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Get almost all products and services at the highest discounts on Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace. It is also India’s first e-commerce store to sell cars and bikes online. Apart from clothes, fashion accessories, mobiles, tablets, electronics, etc., Snapdeal also offers automobile accessories and spare parts, apartments, online courses, study materials et al.

  • by samhitashah3... on 04 February 2015

    Oh god m soooo happy I just purchased a weight lose product summit nutrition garcinia cambogia they said I wil get d product on 9th Feb 2015 but I got it on 4 th Feb 2015 m really happy with the service n to be frank I just ordered online n den got scared while reading bad reviews abt customer service so I just called listed customer care number n spoke to them they were very nice so whatever listed abt customer service all was wrong really trust me I had I great experience with snapdeal.. Loads of love:-)

  • by kcreview on 02 February 2015
    Lets start with why people look to buy at snapdeal. Yes, the price. They are the cheapest

    compared to other online stores. How much(probably 1 to 5%)

    But wait, along with cheap products, you also have a cheaply designed website, very cheap packaging, very cheap delivery(very late – takes almost 4 days to start the shipping process), highly cheap costumer care. Shipping delay happens in a big city like Bangalore, just imagine other small tier cities. There is no toll free number also. Every time I call them I loose my money.

    When a customer support request is made, they send a reply saying it will be responded to within 48 hrs. They forget to respond and ask them once more, they will take another 48 hrs. It continues like that until one gets frustrated.

    If you by any means you want to return any item, that’s it. Gone case. It takes ages for your return to reach snapdeal(at least one week). Another one week for them to open the package and acknowledge that they have received. Another 3-4 days for them to process your money back. During this time you would have spent umpteen number of times trying to get in touch with them. But they keep promising immediately it will be done. It never happens it will take at least 20 days. By that time they would have earned some interest.

    They don’t always depict the product description, specifications and images correctly. Once I had ordered a Brazuca world cup football, they sent some other local football, expecting customer will accept anything. I had to wait till 30 days to get my return back after repeated call to customer support

    Do not ever order a product, specifically, if it is a non branded item, from snapdeal. You will be cheated royally.

    If you place an order and the product is not available, they don’t even bother to inform you. They just let it be like that. They are not proactive. After you contact them and after 48 hrs they will come up with some excuse or the other.

    Coming to another example, i.e furniture. Sometime back I ordered a coffee table. Paid for it with card(furniture no COD). They have mentioned it will take 3 weeks for furniture. Ok fine, understood. After three weeks no update. I gave them another week, still no update. When I contact them, they say they will get in touch in 24 hrs. OK. Then they send me mail after 3 days item is not available. If things are not available then why the hell are you doing business. OK give me my money back. That took another 2 weeks. Oh God, are these people so lethargic or they are thinking different ideas to siphon off money?

    One more example. I ordered a tricycle for my nephew. OK. They send me mail saying, your order is in “process queue”. After 8 hrs they update your order has been “VERIFIED”. Another 8 hrs, your order has been confirmed by seller.

    Just compare the same process with Amazon and Flipkart. Amazon and Flipkart are 1000 times better. Once I place order in Flipkart/Amazon, my order is processed and confirmed within 30 minutes most of the time. It is shipped within 12 hrs with tracking number.

    OK, lets continue snapdeal sorry story. Once the item is confirmed by seller, it is updated “seller is packing”. You can’t really say how much time each of these state take. Many a times “Seller is packing” has taken more than 12 hrs. Why seller needs 12hrs to pack an item?

    Next state “Packing done, waiting for courier pick up”. This is the most fun part. Seller is waiting for courier to pickup, for how much time, nobody knows. Never ever in snapdeal, this process has taken less than 12 hrs in my case. All my orders have been stagnant in this stage for a minimum of 12 hrs.

    Finally courier guys decides to wake up from his bed and pick up the package.

    Hush, now the courier guy has finally decided to accept the package by God’s grace, it is somehow put in to a plane/train or whatever and it takes ages to reach the customer.

    For the above particular order, Tricycle, they decided to send it through FedEx land transport from Gurgaon to Bangalore. It reached Fedex office one evening after cut off time. Next day Fedex started the process and updated expected delivery date to be 5 days from the day they received the package. OK fine. I waited 5 days. No update. I waited another day, still fedex showed no progress. Finally I got fed up and chatted with FedEx customer support about the delay. What they updated was shocking and frustrating. FedEx updated me that the sender(snapdeal/seller) has not packed the product according to rules, regulations and guidelines. One important thing they(snapdeal/seller) have not attached any invoice which was mandatory for FedEx. FedEx also updated me that they have sent 4 reminder emails to the sender and they have never got any response from them. Hence FedEx couldn’t move the package from their side. Oh my God. Imagine what you would want to do with Snapdeal people and their sellers. They are just cheaters who don’t care how they do their business.

    Lets move on to other karname’s of Snapdeal

    Snapdeal rarely publishes negative reviews and ratings. All my negative reviews never make it in their website. They conveniently filter negative reviews. I am sure plenty of people out there would have experienced the same.

    They just keep a few negative reviews here and there so that people don’t have doubt. I have written plenty of negative reviews about their cheap quality products and delay I face. Nothing has been published

    One more thing is to mention about their MRP. They are cheating their customers royally.

    Take this for example. Philips 20Watt LED tubelight

    Snapdeal is selling this for around 1700 rupees(as on 2nd feb 2015). However the MRP of this just 999 rupees at local store. I couldn’t attach image of the tube light carton which I purchased at local store in desidime website. When I write this as part of the review, they simply don’t put the review at all. I have tried 5 times in 1 week, and it has never come up in the reviews. I just got a message from snapdeal saying seller will decide price. This is rubbish. How can a seller sell for more than MRP? This is illegal.

    Final thoughts


    For a 1-5% price difference between snapdeal and other established online stores, I don’t think it is worth taking that much extra risk with these people(snapdeal scamsters).

    I am also a frequent shopper at amazon and flipkart, and till now haven’t had any issue with them. Of course, there was a couple or more returns and refunds, but Amazon/Flipkart handled it without delay and smoothly

    Amazon return is the best thing. I have returned items a couple of time in their website. They give me option to select the date and time. Once done. They do keep up the time, of course not exact up to the minute, but they come on the same day to pickup. No questions asked, just pick up and give me a slip. It goes back to them and within 2 days I get my money back in my bank. Even if I had paid it by COD, I can give them instructions to deposit it in my bank. They will do it.

    There are few more bad incidents at snapdeal, which I faced, but I am tired after writing such a long review.

    People should avoid snapdeal and make them learn a lesson. They have to understand that customer is the king and snapdeal has to do all it takes to keep customers happy. They have to get it in their mind(each and every manager, owner, employee), that, it is the customer who is providing them money to keep their lives going.

  • by saloni27sing... on 29 January 2015

    I had ordered a phone cover combo pack twice.First the order was canceled from snapdeal’s end after shipping the product as product was not available in their warehouse.Second time,Wrong product was delivered So I had to cancel it,later on the price was increased from 299 to 399.Also,the canceled order money has not been refunded since 1 month

  • by shubhiarora40 on 25 January 2015

    Purchased Laptop,Sandisk memory card,WildCraft Bag,Laptop Charger.

    Want to return laptop charger. They came on my door step to pick it up. But i refused, I was using ittoungueout

    Had no problem till now ! I am a SnapDealer ! Yay !

  • by ankitjb007 on 20 January 2015

    Desidime should provide negative stars also to rate Cheap Customer support and returns of Snapdeal.evil
    wish desidime will provide shit in place of negative in future.sad

  • by maheshbhoi.m... on 17 January 2015

    There is no reason for denial of Cashback, even the bank agreed that the terms & condition of 10% cashback are fulfilled in my case, and 100% eligible for cashback, I am pushing them every day, still they are not paying to bank, and even bank says contact snapdeal , we have not received your amountsad

    This is fraud-est shopping portal I have ever seen.

  • by snapdealreviews on 14 January 2015

    Snapdeal Order ID – 3710895165

    Hello All,

    What do you do when someone eats up your money and cares a damn about bad reputation? That’s Snapdeal. Its spending crores to get customers but cheats everyone.

    Latest Update: Today Jan14’15 I got another mail from Snapdeal saying that there was some technical issue hence my refund was not processed and it will be done in another 5-7 days. What takes 5-7 days It is less than a 5 minute process to transfer money to my account! They will say anything and do everything except give me my money!

    Given below is my real experience with Snapdeal.Com. 60 days earlier I took a bad decision to get a hard drive from Snapdeal and I truly regret it. The sent me a Dead Drive. It was not even authorized to be sold in India and its warranty was over in Sep’13! When I asked for Refund they sent me another drive without my approval. After waiting for the second orders return they ignored by Refund request – telling me that money will go to my SnapDeal Cash Account which I will need to use within 6 months – to buy more junk from Snapdeal. When I posted their reviews online they sent me a mail telling me a refund will be issued finally – but did not even after 2 weeks waiting.

    For those willing to shop on Snapdeal, this review will be an eye opener. It is my actual experience and not a happy go lucky company paid review. This is just to make other aware of the reality.

    25th Nov’14

  • by raj7951899 on 14 January 2015

    Knowingly I have been cheated by snapdeal for 4th time. so, writing the review here.

    This time I bought a bicycle just to see my luck and of course by looking at low price even though I had 3 out 3 worst experiences by purchasing the other items earlier.

    First of all, there was a lot of delay in delivery from Gati couriers, a snapdeal tied up partner. second, During check out, the description showed the size of the bicycle and the same I ordered and expected too, but I received a very small bicycle which may cost around Rs. 2400. But, I bought it in snapdeal for Rs. 3600 by thinking that I will get what I have ordered.

    Really guys, Products are neither genuine nor as expected. I really want snapdeal to be banned for this kind of activities.

  • by sedhuait on 05 January 2015

    I ordered a blaupunkt Headphone and was waiting for it. Its was in “packed and waiting for courier pickup” for more than 5 days, even after the promised shipment date. After the due date, I called up customer care and got a reply that it will be dispatched end of that day.

    Then again after 2 days, when i called up, they said it will be cancelled.

    Another instance the product was half delivered and unusable. After repeated calls and follow ups, i received the remaining parts after 2 months.

    I thought these guys would have improved. But it was my mistake. They are horrible.

    Never ever choose snapdeal

  • by shms on 22 December 2014

    This is regarding order number: 4008161101

    I tried to order a SAMSUNG 48H5100 TV on 14th of Dec’14 as there was 30% discount on But the amount got debited TWICE from my account. I have sent the screenshot of my bank statement as a proof to Snapdeal customer helpdesk. I have repeatedly called the customer care for refund only to be falsely assured of refund within 48Hrs. I request Snapdeal to refund the amount immediately.

    And also the order placed for the TV got cancelled today a week after placing the order. There was no notification as to why the order was cancelled without consulting the customer. Refund for the order number: 4008303056 is yet to be initiated.

    Looking back I feel the 30% discount is actually a trap setup by to lure customers into paying the amount and NOT to deliver the product.

    This is the first time I ordered from and I have had the worst experience of my life in online purchasing.Almost 1 lakh Rs gone from my account and no delivery of product. What a waste of time and money dealing with Snapdeal!