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Hello every one I have been following this finance thread since sometime and I have go the best advice available on internet from here( finance) so here is my question I hope you guys will help

I had no idea of what CIBIL score is and what happens if I won’t pay on time ( except penalty). I have missed 2 payment out of my 45 due to some BIG family mis happening (FLIPKART pay later) I think which lead my CIBIL drop to 729. Lately I got a bit into credit card ( last 2 months) and I was misinformed and in rush. Which lead me to apply for 6 credit cards in march ( all applications got rejected)

I am looking to get Flipkart axis CC definitely for BBD sale and I have 60k to invest in FD ( and I am not looking to get Fk axis CC on FD)  

I am a student with no income proof or ITR

And I have an account in AXIS (asap) with -1600 negative balance due to some charges although I never used that account 

And ICICI mine Acc and SBI account 

All you guys please share some wisdom about what should I do it will be really helpful 

EDIT- I am a student but I do give tuitions which fetch me around 30k per month ( and I try to save 15-17k) out of it 

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If you need fd based card than you can go for icici platinum fd card which can be issued for fd of min 10k or you can also go for fd based one card which requires fd of min 2k .

As you have 60k to invest than i will suggest you to take icici fd based card for 10k, one card lite with fd of 2k which will be useful for small offers like BMS, blinkit etc and open an account with hdfc or idfc or indusind and deposit 50k in it for 3-6 months than their is a good chance you will get a pre approved card.

If you want to apply for one card lite than i will refer you

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thank you for your advice but when I received call from AXIS bank regarding cc they told me that cc with 50k limit will also work. Can I open an FD with 56k with 50k limit and use it as card to card for fk axis cc after couple of months again wink 

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Bro in my opinion don’t go for flipkart axis first as most probably they will only give you 15k limit which is of no use, first try to get unsecured card from hdfc by opening an account with them and deposit 50k i am sure you will get a card within 6 months after that apply for axis on c2c don’t go for large fd secured card

First get a fd based card from icici after 6-8 you will get apay icici

Open an account with hdfc asap you can also open an account with axis but i will not suggest it as they levy bogus charges and their customer support is pathetic

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If you can get hdfc card than for lower transactions you will not need flipkart axis as it also gives 5% cashback via smartbuy upto 1000 per month, also last year’s BBD had axis bank offers doesn’t mean this year also their will be axis offers, bank can change in BBD

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thank you for giving your time I will go with HDFC bank 

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padhai pe dhyan do beta

pata h abhi abhi 18 ke hue ho

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ashish00707391 wrote:

hihihi nahi 18 ka nahi 24 ka hu 

Don’t worry Bro….one day you will hold all Bank CC like ICICI, Axis, SBI, HDFC, Baroda, Onecard….👍🏻 

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Don’t worry, one day you will also get frustrated with credit card le lo calls… laughing 

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