LG G Pro Lite Dual D686

LG G Pro Lite Dual D686

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LG G Pro Lite Dual D686

Less “Features”, more Compromise

After the LG G2 was quite well recieved by the tech media and consumers alike, LG decided to launch a mid-range device that “aims to deliver a big screen experience at an affordable price”, and as a result, they launched the LG G Pro Lite, a mid range device with a big screen and mid range specifications. To get this device to fit into the 20,000 price mark though, LG has made a lot of compromises.�

An Unremarkably Built Device

The phone looks and feels like a cheap plastic toy, with it’s all plastic construction and chrome accents on the bezels. The 5 inch size means it’s not very easy to hold in one hand. Apart from the usual set of smartphone buttons, there’s a quick launch button which by default opens the note taking app, and there’s also an IR blaster, which is unique and not found on other devices in this segment. The device also comes with a runner stylus, which is just a generic rubber stylus with no extra functionality. The dual SIM version has an added fourth capacitive button to switch between SIM cards.�


The 5.5 inch��540 x 960 qHD display is quite unremarkable, and one can see jagged edges on text, and a bit of banding in wallpapers. It’s nothing like LGs more premium HD IPS displays. There’s no ambient light sensor, which is a major step backwards in terms of design. Outdoor visibility is decent. The device has the “knock on” feature from the G2, but it’s patchy, and does not work half of the time. To reduce the price point, LG decided to use a Mediatek MT6577 chipset, found on the Micromax Canvas line of devices. The UI as a result, isn’t totally smooth with some visible lag in the animations but it’s not entirely unusable. The device has the QSlide app capabilities, which are a bunch of �apps that can be run in windowed mode for some semblance of multitasking. It’s library is quite limited though. The UI itself is quite cartoony, and not so aesthetically pleasing. This UI makes Samsung’s TouchWiz look refined. Battery life is good, and the device will last upto 2 days with light to moderate use.

Mediocre Media Capability

Due to the choice of processor, the device is only play back videos upto 720p. The speakers are fairly loud, and the headphone jack is alright. There’s 8GB of onboard storage with about 5 GB available to the user, and expandable via MicroSD (32GB). Apps aren’t installable on the SD card though.�

A Decent Camera

The 8MP main shooter on the G pro Lite is pretty decent, the image quality is on par with what you’d expect from an 8MP camera. There are a few camera features like cheese shutter etc. The video recording is only upto 720p though.�

Conclusion- not good enough

With the price point that the device is in, and the compromises that were clearly made while making it, it seems very mediocre and underpowered compared to it’s competition, namely the Galaxy Grand 2 and the Xperia C. One should give this device a pass, even after a price drop, as the Galaxy Grand outperforms this device in every segment.