Jeweldroo 2 Android Game

Jeweldroo 2 Android Game

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stoptomove Jewel Drops 2 - Multifaceted Jewel themed match three adventure

Jewel Drops 2 
I am Gap Bringer,  Dare to challenge match three puzzlers

Begins as a simple match three
board game and gradually increases difficulties
as obstacles are added and level objectives becomes
more challenging.

* Multifaceted Jewel themed match three adventure
* Unrivaled level design, Right amount of level challenges for all ages from 5 to 99.
* Create powerful chained power up cascades to level up!
* No in-app purchase, one time payment for the whole gaming experience.
* Hints/Music/Banners can be disabled.

1. Score quota
2. Remove dark pulps
3. Bring down crows
4. Remove nets
5. Remove scarabs
6. Collect gold frame
7. Falcon skips
8. Remove orbs

1. Complete the objective before time runs out.
2. Complete the objective before you ran out of swaps.

1. Crook and flail
2. Crate
3. Ticking Bomb item
4. Gap-bringer

1. Vaulted and keyed items
2. Mystery items

Power ups /  Special items
1. Clustered jewel
2. Arrow jewel
3. Double jewel item
4. Gold frame
5. Last orb
5. Last Gap-bringer

Auto hints can be disabled/enabled
Banners can be disabled/enabled
Music and sound can be disabled/enabled
Expiring In 9 days
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